A Weekend With Tod And Lonnie – Cuckold

September 6, 2015

Emotional Cuckolding – My wife got into the hot tub and sat down next to Tod, instead of in her regular spot adjacent to me. Our hot tub is square and we always sat one person on each side all facing inward toward each other. I always liked our tub because it sits on top of the deck and is about waist high. Women have to sit on it sideways and swing each leg over one at a time. This makes for a close up view of their lady parts, and seeing Tod’s necked wife Lonnie was especially exciting to view. My wife normally sat so she could look back at me and over at our guests. This was so she could take her cues from me as to what I wanted to see her do and what was or wasn’t approved. Sometimes she would sit in my lap and I would float her over to which of our guests I decided to share her with.

Something was different about this encounter. Tod needed help getting into the hot tub because of his leg, so my wife assisted him with his footing and crutches, while his wife and I found our seats. My wife, (lets call her Lee) was not taking her cues from me this night. She sat next to Tod looking up at him and he sat with his arm around her. We all had our drinks and were chatting as it got dark. My wife never took her eyes off of Tod, you could definitely tell that there was chemistry between them. Tod leaned over and my wife tilted her head back and they kissed long and deep intertwining their tongues in long passionate kisses.

I have shared my wife many times starting before we were married, with both men and women. We met on a website and both of us had a good understanding of what each other wanted and what to expect. The swapping and sharing aspect of our relationship was established before we ever met in person. After being asked to share one of our experiences, one stands out above all else, due to the level of erotic emotion and connection of any of the others, before or since. I have changed their names to protect the guilty.

Tod is a tall blond man with long hair who plays in a rock band and really looks the part. He was on crutches due to a motorcycle accident he was in a month earlier. Lonnie is a cute curvaceous woman with large tits, long brown hair and a little strip of pubes that points down to her muffin. My wife is brunet, five foot six, petite, with double D breasts and a tiny waist. Tod and Lonnie were nudists and had no qualms about leaving their clothes in the spare bedroom. We all met in the kitchen to get our drinks and headed for the hot tub. We had met Tod and Lonnie on a website that catered to swingers before my wife and I were married. We were living in two different states about five hundred miles apart at the time. I could only fly down to see her on weekends and sometimes we would go for weeks without seeing each other.

We were interested in getting the women sharing started so we took out an ad on an adult website. Tod and Lonnie were on this site with a very unusual situation. Lonnie shared Tod with other ‘women’, while I shared Lee with other ‘men’. This was perfect, I could share Lee with a lover that would tend to her while I was absent, and their dates would be chaperoned by Tod’s wife. With a system of checks and balances in place they arranged to meet.

Lee had several social functions at work and invited Tod and Lonnie to attend. She had also been to their house to swim in their pool several times, but Lee and Tod had not yet consummated their arrangement. These relationships are more then just sex, there is a courtship period where the shared woman gets to know the couple and becomes a trusted friend and part of the family before intercourse is initiated, or sleep overs begin. But due to a turn of fortunate events for us, Lee was able to move up to live with me only a week or two later. Lee and I were soon married and the arrangement with Tod and Lonnie soon waned.

A hurricane was brewing in the Gulf and Tod and Lonnie’s area was evacuated. Motel after motel had no vacancy as they drove north. We received a phone call from them telling us of their situation and we jumped at the chance to see them again. They could stay with us and then drive back home when it was safe.

Usually when we hot tub my wife swims around drinking, chatting, flirting with our guests and doting on me. I occasionally reach up in between her legs to check on what I like to call “her social status”. I sometimes find a hand on her leg or bush, or a foot in her lap. We have a system of code words and touches that we use to communicate so others don’t know what our plans or intentions are.

After around thirty minutes of my wife making out with Tod I could see that they had placed their hands on each others laps. My wife’s double “D” breasts were floating on the surface and Tod had his hand under one of them. I am positive that my wife’s hand was grasping Tod’s cock as she is very open about handling other mens penises and has often offered to show mine to lady visitors. My wife sat up and put one of her legs over Tod’s so she could then turn more to her left side and make out as she sat in his lap. I reached in to check her status and found Tod’s fingers buried inside of her up to the knuckles.

I sat back and reached for my drink and tried to relax a little bit. Lonnie had a very nonchalant look on her face as though she were watching her husband cook steaks on the grill, and was not the least little bit affected by the intimate display our spouses were engaged in. We made small talk to ease the tension but it was hard to ignore the fact that only three feet away my wife was being made loved to by Lonnie’s husband.

My wife stood up and reached for mine and Lonnie’s hands and squeezed them once, (this is the signal that she was going in), then turned around and sat in Tod’s lap straddling him. His hands reached around behind her clutching her ass and the deep kisses resumed with my wife pressing them down from above. They continued to adjust their position slightly so as to be as close as possible given the confines of the hot tub bench seat they were on. My wife was sitting up, then leaning in to kiss Tod as he fondled her ass with both hands lifting her cheeks up and slowly lowering them down.

I reached in to check on her only to find her tightly stretched around what I can only describe as a fence post with a coconut growing where her vagina use to be. I sat back in my seat, Lonnie asked if I was alright, she noticed the blank stunned look on my face as I was taken aback. I told her I was fine, but was I? I had seen my wife with other men before, but this was not her typical – hold my drink, clip her hair back, what position would you like to watch me in, – sex.

This was something new that I had not seen before. It was an emotional and chemical connection between my wife and her lover and I was sitting watching this with his wife. Lonnie handed me a champagne glass and toasted to success ( the success of her avoiding sex one more night). We had successfully mated my wife and her husband after almost a year of posturing for the big fu*k. She held my hand for the next hour and comforted me while our spouses continued to engage in raw unprotected bare back unbridled sex, totally oblivious to the fact that we were only an arms length away.

Tod pushed deep inside my wife as he orgasmed, unloading a torrent of seminal spew that had been building up for the last two hours. Lonnie toasted with me again (to her husbands conquest this time Im sure) as though we were owners of prize fighters or sports teams and her side had just scored the winning field goal, my wife’s legs being the goal post. I was embarrassed and somewhat humiliated by my wife’s public uninhibited sexual display and receiving this other mans load so readily and without reservation. I felt excited and turned on, at the same time I felt emasculated as my wife reached back from her perch and squeezed mine and Lonnie’s hands. My wife sat impaled on Tod’s member, both of them careful not to break the seal their love making had formed inside of my wife. With my wife’s vagina now stretched and reshaped to accommodate her new lovers member, she sat and enjoyed the warmth of Tod’s semen as it coursed through her vagina. It took another twenty minutes before she could bring herself to break their copulatory seal and dismount from his cock.

Usually I take my wife and reclaim her immediately after she has been shared, either by pumping her clean with my dick, or cleaning her out with my tongue, but somehow I did not see any reason to try that night. There was no way I could compete with what I had just witnessed, being both emotionally and physically drained and feeling a little inadequate. Besides, why should I ruin the feelings she was having from what was an emotional and sexual experience, by entering what was an already satisfied woman. She sat back in my lap as I felt the puffiness of her crotch and her swollen labia’s as, what felt like a half pint of slippery after sex began to ooze out of her used pussy. I clenched her vagina together with my hand to show her my satisfaction with her having had so dutifully received it, as well as a part of me wanting it to stay in her. After all that’s what we were all there for.

The next morning Tod came downstairs, sliding on his ass with his busted leg in the air, Lonnie carrying his crutches. He was invited to use our garden tub, because of his leg, and my wife standing by to bathe him. As I closed the bathroom door my wife was removing their clothes and running the bath water. I peeked in on them from time to time, to see my wife gently washing him, the soap bubbles barely hiding their nakedness. She did call for me to come in with some towels as they were almost ready to get out, her finishing what appeared to be the blotting up of semen after an extensive dick sucking. I didn’t see it or ask her about it, but I like to think she took him into her mouth as a wife takes her husbands cock, as an emotional act of love and friendship. After all they were intimate with each other because Lonnie and I had arranged and asked them to be, as an expression of love to us by satisfying our passions. I only hope the readers can have such a fantastic experience as I have had.

Good luck and happy Cucking!

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