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October 28, 2015

My Wife Slept with My Friend – I have been reading on this site for a long time and finally have a story to tell.

My wife and I are in our mid thirty’s and have been married for almost 20 years. She is a full figured 5 feet tall With double d breasts and I am 6 feet tall about 190 And in pretty good shape.

Ever since I started going through puberty I have fantasized about watching people have sex. But the fantasies about watching my wife did not come until well into our marriage. When we got married I was in the army and had to leave for a month on the field exercise In fort polk louisiana. When I got back I knew something was odd about my wife, And she confessed to me that she had kissed another man while I was gone, But that that’s as far as it went.

It wasn’t until 5 years later when she confessed to me that she actually had sex with him in his barracks room after going out dancing but stopped it after a few minutes because she felt so guilty. I think everyone reading this is familiar with the sensation that came over me. The mixture of butterflies and horniness all at the same time.

Ever since she told me that I had started bringing the fantasy of sharing her into our relationship, role playing etc, and since that night We have had a few occasions where she messed around but nothing more serious than just fooling around until 1 night about 3 months ago when my best friend came to visit from south carolina.

We all went out together and partied at the roller derby and were having a great time back at my house drinking and smoking a little pot. My wife went to bed and I followed her a few minutes later we started messing around on the bed and I mentioned her how cool it would be if my friend would join us. Her reaction was so powerful I knew that I had hit a nerve so I said to her “I will go get him right now” to see if she would stop me. When she did not I knew it was going to be a fun night. I walked outside and told him that if he wanted to mess around with my wife he could. He did not believe me at first but when I told them that I was serious he got very excited and immediately made his way to the bedroom while I waited outside with my stomach turning in knots. After A few minutes I snuck in my back door which had access to our bathroom and opened the bathroom door a crack to see them making out on the bed.

It was absolutely amazing and horrifying to watch my wife deeply kissing another man.

I was only about 15 feet away and could see and hear everything clearly. He was fully clothed kneeling by the side of the bed and my wife who sleeps naked was under the covers but I could see his hands roaming all over her from top to bottom and could hear both of their moans quite clearly. one part of me was turned on beyond belief and the other part of me wanted to stop it so bad it was like dueling banjos in my head. They made out for a few minutes and then all of a sudden he stood up and started to take off his clothes. When he was fully undressed he slipped in bed next to her and they kept making out and now both of their hands were roaming all over each other’s bodies. I think the hardest part was to listen to how vocal my wife was at his touch and his kisses. The jealousy I felt at how much pleasure he was giving her was powerful. They kissed and touched for a few minutes and then my wife started to slowly kiss down his body. She pulled the covers away from him and I could see his erect cock standing straight up. I watched her grab a hold and and start kissing the tip and slowly start working it into her mouth and within a few moments her head was bobbing up and down on him at a pretty steady pace, all the while he was moaning and grabbing her hair and pushing her head up and down on his cock. They continued like this for a while. Until he finally stopped her and rolled her over onto her back and started eating her out while working two and sometimes 3 fingers inside of her. Her Moans got very loud at this point, But he did not stay down there long enough to make her cum. Meanwhile my legs were shaking so much in the bathroom that I had to sit down to watch. Eventually he stopped eating her out and moved his way back up her body And started to face fuck her from above. He never did come And eventually they went back to just making out And when it slowed down he snuck out of there to go sleep on the couch. I went out to get him and told him he could sleep in our bed Which was a california king with more than enough room. I went to sleep that night sleeping on my side of the bed watching them curled up naked spooning each other Which to me was the most jelous I have ever felt in my life.

The next morning was even better.

I woke up to movement and moaning on the bed As they were making out again with his hands roaming all over like last night. However this time they were both sober and really getting into it rather quickly. I watched her go down on him again and give him Head again although it didn’t take very long for him to get excited. And I saw what I think is the greatest visual experience I have ever seen in my life Which was him pushing her on to her back And spreading her legs wide open And slowly pushing his cock inside her. They fucked very slowly but only for a few minutes As I think it started to get real for him And he quit. and let me take over…I moved her to her hands and knees and slipped into her from behing and fucked her for just a minute or two before I said I had to cum and asked him where to do it and he said to shoot it on her back.

We fooled around several more times that weekend And had a great time But as far as first times go I really could not ask for anything more.

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