Bull Takes My Girlfriend’s Virginity – Cuckold

October 28, 2015

His Dick was Thick – First time poster, long time reader.

So I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 6 years now (since she was 19) and we were both virgins when we started dating. We moved slowly at the beginning of our relationship and it took over a year for her to finally let me have sex with her.

Anyway over the last year or so I have been trying to get her into the idea of mildly cuckolding me, nothing hardcore just fucking around a bit on the side and telling me about it, and last night during some pillow talk she admitted that she had already had sex with one other guy.

Apparently during a fight at the start of our relationship, about a month before we had sex for the first time, she was confiding in one of her male friends (a mutual friend) and in a very emotional state they started making out. After making out for about 20 minutes and stripping each other down he started going down on her. She was so hot from all of this that she didn’t really snap out of it until he had made her cum.

After that he looked up and said “my turn”. Not wanting to be greedy, and really not wanting him to tell me about this experience she said she’d get him off if he promised to keep his mouth shut. With that she slipped off his boxers and out emerged a very thick cock. It wasn’t much longer than mine, but it was about twice as thick! So she proceeded to try to give him oral sex but she couldn’t fit much of him in her mouth or get a good motion going due to his size.

Finally, he told her this wasn’t going to work and said he wanted to fuck her. Not wanting me to find out about her cheating on me she laid back and let him climb on top of her. As he was entering her he mentioned how tight she was and she confessed she was still a virgin, which made him laugh that I wasn’t able to close the deal in over a year. With that he pushed himself into her and fucked her virgin pussy for about 20 minutes before cumming inside of her.

She told me the main reason she had sex with me shortly after was because she felt guilty for cheating. When I asked if he was good in bed she said he made her cum once during the actual sex but it’s hard to compare since it was her first time and she was fairly sore.

So this information both hurts because she was unfaithful, but at the same time turns me on so much because not only do I know she has been with another guy, but lost her virginity to him so easily after constantly turning me down for so long. We are now thinking about calling him up again and asking him to sleep with her while I watch. I’m sure I will experience tremendous anguish and have a raging hard-on at the same time while the thought of it makes her wet like she has never been. If we do it I’ll write back to update everyone on the blog. Thanks for reading.



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