Bull’s Story – Cuckold

October 19, 2015

Cuckold bull Steals a Hot Wife – I’m in my late 30’s and when I was 18 years old I encountered my first love. I had already had sex with two girls, but neither of them were girls I was hot for, you know, the kind you really really want to fuck. Well, my first two lays were more to get the whole thing done and get experience but this girl was different, she was the hottest girl I had ever seen.

Not only myself, but my closest friends as well, thought her to be the cutest girl around. We all lived by the school and each day we would see this group of party girls walking by and talking to ourselves. Well, very soon after we saw each other, friends talking, who knows and who can really remember, but we hooked up and we were both really happy to be together. We fucked only a few times and it was very young love, but the disappointing thing was, love hadn’t had it’s chance to blossom yet, and there was mostly animal lust between us, and after only a few times spending time together, she had to go to another school, and I lived too far from her to visit her home, not yet having a car even.

So, We never really saw each other for a while.

Then one day, a few years later, we saw each other again, but both of us were in relationships and we could not pursue anything together, although I admit I would have tried if given the chance. I have never been one to regard the boyfriend as much interference if the girlfriend is willing. But in this case, I had too much respect and care to even try and so I went my way and she went hers. I must also admit that part of me is a bull.

Now, it is years later and I got an e-mail only 2 months ago. It turned out to be my first love. Her name, for the story purposes, is Lady.

It turns out that Lady had found someone shortly after we got together, and he helped or rather “rescued” her from a delicate life situation and they eventually married and had children together. Mostly, it appears, this was more out of obligation that serious love or devotion. They are currently still married. In the twenty something years they have been together now, she has never cheated on him, and I believe her. She has always been a very good hearted person, and from what I can see she has done a great job raising her children. In my eyes, I see her as a true Goddess. She is the embodiment of perfection and a beauty to behold as well.

In the course of next few weeks, e-mails and pics were exchanged, and things progressed. It appears she contacted me because she missed me all these years and wanted to see me again. Well, the strange coincidence is, I have thought about her all these years as well, and always wondered what happened to her and if her life was going well. Now it seems that her has not been going as well as I would have wished for her. As far as myself, I have been single for a little while now, generally do not have a problem finding woman and have many female friends who are married and I am pretty happy, but I have been missing that special person in my own life who completely fulfills me in the most important ways. So, when her e-mails became more and more enticing, I did what comes naturally and charmed her with my natural skills. Something about getting in-between her husband and her also played a part in my loning for her.

We live a ways away from each other but not too far, however we cannot see each other as often as we would like. Our first encounter went well. I traveled to a location closer to her and we saw a show together and went to a motel for the evening. We stayed by the beach and it was really nice. The whole evening went well, and we were both just as attracted to each other as we were when we were younger. At the show, we kissed passionately, touched each other lots, danced together, held each other, and enjoying the music. Then, afterwards, at the motel, I basically ripped her clothes off, or never really gave her time to remove them before I started stripping them off her body. What a beautiful body, I have to stress. She still looks absolutely gorgeous. Despite both of our initial self-consciousness was passed over, teenagers look perfect, but we aren’t teenagers anymore, although I would say, we rate pretty high, overall. Some day maybe, I can post something here where others could be the judge of that. But for now you can see what she emailed me while we were flirting online.

I spent a while licking her pussy and playing with her clit, and she sucked my cock for a while. I could go into details but that is not what i’m doing here. I don’t have that much time. I will say, I enjoyed it immensely, and from the look on her face, she did also. The soft moans were another clear indication. How I love giving pleasure to a beautiful woman. Lady got a chance to do what she has missed for years. Look at, touch, feel, handle, and enjoy my huge cock, which stays hard for extended periods of time, and gets hard again after cumming in a very short period of time.

This cock of mine, is and has been the dream of many women, and to some of their husbands who enjoyed watching it enter their wives, and in the years since we have been together, I have really learned how to use it, studying Tantra, learning extended chastity, being involved in Goddess worship and being blessed with having had a couple of very loving and meaningful relationships in my past. I was more than happy to give her this gift and she received it deep and hard for a long time, over and over into the night and early morning. We didn’t get much sleep that night. Unfortunately, I had to leave and so did she, so it was short lived. However, it was amazing. She told her husband she had a meeting for business and I made sure she remembered him while I fucked her. I wanted her to know I was better and have her contrast me with her husband.

So a few weeks went by and we saw each other again, this time for several days and she stayed with me. I learned that she had never given her husband head and swallowed his cum. She had never tasted cum until she had mine that first night together. I found that to be very exciting. I learned through our e-mails previously that her husband and her have not been together since their last child and that was over 8 years ago. She has not kissed him, and he has not even seen her naked. They even sleep separately. She is such a good Princess and and angel and a dream girl who could make any man happy, and I feel so blessed to have her give herself to me like this.

We spent another weekend together with another, different excuse for the husband, but now it’s changing. He’s getting suspicious, and asking questions. She feels no guilt because he has done nothing to maintain his end of the relationship, has given her no love and has not tried at all to be a man and love her at all. He does not take her out, buy her gifts, and she has been left to deal with important family and health related issues on her own. All of it due to a big ego, macho attitude or just plain lack of concern other than self-concern, who knows….Either way, she believes what she is doing is following her heart and I agree with her. This time, I tied her up, spanked her, came in her mouth again, asked if her husband did that and we fucked for hours and hours and spend every possible minute in each other’s arms.

Now, we are talking about how to deal with it all.

This is not a normal case of cuckolding, but she is submissive completely to me, and she is very dominant with him, and I am naturally dominant. I have also been cuckolded in the past, although I must say, I prefer the dominant role. I am training her in BDSM and helping her to learn about herself and everything involved. She is very open to it all, and in deeply in love with me and I am deeply in love with her.

I will eventually tell her about this, show it to her, show her all the other cuckold stories and see how that affects our next encounter.




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