Cash for Your Wife – Cuckold

October 7, 2015

Cuckolding For Money – My husband, Sam, was the first and I had never had sex with another man. The only other encounter was with Berry the man that he set up for me to jack off. I thought that would be the end of it, but I thought very wrong.

We happened to be in the local bowling club drinking a few beers and playing the poker machines. While my husband was getting the beer and talking to the barman, a man came over and started a conversation with me. He was quite unattractive. Skinny, with thinning hair and not much to look at. He was about forty-five. However, he introduced himself as Dan and had a nice speaking voice and seemed quite pleasant.

Sam, my husband, was still involved at the bar with several other men, so I carried on my conversation with Dan. In that short time Dan told me that was a councilor on the local council and a very influential person.

The conversation carried on as Dan told me all the details. Dan had been married twice but was now divorced, single and would do anything to have sex with me. He was quite wealthy and even offered me a week’s luxury cruising as his wife. I just laughed at his suggestion.

Then he offered $500 for sex, and I was quite amazed. Actually, I was pleased that any man would go to such lengths to get me into his bed. However, I told him hell no, what do you think I am a Slut Whore. I didn’t mention it to my husband for about a week and when I did, I was a bit upset because he just laughed. He did not know the guy, and he could not believe it. He said the man was probably drunk. I thought he would forget about it and let it be. The last thing I wanted was for him to get back to his nagging to go out with someone and get fucked for him. In addition he had added the desire to be there.

He just keeps it up until I finally say “what the hell if I am going to get fucked, I might as well get some money out of it.” Finally, I gave up and rang Dan and arranged for him to visit our home very discreetly on Sunday afternoon. I went a bit overboard and said he could have sex with me just once for the $500.

I arranged with Dan for the following Sunday afternoon. I was slightly nervous about the first time and asked if my husband could be present. To my surprise Dan was pleased and said he loved to fuck wives with the husband present. He explained that he was an exhibitionist and liked to be watched as he pleasured other men’s wives. I had a very large gin & tonic to relax me then I entered the bedroom with Dan. Undressing quickly as the weather was warm Dan watched me and studied my charms. He came over and first caressed each breast and rolled my nipples until they stood up. He lowered his hand and felt between my legs. I flinched slightly as he entered me with a crooked finger and felt inside my creamy pussy.

Dan then turned and undressed with his back to me. He turned and I saw his cock. It was nice and hard. “You’re going to learn to love my cock, little Beth.” said Dan, as he stroked his hard member with its one evil eye. I lay on the bed with a towel under my lower parts and raised my legs with knees bent. I was wide open for his pleasures.

Dan was an excellent lover and first licked and sucked my pussy until I was soaking wet. Even the towel was wet as I squirt my vaginal juices when I am very sexually aroused. At the same time, I was moaning and groaning with pleasure and breathing heavily as my cunt was sopping wet. Dan was making me have small multiple orgasms with his active tongue and fingers inside me moving gently. At this stage, I felt ready for the cock and asked Dan to put it in me.

He laid on top in the classic missionary position and gently rubbed his cock up and down my crack to locate my hole. Moments later he enter me.

I shook as I felt him push into my pussy. He then lowered himself a few inches, his cock sinking deeper into my eager cunt. I remember crying with pleasure as he thrust up and down letting his cock sink an inch at a time until I felt I couldn’t take any more. If I did, I felt I would surely burst with pleasure. I was in heaven as his hard cock stretched me open. He pushed deeper, making me gasp. I held myself up; my hands supporting my legs to hold them wide open to give Dan full access.

My husband sat on a bedroom chair and watched me being fucked. My arms weakened, and I pushed my hips up. There was a feeling of resistance, but then it was gone, and he pushed down until I was fully impaled on this hard cock. It felt delicious as he rocked up and down with the end of his cock churning into me. I writhed under him and felt faint. My orgasms were so powerful they were out of this world. Now I wanted more movement, so I pushed myself up and down, still supporting myself under my legs, but I was just lying there enjoying it. I needed something nearer and easier to grip, and there it was right in front of me. I grasped the brass bedposts, and really pushed yelling, “Fuck Me Dan” as I raised my ass off the bed on each stroke.

My husband had moved in closer and sat on the bed, his head only a few feet away from Dan’s cock as it squelched in and out of my love tube. He was staring at the sight of Dan’s cock stretching my cunt. My de-flowering by Dan was still ongoing, but he was a long stayer and fucked me for at least half an hour. Fully in, his knob was making contact with my cervix. I was having increasing orgasms and was screaming with pure pleasure, and I am sure our neighbors could hear the racket. We both came together.

“Dan’s going to cum in your sweet womb, Beth.” He stiffened and starting shooting his sperm way up inside me. With each shot of sperm his body tightened and his pelvis would pound into me. I could feel the first three loads, which were forcefully squirted in me. At that time, my husband was present and watched discreetly from behind and said later that it was an incredibly horny sight to see one’s wife with her vaginal lips stretched so tightly around another man’s hard cock. I moaned as “Dan” slowly pulled his hard tool out and it flopped down between his legs, still dripping cum.

Not much cum came out of my opening at first, but then a little started oozing out. Then, as I moved around a bit, a flood of thick sperm was pouring out and oozing down. There was a towel beneath me, so I opened my legs to show the two men my opened “honey pot”. I still lay on the bed, completely fucked out, but my husband was so kind and caring that he brought a warm hand towel from the bathroom and gently wiped my battered cunt.

The sex was so good with Dan that my husband could only watch me being fucked from our open bedroom door. After that first visit, I found I could now take Dan easily (emotionally) in any position, and we became firm friends apart from the sex. I never loved him but adored his mushroom-headed cock, and the sex was so good. Dan seemed to have plenty of money and showered me with gifts and money.

He has an apartment in town, and we stay quite often overnight and I enjoy being a shared slut wife. Now that my pussy has been well fucked. I was only to be Dan’s mistress and fuck toy for a short time. After a few months Dan tired of me and moved on to another woman. At least I have some great memories, lots of cash and I was becoming a Slut Wife for my hushand.




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