Cucked on Wedding Day – Cuckold

December 26, 2015

She Denies Me Orgasm – I have always loved the idea of being a cuck but my ex wife would just never entertain the idea. We divorced a few years back and it was then that I was determined to try and find a partner who would be open minded enough to make my dream come true. Well at the end of last year my prayers were answered I started seeing a lovely sexy lady who not only was very open minded but was also very much up for the idea.

She was a lot more experienced than me and had been with a good number of men. She had been on her own for a number of years and like us all she had needs (as she explained to me). After a while I again brought up the subject of her cucking me and to my delight she told me she was more than up for it as she missed having different guys fuck her like she had when she was single. She stressed that she loved me to bits but she was not used to having just one cock for so long.

So from that moment I have become a very proud cuck. We made up some rules and talked things through but the up shot is she can fuck who ever she wishes when ever she likes. While I am limited to being allowed to enter her only once a month or if I am lucky twice, but I am not allowed to climax inside of her. This is now reserved for her lovers. She teases me all the time. The frustration is such a wonderful experience. She also likes to ruin orgasms of mine which again is very frustrating but such a turn on as I never know if she will allow me to come to climax or not. She will often take me in her mouth or in hand but at the last moment stop or pull away leaving me high and dry. She loves me to clean her beautiful used pussy of her lovers’ sperm when she comes home.

The first time that happened was amazing it will be etched in my mind for always. I can not put into words just how good that felt and seeing her used pussy, wet and dribbling with her lover’s sperm. The true proof that she had slept with another guy and then the taste was just out of this world. I just could not get enough. I get a real kick out of helping her get ready for a date or for one of her regular lovers. Helping her choose what she will wear for him. Helping her in the shower and helping her dry. Helping her paint her nails. (am getting quite good at that) Then seeing her off or even taking her to her date. Knowing that within a short time she will be giving herself to him. While I wait for her return excited yet frustrated.

She even spends the odd weekend with one of her regular lovers and is used as he wishes. Knowing that while I keep myself busy at home she is having the time of her life and getting all the cock that she needs. Some times when she comes home she is quite sore from all the sex and will some times even have love bites on her body which again shows me that she has given herself to another. She often will phone me when she is staying over and allows me to hear her being taken by her lover. Which is such a turn on. I also love the fact that she does things with her lovers that we have never done and when she tells me it makes me so proud of her yet it is so frustrating to me. I have never experienced anal sex yet knowing that she has regular anal sex with her lovers is so frustrating but just the biggest turn on. A few times she has come home and not long been taken anally. Then being allowed to clean her there is just so demeaning yet such a turn on.

She likes me to shave her pussy regularly as most of her lovers prefer her like this. I to have to keep myself shaved as she says that its a sign of a good cuck and I am happy to do this for her.

A few weeks ago we got engaged and although no date has been set we have already spoken about the wedding night. This to us has to be the ultimate for us as we are talking about having one of her lovers consummate our marriage on my behalf. I will be present (which will also be a first) and will watch as my new beautiful wife is taken by her lover and not me. He will also spend the night with her while I stay on the floor. We also may have her fucked just before the ceremony so that she has his sperm inside of her while she is saying her vows to me. Like I say we are just talking about this last part but if it does happen it will be the icing on the cake.






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