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August 22, 2015

The Day She Cuckolded Me – My name is jay and I have read this blog for a long time but this will be my first post. I would like to tell you about the first time my wife finally cuckolded me.

It started a year before when we were in bed talking fantasy stuff and I admitted to her that I had fantasized about watching her with another man. The idea turned her on but at first only as a bedroom role play game. We would play in bed using dildos and pretending they were other men and it always made her so hot. Well, we were away on vacation in Mexico and this one afternoon my wife was at the swim up bar while I was laying on a lounge chair not too far away talking to a man.

The two of them started flirting and I was watching this whole scene transpire. They sat there for a while drinking and chatting. All the while she kept looking back over at me. You have to understand he had no idea I was her husband. After at least 3 drinks my wife excused herself and we met up with her out of his sight.

She stood in front of me in her little red bikini. I could see how hard her nipples were which is her tell tale sign of excitement. She asked me one last time if this was really what I wanted. I looked at her and moved my newspaper that was covering my erection. She smiled, kissed me and pinched my hard on and went back to the swim up bar. She downed another drink and mustered up enough courage to actually tell him what we were looking for. She pointed me out to him and they continued talking.

From that point on his hands were all over her. They had one more drink and then got up from the bar. I met up with them in the lobby and we all got into the elevator. My heart was pounding and my dick was throbbing. He had her pinned up against the elevator wall his hands roamed up and down her whole body. Again her nipples were so hard and drilling against the thin top of her bikini top. Her bikini bottom had worked its way between her lips and she was clearly wet with excitement. We get to our room and I let them in. My wife immediately went to the bathroom. I feared she was backing out at the last moment.

He turned to me and asked me if i was ok with this. I assured him I was and told him to enjoy himself. My wife emerged from the bathroom and I took her by the hand and walked her over to him and gave her hand to him. He told me to undress her from behind. I took off her bikini top and bottom and there stood my bride in front of a strange man completely naked. I sat down and watched him move her to her knees and take down his bathing suit. As she pulled down his shorts his cock sprung free. I saw the smile on her face when she saw it and was happy with his size. She began sucking his cock as he held her long red hair back. The feelings that came over me were amazing. I was humiliated, turned on and jealous.

After she sucked him for a bit he had her get on top of him as he sat on the edge of the bed. She got into her favorite position of reverse cowgirl. Watching her face and seeing his cock inside my wife’s pussy was incredible. He brought her to orgasm two times in that position. After her second orgasm he had her bent over in front of the chair I was sitting on with her hands on the arms of the chair. He entered her from behind and fucked her that way to another orgasm. He brought her to the bed and laid her down and got on top of her and pushed his cock into her over and over for what seemed like forever until he finally came. They laid there catching their breath. After a few minutes he thought that he should be going. After he left I dove in between her legs and began to lick her pussy as she told me how she felt fucking another man in front of me and how good his big cock felt inside her. She came another time as I was lciking her pussy and rubbing her clit.

This was the first of many man she fucked in front of me. Just thought I would share this story with you and your reader as I have enjoyed many of the stories I read in your blog over the years. The attached pics are not from that day but thought I would share them anyway.

TicTacdk @ aol.com

P.S. Here is an email I sent to this hot wife about her experience which you can read about here.

After that like yourself she had become more and more dominant over me, on my Birthday she had a surprise….In preparation i was tied to a chair naked..Blindfolded, Ball gagged, and headphones on. I lost all my senses. Only the sense of touch remained. Hands were touching me. No idea who. for HOURS….. time goes on and i feel a hand on my cock. stroking me over and over till i came. After i cum like most men with out further stimulation you lose your erection. As im recovering from this orgasm i feel myself being moved about and something being slipped on that now rests behind my balls now something on my shaft and now the feeling of something attached to my cock and balls. Again for an unknown amount of time hands touching me pulling on this “thing that was now obviously attached to me. The headphones are removed the blindfold is removed and now i see this pink for no better of a word pink “Cage” locked with a brass locked attached to my penis. I pull on it, inspect it, try to remove it and I cant, I look up and her and she tells me this is how its going to be. She has now taken full control over me. ( As if she wasn’t before) . The deal is when im out of her sight i will be wearing this. In her sight it was her option. I agreed. To this day I still have no idea who was there. There was no video no pictures taken…..as im told….i always fear….. for me this has been the ultimate humiliation….My wife did tell me that they were other like minded people that she had been talking with in an online blog that set the whole thing up. I see that is the CB300?…. mine is the 2000 we have had it a while and i have become attached to it ( for lack of a better term.) Would love to hear about your and your husband. Pictures attached to show you me in mine. Enjoy and i would be humiliated…wink wink if you would respond to me about it :). I am going to copy this story in a response to the Cuckold Blog I will not reference your address but just say this is in response to another story my wife and i read on this Blog.












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