Ex Wife and Girlfriend Both Cuck me – Cuckold

December 21, 2015

Submissive Cuckold Man  – I’m new to this and just want to tell of the limited cuckold experience I have had up till now. When I was still with my ex-wife we used to read online sex stories together and I found the ones that seemed to turn me on the most were the ones where the wife had another guy – and importantly, they were the ones that seemed to turn her on the most as well! It got to the stage where I would eat her out while she read her favourite stories. Eventually I wrote a letter of my own for her to read which detailed her being a cheating wife and telling me about it, I licked her as she read it and she came uncontrollably, however when I wrote one with the roles reversed, i.e. me being unfaithful, it got a cold reaction to say the least!

One evening while out with friends she cam home drunk and confessed to me that she had been intimate with a guy we both knew, letting him finger her pussy and playing with his cock. When she saw that I wasn’t angry she masturbated me to a trembling orgasm while telling me that she just had to finish what she had started, I found myself agreeing with her!

The upshot of all this was that she fucked him, however it turned out to be quite a disappointment and she never went with him again. A few months later another guy, Jim, came on the scene, again known to both of us, and in fact someone we socialised with regularly, along with his wife I might add! Jim was a real player behind his wife’s back and made a play for my wife in a party we were at, without my knowing she had a make out session with him, letting him slip his hand up her top and fondle her breasts.

When we got home that night she confessed her sins, and again playing with my cock, got me to agree to her fucking him. ( I have read on here about the power of masturbation by a woman and I have to agree!) On the night in question she let me watch her getting ready, silky black panties and bra that I had bought her, short skirt and red blouse, she looked gorgeous! However when she came home she wouldn’t talk about it other than to say it was great, and made me wait about a couple nights before giving me the intimate details, telling me how they had fucked 4 times and how she had sucked his cock for a long time, I was in heaven as she masterbated me while telling me all about it!

She fucked him over a period of about 3 months before him and his wife moved away, and I got just a taste of licking her after they had fucked before she decided it was dirty, and stopped me, much to my dissapointment! Not long after this my marriage broke up, and I took up with another girl, Jenni. She had been a real dirty girl in her time, 2 guy threesomes, 2 girl threesomes, fucking 4 guys in the one day, she had done it all (her pictures are attached)! She soon realised I was submissive and a very rewarding sex life began. I was soon spending a long time pleasuring her pussy and asshole with my tongue while she watched porn, and I loved it.

I am almost certain that she was fucking other guys behind my back, one in particular she spent a lot of time with, his name was Rex and she told me he was a friend, almost like a brother to her. I accepted her spending the night in his bed, though she told me they were just friends, I’m almost certain they were fucking, but deep down I wanted it and jacked off on numerous occasions thinking of her sucking and fucking him!

She began to have what she called “girls only nights” with me where we both both dress in silky nighties and panties, and invariably I would spend a long time orally servicing her pussy and ass! (I have to add that even now I am single I still like to sleep in silky nighties and often wear panties!).

On a couple of occasions she punished me with a riding crop, I loved it but she didn’t like doing it as she thought it was too sore on me and it fell by the wayside. Eventually she began to regulate my orgasms, I was always one for having a couple at work but she began to give me an allowance, changing it daily, and sometimes leaving me without coming for a couple of days, I never cheated, always sticking to her allowance, though sometimes it was sheer torture! One day, in a moment of lust in bed, I told her I would love to suck a cock, she didn’t bat an eyelid, and asked me if I was up for a threesome as she reckoned one of her previous lovers might just let me do it, and it would turn her on to watch me.

The upshot of this was that I told her I wanted a threesome with me being submissive and even if he didn’t want me sucking him I wanted to lick her while she was being fucked, and clean her after he came in her, she was delighted with the idea and had some of her own, including me being handcuffed and watching her fucking and sucking him. I listened as she phoned him and he agreed to her suggestion, I was in heaven, all (or almost) all my fantasies were going to come true, however before it could happen we had a bitter bitter argument over something silly and broke up.

She is with someone else now and I am single, I can only hope one day she talks him into a threesome and brings me in on it, as we are on talking terms when we meet, but don’t keep in contact. So thats where I am today, single and living on my fantasies and memories, and sleeping in silky nighties which invariably end up come covered). I thoroughly enjoy this site and hope you like my experience.






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