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August 4, 2015

On Her Birthday – The moment I was first left on my own in the club I wasn’t sure if I had made the right choice; then I remembered I didn’t have one – it was her birthday and the rules were she could do whatever she wanted.

We had been together 2 yrs and I don’t know if it was complacency or familiarity which drove us to experiment but look around for fresh ideas we did. Outdoors, porn, toys, u name it we tried (except women – that aint her bag and she’s too jealous). They all worked too, well for a while, everything has a shelf life mind and yes we were close but we were still searching for the sparkle that inevitably fades when your 23 and with your first love.

We were on holiday in Magaluf, just the two of us. We don’t tan much but we kinda party hard and so the holiday comprised of sun, drink, party all night, sleep till 3pm and off again. I had never thought of her with another man or me with another girl but alcohol has a funny way of turning your head for you.

We had drunk vodka redbulls for a good few hours and were staggering around the town. Jess was on the hunt for some pills to kick-start the night proper and we got directed to an old hippy dealer by a fish bar, we usually have amphetamines but the guy only had ecstasy so we bought two, dropped em and moved onto a club.

Jess gets horny when she’s drunken n pilled up and we groped and kissed all night. I’m not a dancer so we just loitered (her jiggling away) by the bar buzzing away in a loved up frenzy. I went to the toilet and came back. Jess was standing flirtely chatting to this group of lads and when I came back she looked a little embarrassed. They were a youth rugby team on tour from France (Tall and beefy, mixed races). She introduced me and they mumbled something and moved on and left us. Nothing else was mentioned and I thought nothing of it – she got chatted up all the time and I was no stranger to having to fend guys off. When your girl is 23 and blonde with pointy little b cup boobs that’s just the way it is!

We were back at the apartment at 5am and I was lying on top of her, kissing her whilst she struggled with my belt. My hands were under her dress and I marvelled at how wet she was, her knickers were sodden. She just sniggered and we fucked our brains out till we fell asleep.

The next day the same thing, drink, pills and onto a club (the same place as Jess liked it). It was 3am when I noticed the rugby guys again one the dance floor. One of them comes over all brazen, badly drunk and offers his hand to my girl and says it’s a waste to just be standing around and would I let her have a dance for a song? She looks at me a little bugged out and I am about to say no and square up when she grimaces and says, just for one song, but that he should buy me a drink at least – he throws me a ten euro note and drags her off – her giggling as short lilac dress floats behind her.

I don’t know if he did it on purpose but he took her to the middle of the dance floor and I could only see his black shiny head and some of her golden hair amongst the masses of bodies. I drank my drink and counted the seconds. The song finished and she came back, flushed and laughing – mocking what she called funny foreigners and passed the incident off as nothing special. I was kinda baffled but a dance is just a dance right? Again, the routine followed, we went back and fucked like rabbits.

We had three days left of the holiday and today was Jess birthday, she was 23 and I had bought her a ring. I think she thought I was gonna propose but it was just a fancy gift really – she loved it and we went out for a romantic meal. No clubs that night for us! We got back to the apartment and set about drinking a few more bottles of wine. She liked mocking me that it was her day and she decided what went down. Namely me! She said today should be all about her, and I liked that, so I said she could have what ever she wanted. She went all flushed and dough eyed at me and I continued to lick her, gently easing off as she got close to cumming.

We were about an hour in and the hormones were flying, her pussy was soaking, I mean juices were pouring out and her clit was enormous and hard, pocking into my mouth as I tongued her. She was close and I asked her what she wanted, waiting for her to utter the words ‘make me cum’. But she didn’t say anything, so I asked again and she grimaced, so I asked one more time as I jagged her clit with my tongue. Then she whispered, ‘more than one song’.

I had forgotten the last night but it seemed she hadn’t. She apologised and I said not to be silly, it was her night and besides it wasn’t like we weren’t looking for new kicks. I got up and lay next to her, my hand between her legs as we talked about that dance. She said she hadn’t really found black men attractive normally, that it wasn’t even on her radar but that night before when she first met him she was really attracted to him – she got excited by his height, his muscles, his attitude and his dark dark skin. That it was nothing other than lust and that when they danced, just his hands on her waist n bum drove her wild. She told me she had retreated to the toilets twice during the night whilst I was asleep to frig herself off. This was potent stuff and I tried to make sense of my raging hard-on.

I went to go back down on her but she said it was 11pm and we only had 1 hour left of her birthday. I didn’t quite know what this meant. So she told me what she wanted. She wanted to go out and see him again, to spend time with him dancing and only if I was ok with it would she kiss him. I could see the eagerness in her eyes and I liked the idea but only about as much as it scared me. But it was her birthday and I (or the wine) decided what the hell, best get changed.

We got down to Kudos at 11:25 and we got in fairly quickly given the crowds. We took a scan about and were ready to either grab a drink ourselves or just move on (with no sight of her man) when the toilet door opened and out came four of the rugby guys, Tche (Jess said that was his name) was the last to come out and when he caught her gaze he beamed away. The guys walked over to the dance floor and I was wondering how this would all work out, when my girl let go of my hand turned to me and said I will be back in a bit. She looked really bright and excited, no nerves, which is more than can be said for me and the 5 arrows hanging from my heart and the knot in my stomach.

I nursed my drink and watched her hair bob and glide around, every so often disappearing amongst the crowd. But I could always see him, towering above the dancers, his eyes transfixed on my girl.

I wasn’t sure how long this was going to go on for. It had been 30 mins and they were showing no signs of stopping. I was thinking about going over and saying hey but didn’t want to look like a killjoy. After all, it was her birthday and what was the harm really? I finished my second drink and turned back to the floor to see them moving off to the back corner of the room. I didn’t think much of it but when I struggled to see more and more my jealousy got the better of me and I decided to find a better vantage point. I moved across the rail of the floor, looking into the pit of bodies and managed to find a better view about 20m away from them.

They weren’t dancing. Her mouth was pinned around his, eating away at his face frantically. The bodies around them would break and move back and break some more, offering me casual glimpses of their bodies. And that’s when I saw it. Her legs apart and a big black arm buried between them, I could see his hand but his arm was moving something crazy so I can only imagine what was going on, his fingers probably buried inside her. Then they broke and I was ready to scuttle back to my position at the bar. But they didn’t leave instead she dropped her head and bit his shoulder, her body looking to shake and shudder as it looked like she came on his frantic roving arm. It seemed like an eternity and I felt like it had gone too far. She broke and gave him a pick on the cheek and smile cheekily. He pulled back and they spoke a little. He moved away back towards his friends and I moved back to the bar.

That was looking like it and she came over, I was horny and wanted to see and feel the fruits of her labour. She grinned at me and said thanks, that she wished I danced and that it was a great birthday present. I was ready to go back to the apartment when she dropped the next bombshell. Look, she said matter of fact, it might be after 12pm but tonight’s my night and if u want I will put on a show for you? I didn’t get a chance to respond before she said that she’d offered Tche the chance to come back with us..

I didn’t know what to say, but she grabbed my crotch and said ‘see I thought you’d like it’. I turned to the floor to see him coming back over to us. She led us out and we got a cab back. Jess in the middle, silence, tension, hormones, trying to hide how horny she was with his hand draped over her bare thigh as I sat the other side of them.

We got back to the apartment and she led him to the bedroom. It’s as if I wasn’t there. What was I supposed to do? What’s the form here? They move onto the bed, kissing and dragging off clothes. She’s lay on her back, sliding off her knickers as her tugs down his jeans. I am stood at the door mesmerized as they fail to notice me in a haze of lust. As Jess leans over to kiss him, his hands open her legs and that when I see it – her pussy – OMG, its not pink, its not red, its purple and horribly swollen, I can literally see a gleam reflect off the juices running out and down between her ass cheeks. And then its gone, a big black hand, shiny with juice prodding and pulling at her pussy, driving fingers in, grinding his pale palm on her engorged clit.

She tries to lean over him but he pushes her onto her back and makes out with her left tit, his big lips devouring her big puffy nipples. Her heads finally free of his face and she struggles to peak down at him as her hands tug at his boxers, which are tented and crooked. Finally her efforts are rewarded and with a wriggle of his ass the white cotton comes down to his thighs, his cock swinging free and immediately grasped by Jess – like an athlete would a relay baton.

The first thing that strikes me, aside from the ridiculous length and iron like hardness, is Jess, she clearly mouths ‘ah fuck’, as she struggles to stroke it. I’m aghast and horny and I realise that I like it. She looks up over at me, her eyes glazed, her cheeks bright red, does she even see me? Her hands a blur up and down what must be easily over 9 inches of penis. It’s too much for her, her eyes stare straight at me as she announces she’s going to cum. His fingers driving away unrelenting on her pussy as she begins to suck in air, like a giant asthma attack before a guttural roar as she bucks against his hand, her pussy spitting juices around his wrist and up his arm. This show continues for what seems like minutes and minutes, until the warm wave that hits her subsides and she sinks back into the bed.

Tche sits upright and moves over to the end of the bed, where his jeans are rumpled. He’s sifting through the pockets and pulls out a shiny gold packet, like a sweet but with a darker meaning. Jess is comatose on the bed, smirking at the ceiling. The foil is whipped open and out pops a juicy rubber sock. He hasn’t even noticed that I am watching him as the wet sheath slides down onto his dick. Its all rucked up and plainly straining to contain him. A few tugs and glides and its ¾ down his shaft, fully stretched out and the smell of spermicidal lubricant mixes in the air with the odour of Jesses ejaculate to produce a heady cocktail of desire.

I stand in a daze as he moves between her legs. I can only see the side now, so I move into the room and sit at the vanity table directly behind him. There’s a grunt and some commotion as they jiggle their bodies to squeeze his length inside her. With one last gentle thrust I see the rubber disappear into her sex. She’s mouthing words I cannot hear and I am straining, I want to know what she says to him. His mouth presses onto hers and she’s still struggling to talk as he plants his tongue in her mouth. Her hands grab his ass and she’s struggling for air again, he is kissing her too hard and she’s trying to say something, is it to me? Do I interrupt? Then she blurts it out ‘..Long(muffled kissing)really long (muffled kissing)’ at that point she bucks and its plain that she’s off again, his cock transforming her into a little white spasming, grunting beast, squealing in ecstasy as the full length of his long black cock digs her out.

I’m marvelling at the obvious strength of her climax and fail to notice the silence, he now his hand over her mouth and is getting rougher. He’s speaking French as Jess snorts through her nose. His balls previously swinging away beneath him now contract up into him as he jabs and splutters and relieves himself into the rubber. Its over quicker than it started but the vividness of it all lingers fondly for all of us. He pulls out and retreats to the end of the bed, the rubber now bent over at the tip, a huge squash ball pocket of jizz swinging from the end of his shrinking cock. He slips it off and it slops to the tiled floor with a slap.

Every birthday Jess is now allowed a treat, a dose of black magic, a search for a better, bigger and harder cock – that one night a year enough to drive even the limpest of passions for another 12 months.

Bday Cucked



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