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July 26, 2015

My Wife Merry

My wife, Merry, always talked about some guy at work who always like to flirt with her, and talk dirty to her. One day I told her I wanted to meet him because obviously he had good taste in women. She was worried I might get mad, but she knew I always got turned on whenever she flirted with other guys, but we had never gone any farther than some harmless hot tub fooling around with some neighbors. I always encouraged her to go braless whenever we out because although she had small tits, they were were perfect for her petite body and she had nipples that just loved to poke through her shirts. I am not the jealous type. We have been married and faithful to each other for 20 years. But we are always open to fun and new ideas.

We finally made a date to meet at a bar and just hang out. I knew something different was happening during the week when she asked me to help her trim up her pussy hair. Then on friday I watched her as she spent much more time than usual fixing up her makeup, and picking out and trying on different sexy clothes to wear. We decided on a plain white shirt, no bra and tight jeans. She looked great. What a turn-on for me, helping her look great for another guy.

When we met her friend (Jay) I think he was shocked how hot Merry looked. We had a few drinks and Jay could not stop checking out Merry’s nipples down her shirt. We couldn’t stay very long at the bar because we all thought that we had something better to do that night, but no one was saying anything about it. They just talked about work and other small talk. I could tell we were all turned on and finally I suggested we just go relax at our house. Merry decided that since both Jay and I had driven she ride with Jay back to our house and I would have to drive myself. I drove very slowly and let myself get stopped by a few redlights, so they got to our house 5 minutes before me. I still didn’t know what to expect. But Merry and Jay talked in the car and Merry told him that I was ok with whatever might happen, and that they should have a good time.

When I got in the house they had opened a few beers, and were dancing slowly to some music. I sat down and watched them dance. Merry looked at me and her I gave the ok signal, they started kissing a little bit. I decided to help out by unbuttoning her shirt, and that was all the help they needed. Soon Merry was rubbing Jay’s cock through his jeans and Jay was obviously exited. Then Merry shocked me my dropping to her knees and sucking Jay right in front of me. I was going crazy, and hard as hell myself. I got in there and Merry took turns sucking each of us. it was awesome.

Then Merry really surprised me and took Jay by the hand and led him to our bedroom, telling me to give them 10 minutes alone to get started then I could join them. That was the longest 5 (all I could wait) minutes of my life. I stood at the bottom of the steps and listened. I could hear clothes rustling, some giggling and then some moaning. I was going crazy. When I finally got into the room they were going at in the 69 position, so I could only watch. Merry told me since we make love all the time she wants this time to be only her and Jay. But I can watch! Another stunner, as I had been planning to at least be part of a 3 way. I kept trying to join in but Merry told me my turn would be later, that I could either watch or leave. I at last got my camera and started taking pictures and discovered that I actually loved watching. I could see the look of lust on Merry’s face, and she looked so hot getting fucked by another man. Finally Jay took her from behind on our bedroom floor and with me right in front of them and looking right into Merry’s face, they both had one huge final orgasm.

After Jay left I cleaned Merry up with my tongue and we had the best fuck ever. It was great going in Merry’s pussy knowing that just a few minutes before me another man had been fucking her. She promised me that the next time Jay and I could go at the same time, but so far Jay’s been here three times and every time I have to wait till they are done. I think I like it that way. I know that I don’t have any choice.

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