First Time was with An Older Man – Cuckold

August 28, 2015

Submitting to an Older Man – I thought I’d share with you an experience I had with my girlfriend Rachel when I was cuckolded and saw my hot slim girlfriend enjoyed by a Fifty year old man. We are both 21. It was about a year ago and just starting our relationship. We were in love and living together in a small apartment doing our first jobs after leaving university. We were very short of money and in need of a holiday. Rachel’s uncle had a friend who owned a cottage in the country which was empty for part the summer and we were very welcome to use it for a week for free. We jumped at the chance, and immediately started making plans for our trip away.

A month later we packed our things into my old mini and drove the 200 miles to the cottage. We arrived to find it empty with the key where we’d been told we’d find it, under a plant pot. We went in and found a delightful little semi detached eighteenth century house with two bedrooms, a kitchen sitting room and bathroom. Outside was a lovely secluded garden with overgrown hedges and a lovely lawn. We unpacked and made ourselves at home. The next morning Rachel and I went out to find the local shop to stock up with food for our week’s stay. It was really hot, so we stopped off at the local pub for a drink and morning became afternoon.

When we got back there was a bike beside the front door and we could hear someone cutting the hedge. It was the owner, Mike. He was well built, tall and good looking. At 50 ish he was in good shape and tanned. He stood in shorts with his brown body and legs on show, he smiled and greeted us saying he was over to do some gardening and hoped we’d enjoy our stay. Rachel offered him a drink and he immediately said he had put some beer in the fridge so we should help ourselves. An hour later we were all sitting on the lawn, the afternoon sun beating down, beers in hand. Rachel and I had already had a drink down the pub and were feeling a little drunk.

Mike said there was no one in the neighbouring house and would we excuse him if he stripped off as he liked nude sunbathing. We both smiled and said go ahead. He pulled down his shorts and revealed a large cock with huge balls. All shaved. Rachel let our a gasp and was clearly impressed. He suggested we join him and when we shrugged and looked embarrassed he seemed very disappointed, so feeling guilty I stripped off revealing my little cock and white body.

Rachel was nervous but stripped down to her knickers and bra and lay down in the sun. After a while I went to get more beer and saw Mike go over to Rachel through the kitchen window, he was talking to her and then undid her bra, she took it off revealing her small white tits. She was very submissive and I know if he’d have asked her she wouldn’t refuse to strip. Soon her knickers came down – her thin body now exposed to the sun and Mike’s eyes. We both felt embarrassed.

Mike fed us more drink and after a while started to rub suncream into Rachel’s back, he instructed her to turn over and was soon feeling her tits and belly, I was powerless to stop him and she wasn’t objecting. Soon he was feeling her fanny and his cock was getting erect, it was huge, his massive balls hanging down in front of Rachel’s face. He turned to me and said my girlfriend needed a good fucking and I didn’t reply. She froze as he started kssing her and lifted her legs and put her hands on his cock. She said nothing but lay back as he fed it inside her, she cried out as it pushed into her he was far bigger than me.

Are you on the pill Rachel? He asked, She nodded and he said “good because you’re getting a bellyfull of sperm” and pounded her until he tensed up and shouted “ok girly here it comes” she came too. I was mesmerised and lay there watching. When he came out of her he said “your boyfriend needs to come, go and wank him off there’s a good girl” so she did, pulling my small cock whilst I stared at her red swollen cunt. I came all over my chest while Mike watched and smiled, “that’s right give the boy a good wanking he needs to empty his balls after that show”.

The rest of the week saw Mike coming round and having Rachel every day. Sometimes in our bed with me not being allowed in. Once I heard her cry out and later heard he’d taken her anally. Sometimes I listened outside other times I watched and wanked. I was stretched out and wanked mercylessly whilst hearing of how Mike had taken her again and again. I will never forget the mixed emotions of being wanked by my just fucked girlfriend with her big balled lover watching, with me touching her small just mauled tits and seeing her well fucked cunt all red and swollen. After the vacation we got home and felt more in love with each other than before. We had sex every day to reconnect with each other and often replayed what had happened at the cottage which always led to us cumming within a minute. Nothing new since then but the memory is still strong and we both are still ‘changed’ by it and yes, still madly in love.






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