Girlfriend’s Sexual Past Part 2 – Cuckold

July 30, 2015

Girlfriend’s Sexual Past – 2 – Here is what happened.

So all day long all I could think about what what might happen tonight. All morning I kept texting samantha back and forth asking her if she was horny, and if she was thinking of John’s big fat cock, or if she wanted Adam’s cock again. Samantha told me that she would love the chance to show John just how good she was at sucking cock now, and he was wrong about her before, she also confessed that she still had some feelings for Adam and never got over him.

She had always wanted to fuck him but she felt she was too young and should wait. By now I was super horny and really wanted more than ever for something to happen tonight, but was not sure if the guys were even game for it. About an hour went by from the last time Sam texted me when my phone buzzed and she told me she had given it some thought and she told me she might be willing to go ahead with sucking their cocks if I was really OK with it, of course I was more than ok with it and couldn’t wait to get them over tonight.

When Sam got home from work I greeted her at the door with a long kiss and led her to the bedroom where I went to town on her soaking pussy, getting her nice and horny for later. She admitted she was very horny and nervous, and I don’t remember her pussy ever being so wet. She pleaded with me to fuck her but I was out of condoms and told her she would have to wait till later tonight after the guys were gone. Sam was actually pleading with me to give her some sort of an orgasm either with my tongue or for me to use her vibrator on her. I continued to lick her pussy for a while but I couldn’t bring her to an orgasm and eventually I got tired and told her I was going to cum on her tummy, and before she could really say anything I blew my load on her.

The guys arrived and we had a few beers and watched some of the game, but Samantha stayed in the bedroom most of the night watching her own tv. Eventually we got pretty drunk and were feeling pretty good and loving life, when Samantha came in the room to see what we were up to. Adam and John were checking her out hard and she looked good wearing tight lulu lemon pants that showed off her curves and her camel toe was on full display for us to see. Sam said hi to Adam and asked how he was and she kinda brushed off John not paying too much attention to him. John said hi 3 times and she finally acknowledged him and I have to admit she was being a bitch at this point, and for no real reason.

I was confused as to what her problem was as only a few hours earlier she was talking about how she might want to give both these guys a blowjob. Then it happened, John lost his temper and threw out a comment about how she was probably still mad at him for fucking her back in high school and dumping her. Sam told him to shut up and get lost, I jumped in and told them both to calm down and for Sam to relax and stop being such a bitch. I suggested we all go in the hot tub out back and relax a little bit and have some more drinks. Sam said that was a great idea and went to the bedroom to get changed into her bikini and would meet us out there.

We pounded back a couple more beers and made our way to the back yard and Sam was already in the tub waiting for us. Adam and John asked jokingly if we were going in naked, but I said no way Sam would go for it. The 3 of us stripped down to our boxers instead and would just wear those. We quickly got our clothes off and I couldn’t help notice both my friends had very large bulges, I know John had a really big cock and balls and the bulge in his underwear was huge, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. John caught me looking and reminded me he was all balls and just laughed. Adam too was sporting a big lump in his underwear and I could actually see the outline of his cock.

We all jumped in the tub and drank some wine for a while and the conversation quickly turned to sex. We started talking about what girls we had been with in high school and what we did with them, and it was a little bit awkward to talk about this in front of my girlfriend but she didn’t seem to mind at all. Adam and John were naming off all the girls they had either made out with or fucked and were comparing notes. I was a virgin when I met Samantha so I didn’t have much to contribute to the conversation, but my heart was racing to see if either one of them were going to mention Sam in front of me. We all knew about the situation and both guys knew what they have done with her, but she was left out of the conversation for now. As we talked Sam was very quiet and just listened in giggling every once and a while. Finally Adam asked her who she had been with or fucked back in school, and she told us she has only slept with 2 guys, John and myself.

Now I was feeling extremely nervous for some reason and the reality of the situation was setting in, here I was with my girlfriend drunk in a hot tub with the guy who took her virginity and used her like a cheap slut, and the other guy has had his cock in her mouth a few times. Samantha was drunk at this point and she asked Adam if she could ask him something personal. He said sure, whatever she wanted, and Sam asked him about his cock and why it was bent the way it was. John jumped in and asked what the hell he was talking about and he told us all that his cock was curved downwards, to which we all chuckled a bit. Adam didn’t seem to phased by it, and told us that’s just the way it was, not much he could do about it.

I have to admit I was very curious as to what it looked like and wanted to see what Samantha was talking about. John kept bugging him about it and he actually said he wanted to see it, but Adam was like no way he was showing us his cock. John and I asked him what it would take for him to show us and he said he would if Sam took her bikini top off and showed us her tits, and John chimed in that its not like we havent all seen them before. Now I was extremely excited at what might happen and Sam looked at me and I just agreed with the guys to show em to us.

Samantha was drunk so she didn’t put up much of a fight and removed her top for all of us to see. We told Adam it was his turn and he nervously stood up and pulled down his boxers revealing a long cock with low hanging balls. He was uncut and his foreskin was very long. His cock looked normal and he told us only when it’s hard can u see it’s curve. We all asked him to get it hard then and he told us all to fuck off. Adam pulled his boxers back on and we drank some more and being in the hot tub it really had an effect on all of us. Not sure how it happened but someone suggested we all get naked and more comfortable, and being drunk there was no resistance from any of us. We all removed our underwear and Samantha took off her bottoms and now I was sitting in a hot tub with 2 other naked guys and my naked girlfriend.

I felt my cock getting hard and was glad the water was covering it so nobody else could see my situation, and I am pretty sure that the other 2 guys were horny just like me. We all talked a little more and the topic of blowjobs came up, and I knew it was sensitive for Sam especially with John. Sam told him straight that she was good at giving them, and he was wrong about what he told her. Adam jumped in and said he had to agree with John that she could be better at it, but she was young and inexperienced when she sucked their cocks, so maybe she has improved. John said don’t worry too much, most girls had trouble with him because he was larger than average, to which we all laughed. Sam however seemed annoyed and was taking this seriously, that she was a good cock sucker. I saw this as my opportunity to make my dream come true, and I said to her the only way to prove him wrong was to give him a blowjob and he could be the judge for himself.

I really didn’t expect Sam to take me seriously but she stood up naked for all to see and grabbed John by the hand and said come with me now, to which he stood up and I got a good look at his huge cock which was almost completely hard. Where I was sitting in the tub they had to come very close to me to step out, and they both stepped out in front of me and I got a close up look at his big cock and balls. She led him into the house and left me and Adam in the hot tub, Adam asked if I was ok with this, and I said for sure, we are cool. He admitted he would love to have Sam suck his cock next if I was cool with it. No problem if she is game I said, and we waited about 25 minutes and pounded back some more beers. John returned without Sam and Adam looked at me for my approval to go inside and get his cock sucked. John got back in the tub and he told me she was resting up inside, and that she was much better at sucking cock than when she was younger.

I couldn’t beleive what had just happened and John was going on about how lucky I was to have her, and how hot she was. I could tell he was smashed and could barely talk but he kept rambling on about her, and then he told me something that made my heart sink, he started going on about how tight her pussy was and it was just like he remembered it. I asked him what the hell he was talking about and he told me he had just fucked her for the last 20 minutes and was sorry he took so long but the alcohol made him not cum too fast. He actually thought it was all quite funny but I was beginning to feel a bit nervous. Then he asked me why I sent Adam in when she was asking for me to go inside and see her? I was like what are you talking about and he said Sam wants you to go inside and see her. Immediately I got out of the hot tub and put my underwear back on and went in the house and found Adam on top of her fucking her like a jackhammer.

Once he finished he rolled off her and I asked him what the fuck he was doing, and Adam told me he entered the room with the lights off and all she said was fuck me now, so he complied. It was after he stuck his cock in her that she opened her eyes and realized who it was because she was expecting me but John send Adam inside instead, but it was actually me who sent him in so I have nobody but myself to blame.

I told Adam and John to just leave us alone and go home, the party was over. Samantha passed out and after the guys left I lied in bed and the reality of the situation set in that my two best friends had just fucked the shit out of my girlfriend with their big cocks, and they did her bareback, something I am still yet to do. When we awoke the next morning I was hornier than I have ever been, and took a turn with Sam, but her pussy was soaking wet and still full of their cum.

Sam has not mentioned anything yet, and I am not even sure if she knows what happened.

Adam sent me a text message telling me that it was all John’s fault and he had planned it all along, and he hopes there’s no hard feelings. Then I got another text from John telling me it was all Adams plan and he just went along with it.

Should be interesting next time we see them…

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