He Had a Huge Dick – Cuckold

November 5, 2015

Cuckolded on My Anniversary – Since we love this blog, I thought I would share our first cuckold experience.

The best part is, it didn’t start out that way. My wife had been talking about a guy she went to high school with and was dating one of her friends, and told me she heard he had a huge dick. He of course knew my wife sucked dicks, her nickname in high school was big slurp ! He came by her work one day, she worked at the mall in fredricks of hollywood, and he showed his dick to my wife and her friend while his girlfriend had her back turned. When she got home that night, I ate her out while she described it to me, and she said it was at least nine inches, waaay bigger than mine.

Well a few days past and on our anniversary, he came back, and to my suprise, my wife brought it up to him about how much she liked his cock. We were sitting at home later, and the phone rang. She picked it up, talked for a few minutes, giggling, then hung up and told me her friend David with the huge dick was drunk and wanted to know if he could come over and get a BJ! I started to say something like it was late, but she said, You wanted it, it’ll be fun.

I’ll never forget he walked in, beer in hand, handed me a bowl of pot, and unzipped his pants. My wife immediately sat up off the floor and popped it in her mouth, while I sparked the bowl. He then laid down on his side next to our coffee table and smiled at me while he pushed her head down on his dick, choking her every now and then. He smoked all he wanted and then drank while she and I passed the bowl as she sucked his dick. I got up and put on some porn for him as they moved to the couch across the room, him bobbing her head while he watched the tv. After what seemed like a long while, he started cumming and pulled out to cum all over our couch, my wife’s face, and her hair.

Afterwards, my wife and I went to the bedroom to make out while he drank some more. Once we came back out, David was on his way out the door, when he turned and asked, Think I could get another one? My wife said she didn’t know, her mouth was kinda sore. He said, What?, closed the door, walked back in laughing, walked up to where we were sitting on the couch, unzipped his pants and popped his dick right in her mouth. She started sucking on it, so he sat down between us and I turned the porn back on. After awhile he informed her that he wanted her to do what the women on the movie were doing, and so she used both hands to jerk his cock.

When it wasn’t wet enough, he poured beer all over his cock, my wife, and our couch to lube it up. After awhile, I could see he was frustrated with my wife pulling back some, so he told her to bend over infront of the TV. He got on his knees in front of her and began to face fuck her while watching the porn. After she gagged and pulled it out, he laughed and said, I thought you knew how to suck a dick! She coughed out I do, so he said, Then keep it in your mouth! He then shoved it back in, grabbed her by the hips, and face fucked her until he blew a big one in her mouth.

Afterwards, he got up, zipped up his pants, and walked to the door. Before leaving, he turned around, laughed, and said, I hope you enjoy your anniversary and left. It’s one of the greatest things ever happened to us.




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