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October 14, 2015

Cuckold Hubby – I was encouraged by another member of this blog to write down how I became a cuckold husband. The first part of my story basically is that conversation I had with my wife Eveline the morning after. Between the quotations I give you more details and information which I received step by step myself. At that point we were married for 11 months, and a couple for 4 years. Eveline did not have a lover before during our relationship.

Our dialogue starts on a late Saturday morning in the kitchen where we were preparing breakfast. Things were running out of control on Friday afternoon when she rang me up. Eveline told me that she wanted to have dinner and drinks with some of her colleagues right after work. She came back home at 3 am. Downstairs in the kitchen we had the first chance to have a conversation on that Saturday morning.

> ” (…) There is something I must tell you…”
I was entirely unsuspecting. She must have had a nice and funny evening out there and I was curious to hear about it.

> “I was not out with my colleagues last night, I spent the evening with Carlo…”
Carlo was her exlover right before me. They were a couple for 3 or 4 monthes, not a partnership for a common future, however she always said they had great sex together. Carlo is a typical latin lover: well-cared black hair, hairy chest, a philanderer, macho, tanned, big nosed (you can really draw the conclusion from his nose to the size of his cock) and his motto is “be always prepared”.

Eveline met Carlo on the street by chance during her lunch break on Friday. He did not live here in the region any longer and came back to manage the sale of a real estate. He had a room in one of the local hotels and they set a time to meet in a restaurant around there.

> “… and….. we had……. sex afterwards….”
Parts of my body understood the meaning of this short sentence. I started to feel uncomfortable, an ache in the stomach, my head started getting warmer, weak knees etc. My mind however did not want to understand and made a last attempt to clear up a misunderstanding: I stammered
< “…Carlo,…….sex…..you’re kidding…..”.

> “No, …….it is true…….., I am sorry………”.
Bummer! No more word was spoken for a long time. A movie was started within my head. Images faded in and out, I could not stop them and felt really sick. The pictures showed my wife having sex with another man: A man between her legs, Eveline’s face full of desire, lust and pleasure…, cum over her body, being penetrated by another guy, having sex in various positions and also Carlo’s ugly grimace etc.

I do not know how long I watched this movie. I felt sick: My heart was heavily beating, did not get enough air to breathe, I was hot and cold at the same time, sweat and freeze… One short sentence has changed my whole life. I felt shocked, surprised, angry (planned how to kill him), useless, helpless, lost, cheated, alone, not fair treated and humiliated. I previewed how the judge would pronounce the divorce. What would my parents and friends say? Tons of adrenaline were running through my vains, I certainly was temporarily insane for some minutes….

It took me some time to calm down and those images faded away. I perceived that my perspective towards Eveline had changed: Anytime I did not stare into nirwana any longer and moved my view to my wife. We both are about the same height, were standing upright in an usual posture. However my view met her coming from down below. Though standing in front of her I mentally had a dog’s position towards her. Yes, this was pure feeling of humiliation and I still was angry and embarrassed.

Finally I could ask: “Why?”.

> “…….” Eveline could not give me an answer.

< “Why did you do this to me with Carlo? Why him? Why? Why? Why? Why?”
> “I could not stop things….. I lost control…. forgive me please…….” This was the moment when I realized that I got a huge errection: Yes, I had a hard and glowing cock like never before! I do not have any explanation why. Maybe I got turned on by the imagination of Eveline having sex with another man. Maybe since she attracted another man’s attention and made him horny. Maybe since she was made horny by another man? Etc. Probably a mixture of many abilities.

Eveline confessed that she had lost control and this was the truth! Don’t think she was seduced in Carlo’s hotelroom, no she had a pretty active role. After dinner they moved to a bar right opposite the hotel. There she was touched by Carlo: Arms, shoulders, neck, back, thighs. Eveline lost control when she felt his huge hard cock through his trousers on her ass. She realized that the panties were completely wet between her legs. It didn’t take a long time till they ended in his bed.

< “Was he good? Did you enjoy?”
Eveline did not even try to respond. Her face told me how brillant sex with Carlo had been. Her eyes closed, her view beatific, letting pass the recalls of last night…

Sunday morning Eveline finally told me how she was done by him. She was sure that I really wanted to know all the details, that the knowledge of all the details would turn me on and I won’t blame her. What happened on the hotel’s room? I won’t tell you all the details, just giving you a summary. It will be up to your fantasy to paint out the pictures: They immediately undressed each other. Eveline gave head to him at first as a foreplay like they had been used to do many years ago. In the sequel Carlo filled up three condoms while he had been in my wife’s pussy. So you can imagine that he used her for some hours. Eveline did not had a chance to hide that she had sex with another man the night before. Her pussy was sore and inflamed. Carlo took her hard and a long time. Only a blind man would not have seen those traces around and within her pussy. I was scared when I first saw her pussy in that condition. Eveline successfully explained me that you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. She assured that that region of her body would not feel as terrible as it looked like.

< “Will you see Carlo again?”
“No.” She has really seen Carlo never again. He lives anywhere in another part of the country.

< “Will you see other men?”
No responding. Her expression on her face told me more than thousand words. Eveline would do if there was a chance… Bummer! I noticed how that movie tried to start up again and felt humiliated and angry once more. Again I was aware that I was looking to my wife from a dog’s positon. I did not say anything however she understood that I was begging her not to do it.

“Don’t be sad now. There is no other man at the moment….” Though this was not that denial I prefferred to hear I got sidetracked after this statement. I still was hard and excited and put the focus on my own hardness.

> “Are you ready to hold me now?”
I moved towards her. We hugged for a long time. Cheek to cheek we started crying each other which was highly emotional for both of us. We dried our tears and she asked: “Do you still want to have sex with your bad wife?” I took her hand and we went upstairs.

Eveline asked me to do her carefully and not hard. No need to say this. I never did her hard, I won’t hurt her ever. Her panties were wet through and through. I noticed this as I pulled them down. Without longer foreplay she was on top of me. Her lips were open, the cunt was slippery enough to let me in and I was hard enough myself. It rarely was so easy to slide into her, deep inside at once. Eveline straightened up and sqeezed her hot cove against my dick and coverd it. What a lovely feeling!!! We remained in this position for a longer time and enjoyed being so close together. This was the moment when the ice between us ultimatively broke away again… I sucked one of her nipples while I worshipped the other between my fingers. We did not make greater movements, just got more and more excited by being so close together. Eveline slightly cummed two times, I followed right after she had her second soft contractions. I must not mention how much semen I shot into her…She stayed on top of me till I got smaller and smaller and slid out of her pussy.

Eveline turned onto her back as soon as I lost contact with her pussy. Big flocks of sperm were leaking out of her vagina. My head instantly followed her body till I was between her legs. I started to lick her out at once, never did this before, never tasted my cum neither her used pussy. That sharp and salty smelling made me go on eating her out. I swallowed our cum from there but Eveline did not get dry ever. I sucked her clit, fucked her with my tongue as well as I could while she played with her nipples. She finally cummed and we fell asleep together afterwards.

This is my story. I also got benefit from her night with another man, a kind of reward for the pain and humiliation I had to bear before. And this one single day is representative for our life now. Eveline is a successful business lady now, having her own company together with a partner. She sees other men now and again – clients, strangers (other travellers when she is on business trip) and few of her friends. Never had a steady lover since she just wants having fun for some hours and sex without any strings. And she always tells me when she’s back home…

Cuckold Hubby



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