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December 24, 2015

Hot Wife Loves CuckoldingHi, below is a story about what happened this past Thursday. It’s written by my Hubby and it represents the start of a new chapter in our lives:


Today my wife is going to her office. She’ll work there until 5pm. At 5 she will leave her office and take the subway down to Scott’s apartment. After the normal greetings, she and Scott will retire to his bedroom where he will undress her and kiss her: First her mouth, then her neck, breasts, belly. By the time his tongue reaches what will by then be her very wet pussy she will be moaning and clawing at the sheets. Scott will eat my wife until her moans get louder and louder, culminating in a screaming, toe-curling orgasm.

My wife will then take Scott’s large dick in her mouth. She tells me she loves to suck his cock because he always gets very excited and starts leaking pre-cum—which she finds delicious. Scott will enjoy my wife’s soft mouth on his cock for a while but then he’ll want more. He’ll spread her legs apart and will slowly push his rather large and very hard dick into her welcoming pussy.

My wife will groan with delight as Scott fucks her, she’ll wrap her legs around his waist to pull his dick deep inside of her. She’ll put her hands on his ass and pull him into her even more while groaning and moaning and encouraging him to: “Fuck me, oh god yes fuck me Scott!”

Scott will begin to grunt and will start to speed up the pace of his thrusts, pistoning in and out of her with such force that he’ll seem to be climbing inside her womb. He’ll keep this up until they both explode in orgasmic release, collapse into each other, and then gently caress and kiss one another until he softens and gently falls out of her satisfied pussy.

I know this will happen because I’ve watched Scott fuck my horny wife many times before. In fact I’ve watched more than 50 men fuck my very willing wife with abandon, transforming the professional, PTA attending, wife and mother that she is into a hot, slutty cuckoldress who revels in the fact that she shares her unfaithful pussy with others. It’s very exciting to witness and I’m privileged to be married to a woman who loves to cuckold me in such an energetic way.

What makes today more special however is that this will be the first time my wife fucks another man while I’m not going to be there. All relationships evolve, including cuckold ones. Recently, my wife has been intrigued by the idea of being with a lover alone. As she tells me:

“It’s hot, more illicit, more cheaty. I kind of like that.”

“You do?” I say

“Oh yeah. I’ll be with another man, sucking his dick, letting him have all kinds of liberties with my mouth, and tits, and pussy. He’ll be taking things that only you should have. And when I’m doing it you’ll be home waiting, knowing that as you wait for me another man will be fucking me, making my pussy wet, wanting him. MMM…and when I get home I’ll climb into bed and have you eat my well fucked pussy so you can taste what he did to me, knowing that he had me first and that you can only have seconds.”

She didn’t need to say any more to convince me.

So tonight, after work, Scott will have my wife as I wait at home thinking about what they’re doing.

I can’t wait to taste her naughty pussy.


“OK, I’m down here just outside Scott’s apartment.” Reports my wife’s voice through the cell phone.

“OK, are you excited?” I ask.

There’s a pause then she replies: “Yeah both excited and a little anxious.”

“Well enjoy it, have some great, hot and sweaty sex”

I hear her laugh. “Well, given that it’s Scott, I’m sure I will. Talk to you later.” She clicks off and I spend the next hour and a half sporting a semi-erection, thinking about what Scott is doing to my wife.


My phone begins to ring. It’s her. I pick it up: “Hello?”

“Hi, I’m heading home.”

“Did you two?”

“Oh yeah” she replies “it was great but I don’t want to talk over the phone. Let’s meet at that new bar that opened on the corner of 5th and 9th. I’ll tell you all about it then.”


I walk into the place and my wife is sitting at the bar with a beer. She wears a ‘cat who swallowed the canary’ grin across her face.

“That’s quite a smile.” I tell her

“Oh yeah.” She replies

“That good?”

“MMM…HMM” she replies.

I order a beer, pay for it, and we move to a table in the corner. I kiss her on the lips “So tell me about it.”

“It was great. I didn’t realize how much I’d like getting fucked without you being there. Just thinking about it makes me tingly inside.”

“What was great about it?” I ask.

Her eyes light up as she replies: “It was freeing in a lot of ways. It was intimate, it was hot, it was in many ways the hottest sex I’ve had in a very long time. It felt more naughty, more like a cheating wife and it really excited me. I mean I know I play with other men, but that’s with you there. I haven’t been alone with another man in about 25 years but there I was naked in Scott’s bed, alone with him…a married woman alone, completely open while a man who isn’t my husband was touching me in the most intimate ways, and man, Scott knows how to touch me! That felt more clandestine, more illicit than when you’re there. I really liked that part of it.”

“The naughty wife part of it?” I asked.

“Yes! He was naked so all we had to focus on was each other. We both wanted it so badly so when he finally put that big dick inside of me it was like…Wow! We were kissing and fucking and moaning until we both came and man did we come! Then there was no rush so we stayed like that for a while, kissing and caressing, his dick still in me—it was great. Then he moved to the side and started gently playing with my pussy getting me worked up again and he fingered me until I had another orgasm. It was great!”

I gave her a long kiss on her mouth: “I can tell you really loved it”

“Yes I did. I definitely want to do it this way again.” There was something about the look in her eyes that told me she had turned a corner–that she had discovered something she wasn’t going to give up.

“You mean you want to fuck other men without my being there from now on?”

“Well, not when I meet someone new. Having you there keeps it safe. But once a guy proves himself yeah, I kind of like the feeling.”

“With Scott?” I ask

“Absolutely! This was so hot. From now on this is the way I want to do it with him. Just me and him in his little place, fucking each other’s brains out. You know, there’s very little I do just for myself and I want this to be one of those things. Just me having my pussy taken care of by a guy who really knows how to do it.”

“Did he like it?”

“Oh yeah” she says “I could tell he loved it. And the great thing about it is it’s all about the sex. We even talked about it.”

“What did you talk about?”

“Well he wanted to be sure you were OK with it” she laughs “I told him you had a hard-on all week thinking about it! Plus, he gets it’s only about the sex. I told him that my husband is the best-looking man that I know and my soul-mate…but that there’s something about him, I find him very sexy and the sex with him is just…the best. Don’t know why, it just is. His dick does it for me like no one else. So he agrees, and agrees it’s about the sex. I think knowing that kind of lets us go at it totally, no holds barred. And man, we do. I want this to be a regular thing with us, a couple of times a month I just leave work, go there and he puts that big dick inside of me” She had that far away smile on her face as she thought about what she had just done.

“OK” I said. “Every other week or so you should drop by Scott’s place so that you can have private time together.”

Her face broke out into a wide grin and she leaned forward and gave me a long, wet kiss.

“This pleases you.” I said.

“MMM…HMM” is all she replied.


After a bite to eat at a local French place we head home. We get in and my wife heads to the bedroom. After paying the sitter I follow her in. As she stands in front of me I slowly undress her.

“Is this how Scott undressed you?” I ask as I kiss her.

“MM…HMM.” Is all she replies.

She’s wearing a see through bra that shows her nice, big nipples.

“I bet Scott liked this” I say

“I think he did, I wore it for him” she laughs as if lost in the memory “though he had it off of me pretty damned quickly. And I was fine with that.”

I peel off her pants and panties and while she’s still standing I kneel in front of her and begin kissing her up her legs. I breathe in the scent of her pussy. It smells earthy and musky. The scent of a pussy that has had a workout. I slip my tongue between her slightly parted legs and lightly lick her cunt lips, the lips, that just a few hours before were quivering around Scott’s dick. She lets out a slight moan.

“Let’s get in the bed” she says.

I get in the bed and lay on my back and my wife hovers over me and lowers her pussy down on my waiting mouth. I begin to eat her while reaching up to caress her hard nipples.

“MMM” she says “can you see how wet I still am from Scott?” She says “Do you like the way I taste?” I grunt in affirmation.

She moves off of my face down my body and grabs my hard cock. She strokes it a few times before inserting it inside her already fucked pussy.

“Oh yeah” she moans “two cocks in one night.” I begin to fuck her slowly and deeply.

“So you want to do it this way more?” I ask as I thrust inside of her.

“Oh yeah, I do…it was the hottest sex. And getting fucked without my husband being there–I had no idea how hot that would be. So I want to do it more, especially with Scott but, with other men as I get to know them too. I want to be able to call you from work and tell you that I’ll be coming home late because I’m going to get fucked. And while you’re at home waiting I’m going to be doing this, all alone, just me and my lover. Oh god, yes, fuck me—just like Scott was doing–that big dick of his getting so deep inside of me. Oh god, oh god I’m gonna cum again!”

And she did.

And then I did.

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