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September 19, 2015

To Cuckold Him Slowly – I and my husband are married now for nearly 12 years. Our sex life has never been boring and I had my dose when he first suggested to me to receive a full body massage from him and another guy.

After few weeks I finally agreed and my husband made the necessary arrangements to find someone to play along.

The day my husband walked in to our house with the other men I started to be very nervous. We had some casual talk for about one hour and my husband ask me to get ready for a body massage.

While I was taking a shower my husband and Ted prepared themselves by putting a spare mattress in the living room and warming up the body lotions.

When I came back from the bathroom wrapped in a large towel both of them had been undressed and kneeling on each side of the mattress.

I still remember my heart pumping up to my throat when I lie face down on the small mattress and my husband removed the bath towel.

Both of them started to massage gently my back and legs with warm body lotion. After a few minutes I started to relax and enjoy the unusual massage with 4 hands touching every part of my body. After some time I was not anymore able to identify which hands are my husbands and which hands belong to Ted. Closing my eyes I just wanted to feel the upcoming relaxation and slowly arousing effect of two men massaging me.

I felt someone moving my feet apart and sticking his hard penis between them. I could feel his balls pressing against the underside of my feet and I immediately clamped the hard penis between my feet to get a better feel. He continued to massage my ass and I could feel another set of balls sliding my over my back. I gave in to my desire to spread my legs and now I was now able to identify Ted moved in between my legs to massage now my very wet pussy. I could feel his finger moving inside my pussy and I moved my hips to give him easier access. Starting to enjoy my present position my husband asks me to turn around and my husband and Ted also changed their positions. With my husband now massaging my shaved pussy Ted had been massaging now my tits and my rock hard nipples.

For some reason I did not dare to touch Ted as my husband moved my right arm right between the legs of ted where I took his hard penis into my hand and start rubbing another men’ s dick for the first time since I know my husband. My eyes still closed I start searching with my left hand for my husband’s dick and after getting hold of it I had been lying there on this small mattress stroking two hard dick’s.

It was for me beyond believe and the moment I stop thinking about it I was getting so hot and excited. The massaging virtually stopped and with my legs wide open I could only feel one hand on my tits and one finger rubbing my clit. Looking at two rock hard dicks in my hands it took me only few minutes to reach my first climax. Squeezing Teds balls a little bit I told my husband that I need a penetration and I want to Ted to penetrate me. My husband looked at Ted and asks him to follow my wish.

I wanted Ted to fuck me in doggy style; I turned around and put myself into position. Ted penetrated my very wet pussy with total ease and I felt him pushing his full length into me just at once. At the same time my husband moved in front of me to present his hard dick to me.

Teds dick felt so damn good inside me while he starts pumping into me I moved my hips, though he had a hard grip on me, to get him to go deeper. Enjoying the feeling of Ted’s dick inside me I noticed again my husband’s rock hard dick right in front of me and I start sucking him as well.

I have been so excited with Ted fucking me harder and harder and my husband’s dick in my mouth that my second climax hit me. I did not care anymore, I had been mourning and screaming “yes Ted, Fuck me fuck me hard” when Ted came more or less at the same time filling up his condom.

I had been quite exhausted, the tension, the first time having sex with two men, I had been fucking with stranger to me. But it just felt so damn good.

After wards we had some small talk where I have to admit I wasn’t a good entertainer since I felt totally drained. After some time, Ted got dressed and my husband walked him to the door.

My beloved husband returned, I took him into my arms and told him that I initially thought that he is gone crazy, but I changed my mind, I just had the best sex of my life.

This evening I made love to my husband like in the first years of our marriage. I was still aroused. Making love with him I had been recalling how it felt to have two men ready for me.

I never saw Ted again but he was only the beginning.

During our marriage there had been other men. I extended the possibilities every time slowly and not to hurt the feelings of my husband.

I had been travelling abroad with one of them.

I had my overnights and sometimes weekends with another one and in his place.

Over the last few weeks my husband and I discussed a different perspective.

I am presently looking for a Lover. To have sex with other men did excite me – yes for certain. But now, I want to get more emotional involved with another man and like to combine my past experiences.

– To make love with 2 men ( not Sex, there is a difference for me )

– Travel with my Husband and /or Lover

– Spend sometimes a night or weekend in the place of my Lover.

During foreplays my husband regularly encourages me also to also look for a lover. The subject arouses me sexually and I am getting very hot on this. Many times when I make love to my husband my thoughts and my admittance to a lover makes me cum multiple times.

I have not found this men yet. but I am looking and the nices thing my husband is helping me.

albertadriana333 @ yahoo.es



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