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August 27, 2015

Our First Time Experience – My name is Danny and I’m new to the blog but not the lifestyle. I’ve been cucked on several occasions and I would love to (finally) share my experiences with everyone.

While I was in college I was dating a girl named Layla. She was a beautiful girl who had married and divorced at a young age. She was a little wild, trying to make up for lost time, I guess.

Needless to say, the sex in the bedroom (and everywhere else) was amazing! There’s nothing this girl wouldn’t do or try. There was alot of dirty talk, mostly about her with other girls and her fantasies, which really had no limits. Well, one night we were having drunk sex in my room and she whispered my roommates name. I was taken aback as she was really drunk but I was sure that she said Matt (my roommate). I kept asking her but she denied having said it. We remained fucking the entire conversation and I think she could tell I was more turned on than pissed. Keep in mind that this was a first and I was just as confused and shocked as she was. I mean neither of us knew anything about this type of lifestyle. Anyway, she asked me if I wanted her to say Matt’s name and I said yes, YES! So we continued to fuck all night with her screaming his name with every orgasm and describing in great detail how bad she wanted to fuck him and she confessed that she had been thinking of him when she first whispered his name. I swear I have never been so turned in my life! I didn’t know what I was doing or how I was going to control it, but from that point on I was addicted. We both were.

This went on very intensely for a few weeks when one night we heard Matt come in late and jump in the shower. We all been out drinking earlier so our inhibitions were low. I dared her to go in the bathroom, not saying a word, and dropping down on her knees and sucking him off right then and there. She said no way that it would ruin our friendship. I told her that Matt was a horndog and I knew for sure he would go for it. Just tell him I’m passed out. After alot of convincing she agreed to it. As soon as the water shut off she got up asked me if I were sure about this and proceeded out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. After the door shut the only sound I heard was Matt asking her what the hell she was doing, Until the sounds of what I’m sure was him cumming. I was so damn excited I thought I would explode and it seemed like forever for her to return. When she finally came back to bed I asked her what happened and without saying a word she grabbed my face and kissed me hard and deep. It was one of those kisses that happen in the heat of passion that seem to last forever. I could taste his cum, but I didn’t care, I just wanted more and she knew it. I didn’t at the time know what a cuckold was but I have been one from that night on. What a great night of sex!

Not long after that night Layla confessed to me that she had been sleeping with an old family friend off and on since she was 18. She said she had stopped during the brief time she was married but had fucked him twice since we had been dating. She said she loved older men, especially with power. This guy was the Dean at the local college so he fit the bill. Anyway, during sex, she asked me if I wanted her to fuck him again and of course I said yes. She said “I’ll go fuck him right now if you’re serious”. My reply was “I’ll drive”.

We drove over to the college and the plan was to drop her off and I’ll wait in the parking lot. I sat there for well over an hour completely overwhelmed with excitement, rubbing my cock the entire time oblivious of my surroundings.

When she returned not my much was said and I could smell the sex on her. I couldn’t wait to get home so I drove across the street to a secluded spot on the river. I stopped, got out and went around to open her door. I reached in and threw her legs out the door where she would be facing me, undid her jeans and roughly yanked them down, I was so damn drunk with desire. I immediately shoved my face into her pussy and licked her like never before. She started grinding hard into my face asking if I like the taste of another man’s cum. She told me that he came on her stomach so I pulled up shirt to reveal the dried sticky cum and proceeded to furiously lick every last inch of her stomach. She pushed me back to her pussy and started giving me details.

She said when she walked in and his secretary was not at her desk, so she went right in and locked the door and went over to his desk and climbed under and sucked him until he was hard. She then stood up, took off her jeans leaned against the desk and told him to fuck the shit out of her. She told him while they were fucking that her boyfriend was out waiting in the parking lot thinking she was here for business. She said he started fucking her wildly and came hard all over her and the desk. When she told me this part we both came. Her on my face, me in my hand. At the time I had no idea how significant that would become.

Well, that’s how it all started for me. This went on for 4 more years and I have alot of great stories, such as the first time I got to watch, or my all time favorite, the time while I was scouting for some stud for her in a bar she was fucking some dude in the bathroom.

All of this is real and truthful. I’ve also been in a much stranger cuck relationship.

I’ll hopefully have the time to write more but for now this is my introduction.




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