How I Got Her Into it – CuckoldLatin

September 24, 2015

Wife Cuckolds Her Husband –  The first time I kissed my future Latin wife, I was amazed at the passion she exhibited. I immediately knew I could be in for a lot of fun. I was right.

I don’t know if I could be considered a cuckold, or a cuckold-wannabe, but I do know the thought of watching my wife being fucked by another guy, especially a hung, or a black guy, or both is extremely erotic to me. I don’t desire to be humiliated or to be femmed or anything like that. I love her passion and would like to see and experience it on a level that I alone cannot provide. I have had this desire for about 10 years, even with my previous wife and have never had the chance to experience it. Some of my desires also include sleeping in the guest room while listening to her fuck. Not in a banishment from the bedroom situation, but more of a “let them have their time while I listen” situation.

Sometimes when we talk and she says “when I fuck other man, I may tell you to leave the room”, and I find that thought erotic. So maybe I’m level 1 cuck? Are there different levels?

After our first kiss and the passion she showed I couldn’t wait to see what it was like making love with her. I was patient and on the fifth date we ended back at my place. It was probably the most exciting time I have ever had. Wow! I knew that I would have to see if she were into “playing”. I wasn’t sure how to bring the topic up.

It was probably the third time we were making love. It was hot and heavy and as we fucked I whispered into her ear, asking her what turned her on. She was quiet for a few seconds, then she huskily whispered back, “I like sex. I want to fuck two men”.

WHOA! I couldn’t believe my ears. So I asked her to repeat it, which she did. I think I blew my load right then and there, which pretty much told her how I felt about it.

Her being Latin, she comes from a culture and country where wives are not supposed to be sexual. They are there for the husband to fuck, but when it comes to anything other than standard sex, the husbands seek out prostitutes for those pleasures. She always struggled with this as she has always had “bitch” urges but was repressed not only as a woman and a wife, but sexually too.

Since coming to the U.S she has slowly discovered a freedom she has never known. She had been here two years before we met and only had two brief lovers. Being 41, she’s only had 6 men all her life.

So once I realized her desires and we discussed fantasies and got married, we decided to explore some and see what we were up for. In addition to being fucked by another man, she wants to experience a big cock (she thinks my 6.5 inches is big, compared to the other men she’s fucked), and she is bi-curious. She’s not into black men but said she might try it out since they are “supposed to have very big cocks”

We exchanged emails on an adult dating site with men and couples and had lots of replies.

Oh, I should tell you, being Latin she is so very sexy. I love the way she walks. She also does this thing with her eyes. It’s impossible to explain, but they get a little dreamy, and she rolls them up for a minute and that look gets me instantly hard. I have never had a woman have that kind of sexual control over me. It’s exciting, yet a little scary. I hope she only uses her powers for good.

One of the emails was with a nice local couple and decided to meet them for coffee. We talked for about two hours. We had a ton of questions. They had been into the swinging lifestyle for almost two years. They were laid back, non pushy and very patient answering our questions. We parted that night, our curiosity piqued.

After talking, the wife and I decided to let our first experience be with this couple. We figured their experience would make it easier for things to start and they would know how to make it a comfortable experience for us. So we emailed them and set a date for the first weekend we had off. Which just happened to be the night before last.

They made the arrangements at a nice local hotel and we agreed to split the cost.

We were supposed to meet them at 8pm. Obviously my mind was on nothing else the entire day. I was worried, nervous, excited, scared…a bunch of emotions combined. I worried about what to wear, what to take etc. I finally smoked a bowl and just chilled and forgot about it. I decided I’d do like my first plunge off the high dive. I wouldn’t think about it. I figured I’d just show up and let them lead. Which is one of the reasons we selected an experienced couple.

Anyway, my wife, who we’ll call Maria was calm all day and didn’t really want to discuss or plan. She just wanted to show up and see what happened. We showered together and did some light making out. I watched as she did her make up and hair. She looked like she was going out on a date. Hmmmm…that thought excited me for some reason.

The hotel is only a couple of miles from our place. We drove over and the man, we’ll call him Dan, was making a trip in from his car so we parked next to him and followed him into the hotel. We walked down the corridor and approached the room. I was getting very nervous, but tried to just relax.

The room had a king-size bed close to the door, and a little love seat near the window. His wife Julie was sitting on the loveseat. She had on a low-cut blouse and jeans. She actually was pretty hot. About 45, small breasts, nice ass and nice shape. The most beautiful blue eyes too, full of passion. Dan is about 6’ and probably about 20 pounds heavy. I noticed he had thick fingers and found myself wondering about the size of his cock.

In the middle of the room was a massage table, and on the table was an iPod in a dock and some nice smooth jazz on. A great casual athmosphere.

We poured drinks and sat around and chatted for about half an hour. Various topics, but the conversation soon moved to their experiences in swinging, their first time, etc.

When we had discussed the evening in email, we had decided to make my wife Maria the focus. The plan was for the other couple to give her a nice erotic massage and I could either watch or participate and then we would just see how and where things went.

After about 45 minutes of conversation, Dan stood up and said it was time for Maria’s massage and that he was going to undress. Which he did, but only down to his undewear. My wife didn’t hesitate. She got up and slowly undressed and got on the massage table face down. She was wearing some very erotic panties, and her nice ass was laying there for all to see.

At the same time Juli too undressed and took a position on one side of the massage table and Dan on the other. I had no idea what to do but figured being the only one with clothes on wouldn’t be appropriate so I followed suit and stripped down to my underwear and stood there watching.

They both did a good job, starting off with a basic massage then slowly turned it more erotic and sensual. Within a couple of minutes I thought I saw my wife’s ass move up, as if in passion and yearning. I wasn’t sure, so I moved up so I was right in front of her. With her head in the hole of the table she couldn’t see what was going on. I touched her lightly on her neck and back as Dan worked on her back and Juli was working on her inner thighs. I heard my wife moan and thrust her ass towards Juli’s touch. I thought it was so cool that she would surrender to her passion and to the experience. I felt my cock starting to get hard. I just lightly massaged her neck and head as the other two made her start to moan and gyrate.

After a few minutes Juli announced it was time to turn over. As Maria was rolling over to her back, Dan and Juli stripped out of their underwear and stood on each side of the table. They then both removed my wife’s panties. She wriggled right out of them with no hesitation. I took a couple of glances at Dan’s cock. It was pretty thick. Thicker than mine but I think I had him on length.

I stood at the head of the table as they started rubbing her shoulders, arms, and stomach. It was very erotic to see my naked wife laying on the table with a naked man on one side and a naked woman on the other touching her.

My wife’s arms were laying to her sides as the couple massaged her legs and slowly moved to her pussy area. I couldn’t help myself and started rubbing my wife’s arms. My intent was to have her touch Dan’s cock and Juli’s pussy. I moved her arms so that her hands came into contacts with the couple’s bodies. Her hand wrapped around Dan’s cock and she started to slowly stroke him. Her other hand lightly grazed against Julie’s pussy. I had a raging hardon by that time.

The massage pretty much ended after my wife felt two sets of hands on her breasts. Her breasts are extremely sensitive and when touched send her into an erotic state that I love. So I was anxious to see how she would respond.

Julie moved to the head of the table and urged me to the side. My wife now had a man on each side of her and a woman by her head. She took my cock which gave her a cock in each hand.

She reached up and caressed one of Juli’s breast. I was happy to see that she responded to the touch of a woman and wanted to touch a woman as well.

She really went crazy when the couple both leaned down and each started sucking a breast. At that time she looked up and saw Juli’s breast hanging above her head so she reached up and started sucking on her breast. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I found myself enjoying the experience and the range of emotions. Surprisingly I didn’t feel any jealousy watching another man touch my wife, or her stroking another man’s cock. I wondered what it would look like as his thick cock entered my wife. I wondered how she would respond.

My wife was being very responsive and it was just so cool. She sat up and said “let’s move to the bed” in her broken English.

She got off the table, her eyes so full of passion and lust. It was a little crowded and as she attempted to go past Juli, she looked uncertain for a moment, then grabbed her face and kissed her full on the lips. They were definitely swapping tongues. They held each other close and rubbed their breasts together, then eased onto the bed.

Dan got between Maria’s legs and started eating her. Juli and I were at the head of the bed, playing with Maria’s tits, both of us sucking one which drove her crazy. She also started sucking my cock and playing with her own clit. I was hesitant to interact much with Juli as I wasn’t sure if my wife would be comfortable with me touching another woman. She had often told me she was a little jealous. So I limited myself to caressing Juli’s breasts and body. Maria was sucking on Juli’s breast and then whispered in my ear and motioned for me to get on the other side and service Juli.

I still wasn’t sure how she would respond but I got between Juli’s legs and started eating her shaved pussy. Her and my wife were kissing and playing with each other’s breasts and my wife was still playing with her own clit. In just a few minutes she announced she was cumming and had a very strong climax. I LOVED seeing another man make my wife cum!

Immediately after, Dan got up, put on a condom, and got in position to fuck my wife. My wife was on her back and dan layed behind her on his side. He opened my wife’s legs and scooted up close to prepare for entry.

From my position I couldn’t see his cock go in. And I sure wanted to. I figured I could see later. I watched my wife’s face to see if I could tell when his cock entered her. It was obvious. She grimaced and thrust her hips towards him. She loves to fuck and can take a cock. I don’t know how long it took him to work his thickness in, but before long he was fucking her at a good pace and she was panting and moaning. All the while Juli and I were playing with her tits while she took turns kissing us and touching us.

Dan pulled out and put my wife in the doggy position and mounted her from behind. I slid up against the headboard and put my cock in my wife’s mouth. She sucked me as she was getting stretched from behind. I whispered in her ear “is his cock big? Is he stretching you?”. “Yessssss” she moaned. MAN! That made me almost cum in her mouth right then and there.

Juli was laying next to me playing with my balls as my wife sucked me. Next thing I know she slides down and takes my cock from my wife’s mouth and puts it in hers. She sucked me for about 20 seconds, then put it back in my wife’s mouth. They took turns sucking me. How I didn’t come I don’t know but I couldn’t take my eyes off of my wife’s face to see how she was reacting to the fucking she was getting.

We heard Dan start to breathe faster and he fucked my wife harder and faster, then he started grunting as he emptied his balls into the condom that was lodged in my wife’s pussy. Later Maria told me that she had gripped his cock tightly with her pussy and right after that he came. For some reason the thought of her locking her pussy down on his thick cock, and milking it…well, you understand.

She pushed back and rotated her ass, taking his cock as deep as she could as if trying to get his semen deep into her pussy. When I cum inside her, sometimes as I am cumming I tell her “take it, take it” and she grips and grinds on my cock, milking every last drop of semen from my balls. That’s what she was doing to him and it drove me crazy to watch.

I wish I could say that he took her bareback and filled her with a big load and that I immediately jumped on her and put my cock in only to find out that he had stretched her so much that I wasn’t able to feel anything except for his warm semen puddled in my wife’s gaping pussy….but it wasn’t to be.

We lay there for a few minutes, then he pulled out and went to the bathroom. My wife lay on her back and I lay there stroking her head and kissing her forehead.

It all seemed to have happened so fast, and all the images I wanted to imprint into my head, like her struggling to take his cock, to see her mouth stretched around it as she sucked him, to see her sit on top of him and work his thick cock slowly into her latin pussy, to see his semen leaking from her well-used pussy after he finished fucking her, to eat her while she got stretched, and to see her eat Juli’s pussy, well none of it happened.

I figured we were just taking a break. The three of them went out on the balcony to relax. They came back in and we snacked a little. We talked for a bit more and it was getting late. The couple announced they were going to call it a night. They said it was good to “always leave them wanting more”.

I was disappointed. I forgot to feel my wife’s pussy after Dan fucked her. I forgot to check to see how wet she was and how much he had stretched her.

After the couple gathered their things and left, my wife got on top of me and started sucking my cock. I started firing questions at her like, did you like his cock? Did you like having a woman suck your breasts? Did you like sucking a woman’s breast? Did you like having my cock in your mouth as you got fucked? Each question she would moan and huskily whisper “yesssss”. I finally erupted. When she felt me cumming she took my cock as deep in her mouth as she could and squeezed my balls, allowing me to empty into her mouth. While she’s done that before, she usually let’s my cum run out. Not this time, she looked at me and swallowed. WOW!!

This was a couple of weeks ago. Tonight we are planning to go to a local adults club and party and dance and see what happens. She doesn’t like pressure and she says she only wants to go to dance and to be in a sexually charged environment, but not to have sex with anybody else, yet.

We went to a nudist park this past summer, and she’s not very shy about taking her clothes off in front of others. So this will be like a nudist park without kids around and a lot more adult stuff going on. In fact when we went to the nudist park last summer, we had never talked much about serious exploration. But while there we went into the sauna room. There was another man in there. For some reason I found myself wanting her to suck his cock. There was only the three of us and I did notice her looking at his cock. But, anybody could walk in at any time and there were kids present as well so it remained only a thought. I have fantasized while making love to her that it did happen.

EMAIL # 2 – Before I continue about the club experience I need to fill in a couple of blanks and share a challenge that we encountered.

There is a big line between reality and fantasy, and before you go down this path, you need to be prepared for the unexpected as the road has many twists and turns. Some great, some not so great. So I am trying to share the entire experience as I’m going through it.

I should have mentioned this before, especially for you guys who think you really want this lifestyle. There will be problems. Communication is the key ingredient. Even if you have good communication, emotions get a little wacky and conflicting and you have to be able to reconcile it all.

Anyway, a couple of days after the encounter with the couple I attempted to discuss it with my wife. She was wrestling with guilt and some shame, along with the fun that she had. Remember, her culture is much different. That and I had gone a little overboard wanting to talk about it and relive the experience. I should have gotten the hint when she wasn’t as enthused and I should have taken a moment to do a reality check with her, and I didn’t.

As a result things got tense between us the other night and she said that she didn’t want to play any more. Talk about immediate conflicting emotions on my part. All these things I had envisioned us doing and experiencing disappeared before my eyes. It was like I had been kicked in the gut. I felt extremely disappointed and a little angry, but I also felt guilty for not considering her and our relationship first. I told her OK, and decided to let things calm down for a day or so.

OK, maybe I could be a little guilty of manipulation here, but before you judge me please realize that even though my wife is Latin and English is her second language, she is by no means meek and shy and is not afraid to speak her mind or to let her feelings be known. I know she wrestles with a clash between culture/upbringing and her womanly desires and fantasies. She often says she wants to be a “bitch” and fuck different men and multiple men at same time. She uses the term Bitch the same us Americans use Slut.

With that in mind, even though we had a little conflict about playing, I knew she still had the bitch urge so I figured I’d not pressure her (which I think was part of the problem to be begin with), but instead I would get her into a situation where she wasn’t pressured but had the opportunity to play if she wanted to. I was curious as to whether she was serious about not wanting to play any more. I didn’t think she was so I wanted to test it. Not in a bad way or in a way that would cause her or the relationship harm. I wanted to see if she’d take a bite of the apple if she had a chance.

The couple we played with told us about a local adult club they belonged to. This couple is pretty heavy into the lifestyle, but we don’t really want to be. I’d rather spend a night fucking my wife with another man’s help, or watching him fuck her, or laying in the other room listening to them fuck and even spend the night sleeping and fucking off and on all night. The though of waking up due to her moaning, and feeling the bed move as she got fucked from behind is quite erotic to me So I don’t really want to do the swinging scene. I’d much rather play in private with her and another man. With a Bull? Not sure yet. But, I do want a man with a big cock to fuck her like I’ll never be able to.

So my plan was to go to the club, attend the orientation and if we both felt comfortable, join and stay for the party. The club has a live band and serves dinner and is very respectful and friendly and has strict rules to protect the women. No means No and everyone looks out for each other. Some couples go and enjoy the party but only play with each other which I made sure to tell her about.

Since Maira loves to dance and I don’t like to, and we can never decide where to go, my logic/carrot to her was that we could join the club and we would always have a safe place to go and she could dance all she wants and we could play only together and I would never pressure her into doing anything else.

My guilt comes in the fact that I hoped that once she got into the party she would loosen up and want to try something new. But I was not going to pressure her at all. So am I bad?

Anyway, she agreed to the idea and actually liked it. So we planned to go. I was careful not to talk about it too much and was very surprised when we were discussing what to wear that she announced she wanted to shave her pussy. Or rather wanted ME to do it. She had shaved before, but never completely so I was surprised at the request and wondered exactly what she had in mind for the evening.

I think our conflict came from me talking too much about playing and pressuring her into trying mmf with another man. So a word of caution to you guys.

I shaved my wife and then she said she needed to go shopping for something sexy to wear. Over 3 hours and a over a hundred bucks later we were putting our things together to go to the club. She had some very sexy black underwear. A black, lacey see-through top under her sweater. She wore black stockings and a garter belt with black tights over them. I absolutely love black tights. My wife’s tights make for a nice camel toe.

I was happy to see her dress with the option of peeling things off if she wanted. That told me her mind was open to something, I didn’t know what. But, I kept my mouth shut and didn’t ask or suggest. That was hard.

I’m not going into much detail about the club. We had to sign a confidentiality agreement so I’m not mentioning club name, location or anything.

The orientation was fun. We got a tour. The place was very big. Dining/dancing area, lobby, hottub, kitchen, lot’s of rooms for play set up for groups and areas for privacy as well. The place could accommodate 400-500 people.

After the orientation I asked Maria if she felt comfortable and if she wanted to get a membership and stay for the party. She said yes so we paid and went out to the car and got our bags and found a locker. We then went downstairs and had dinner and shortly after the band started.

There was about 120-130 people there, kind of a smaller crowd. Mostly 40s and up. My wife definitely had the best ass there and very possibly the best body. There was one asian gal with very big boots and a thong with a see through shirt and no bra that caught my attention as well as my wife’s. “You like her” she asked me? “Hell yes”, I said, then winked. The last my wife had said during our little argument was that she felt shame and didn’t want to play anymore, especially with another woman. The asian gal was in front of us, leaning against the railing looking down on the dance floor. I noticed my wife kept looking at the gal’s ass. It looked like a little passion in her eyes. I kept my mouth shut and figured I’d just be the passenger for the night.

I have only danced with my wife one night. And it was only a couple of dances one night. Not counting the three swing dance classes we took. I just don’t like to dance.

However, to her shock and surprise, the second song after the band started I stood up, took her hand and said “let’s dance”. Yes, I am guilty as charged. I wanted her to loosen up and have a good time, hoping that would help create a situation where she might want to play. So I made the sacrifice many men don’t like to make. I danced. We danced about eight songs straight. There were a lot of people on the dance floor and all in various states of dress and undress. The rule was no nudity on the dance floor, but there was a lot of “accidental” nudity here and there.

People were dancing in all sorts of groups. Two men, one woman, two women, one man, two of each, woman and woman, and there was a lot of kissing and groping going on. Many were just dancing though. This was the foreplay.

We took a break from dancing and as we looked around we noticed the crowd had thinned quite a bit. Guess everyone had left for the play rooms for round 1. Maria asked if I wanted to go to the hot tub and I said sure. We went up to the locker room and took our clothes off, grabbed our towels and took a soak in the hot tub. Oddly enough, I was not uncomfortable being naked in front of others. Some guys had very large cocks, some small and many average. OK, I guess I do look at other cocks. So sue me. Most of the people were average looking. I was comfortable with the “class” of people that were there.

After soaking for a few minutes, Maria said let’s go. She was a little uncomfy as one particular man had been circling her all evening. He never approached but had walked by us often and smiled and just seemed to be wherever we were. He had gotten into the hot tub and I figured that’s what made her want to leave. But that was cool as I was curious as to what was next.

We showered and dried off then she took my hand and we went up to the play area. Women could go up alone, or couples could go, but a man without a woman could not go up. So, if somehow my wife was up there and I wasn’t, I could not go up and find her. That thought both excited and scared me. If I was on the floor below and she was upstairs without me, and I could hear her moans of pleasure, yet I wasn’t allowed to go upstairs, how would I feel? Angry? Excited? Deceived? Cucked? I’m still not sure. I found myself thinking maybe we could make it part of the plan one night at the club. Tell her that I wanted her to go up and fuck another man, but be close to the stairs so I can hear them, yet I can’t go up and watch or stop them. See how she handled the situation and see if she’d be willing to do something similar at home. Hmmmm…..

That was for the future, tonight I’m just trying to take the club in. It was quite surreal, and exciting. We walked around. It was odd. There were many beds and several rooms and the beds were on different levels so you could fuck and look down and watch others fuck. There were some little areas that would fit two or three where you could pull the curtains for privacy. But you could still hear everything.

I happened to look up at one of the upper levels and saw this woman sucking on a very large cock. I whispered in Maria’s ear to look. “WOW” she exclaimed, and touched my cock. The woman noticed us watching. I think it turned her on as she looked me dead in the eyes and sucked the big cock with more gusto. I got instantly hard.

My wife pulled me into one of the little cubbies and closed the curtain and started sucking my cock. I pulled the curtain open a little so that I could see that woman sucking, and so that I could watch the couple across the way from us. She was sucking cock too. It was quite cool.

After a few minutes my wife pulled me on top of her and told me to fuck her. I did. She’s usually pretty quiet until she’s close to coming, and this time was no different. However, as I was fucking her she asked if I wanted to fuck another woman? I didn’t know how to answer so I told her whatever she wanted to do. She asked if I wanted to fuck the asian gal (who was obviously bi) we had been watching earlier. I told her yes.

She said she wanted to suck the woman’s “chi chi’s” and lick her pussy while I fucked her asian pussy. Wow, what passion coming from my wife. She then said she wanted to find the asian women and fuck the man that was with her while I fucked the woman. With that she let out a long loud moan and said “I’m cummmming” in her sweet spanish accent. Her pussy gripped my cock very tightly and I felt her juices flood my cock and balls.. Damn!

After her orgasm subsided I pulled out. I didn’t want to cum in her if she was going to be with another man or woman so I held off my orgasm.

We lay there for a few minutes. She grabbed my hand, rolled out of the cubby and said she wanted to find them so off we went. What happened was, she really wanted to fuck the man with the Asian gal, she wanted his cock badly and used me fucking the Asian gal as an excuse. Whatever makes her feel better. I was just happy she wanted another man’s cock.

We walked around and didn’t see them. We went back downstairs to see if maybe the party had started again and was surprised to find only one couple on the dance floor. There were probably 20 couples upstairs still but it seemed everyone else had left. So we watched the band for a few, then decided to call it a night. She hadn’t seen any other man that she was interested in so we left.

I wasn’t disappointed in the least. I knew the stage had been set. We went home and fucked some and she kept talking about the club and the next time we go. She said she wanted to try group sex. Three men and her and me. She also wanted four men to fuck her at once. I kept my input to a minimum, leaving her with the control and the power and the desire and asking what she wanted to do.


The next morning

I realize how my pushing had only turned her off before, but when introduced to the right situation, she responded as I had hoped. I can tell you that I was a very happy camper with the way things worked out and I could think about nothing except for how much fun lay ahead for me and her.

This was all confirmed when after being asleep for several hours I suddenly felt a wonderful sensation on my cock. Remember, she doesn’t like to do oral, only enough to get a cock hard enough to put in her pussy. I was shocked to feel her mouth on my cock and she was taking it all the way in. She had an angle that tickled my sensitive spot and I immediately started moaning and bucking. My cock got hard very quickly. She grabbed by ass and forced her mouth down even hard and I felt my cock slip into her throat. That was a first with her. She worked it up and down for a couple of seconds in her throat then gagged a little and backed up. She didn’t take me back into her throat again but she still used her mouth expertly. She had NEVER sucked me like that before.

After a few minutes, and me almost cumming she lay on her back and told me to fuck her. I lay on my side and eased up and put my cock into her very wet pussy. This is her favorite position. For some reason, for the past year or so sometimes I have a very tough time cumming. Don’t know what it is but there are many times where I don’t even finish but I stop as I know it’s turned to work for her. But now, it was all I could do to keep from dumping my load right after entering her pussy.

She gripped my cock with her pussy and as I fucked her she told me that the next time at the club she was going to fuck many men. She said that she was going to go upstairs with four men and that I had to stay down in the dining/dancing area and that I had better not say anything at all to her about it. She said “It’s my decision”. She also said she wanted to fuck an asian woman with me. That she wanted to get her pussy ready for my cock and then to lick the woman’s pussy and suck her breasts while I fucked her. While that sounded hot, when I thought about being forced to stay downstairs while my wife went up to get ganged by four men with big cocks, that made me fill my wife’s pussy with my third load for the night.

After our breathing slowed, I asked her what the hell was that all about, and told her how awesome it was to be woken up with a great blowjob. She said she had dreamed about the club and being fucked by many men and trying a big cock, and playing with an asian woman with me, and she woke up very wet and horny and needed me to fuck her.

We slept some more and then finally decided to get up. I went to the bathroom and when I came out she motioned me over to her side of the bed. As I approached she pulled the covers back and parted her legs to reveal her shaved pussy which looked like it had definitely been fucked. She told me that it was a little sore and needed to be licked for a minute. I was hesitant as I had dumped three loads and didn’t know what her pussy would taste like.

She knows that I want her to force me a little and during sex sometimes she whispers in my ear “when I am fucking with other man, you have to leave room and wait for us to finish”. Hearing that in her husky voice with broken English and latin accent is more erotic than you can imagine. She has whispered that she wants me to lick her after other man has “put his milk in my pussy”. I’m not exactly sure what she has in mind and I really don’t have a desire to taste semen. But, the thought of licking her clit immediately after a large cock has made a mess of her pussy is very erotic to me. If the man had used a condom before devastating my wife’s pussy, I would definitely put my tongue in her gaping pussy. I would lick her juices and her pussy would taste of latex which to me is the scent of a cock recently being in there. I would look at her pussy and it would be open two inches in diameter, with her lips peeled to the side and the red swollen inner part of her pussy would be exposed, begging to be licked and soothed. I would put my tongue deep inside, feeling and exploring the emptiness left by the oversized cock that had just enjoyed my wife’s pussy. I sure hope I can someday post exactly that. When it happens I will let you know.

But, I did put my head between my wife’s legs and licked her clit. She was very responsive. I had never seen my wife so hot as she had been the previous 8 hours, and that was even including waking up hot and bothered, which she just never does. I even put my tongue in her pussy knowing it had been about three hours since my last deposit so and figuring I was safe. Her pussy tasted a little tangy. I didn’t like scoop her juices out, but more like ran my tongue in for a minute. She didn’t have a bad odor, but it was a little musky and tangy which I guess is what a fucked pussy should taste and smell like. I’m worried, I liked it.

After I made her come yet again, she announced she was hungry and offered to make breakfast. I was afraid the spell would be gone, and that it had all been in the heat of the moment. but it wasn’t. She talked about the experience over breakfast and what she wanted to do in the future. So it wasn’t just pillow talk. You have no idea how excited I am.

I really have no interest in fucking other woman, believe that or not. But, if I have to do it to get what I want, which is to experience my wife being a bitch for other men, then it’s the price I must pay.

I decided to go lay down for a few as I was still feeling tired from the party. Maria was laying in bed, under the covers. I pulled the covers back to slide in next to her and noticed she had on only a t-shirt and nothing else.

She looked like she was asleep, but reached to give me a hug as I slid under the covers next to her. “What are you doing?” I asked her. “Thinking about the place” she said. “What place” I asked, feigning stupid. “You know she says in a sleepy voice.” “I have been thinking about it all night. I never feel so hot for so long”. She put my hand on her pussy and before I could even ease my finger in, I could feel her wetness. She then proceeded to lay out several situations that she wanted to experience at the club, most with multiple partners. We fucked yet again, all the time her telling me what she wanted to experience. Some of it borderline cuckolding and other entailing things that any man would enjoy. What have I created?

I know some of this may seem hard to believe, but I promise you, every word is true, except for the names. I am probably the happiest husband alive.

EMAIL # 4 – We haven’t been back to the club yet, that will be in two weeks, but we did decide we wanted to find one man friend for us. She wants one special man to go out with and spend some time with in the bedroom. She even says she doesn’t want to have to use condoms, so we are looking for a special situation. Not sure of the risk, we’ll work it out.

We have met with three men. One wasn’t impressive at all, and we were ready to play. The second one we met and it seemed like all was well, but he didn’t contact us after. We finally placed an ad on that adult dating site again and after going through about 100 replies (now I know how the ladies feel) and crap and pervs, we finally found the right guy. We met for a drink last night and afterwards my wife announced, “I’m going to fuck him this weekend”. He’s the bull type. We haven’t talked about bulls or cucks but I think the way is being paved. He’s reserved and respectful so far, but you can tell he’s used to getting his way.

His name is John. He is about 6’3, in great shape, has money and some power. We saw a pic of his cock after our meeting. The man is 9” and thick as a coke can. My wife’s eyes went wide and she slammed her notebook lid down and looked at me with wide eyes when she read the email and saw the pic. She’s scared, but I can tell she wants it.

I’ll ask him if it’s OK to post his cock pic here for you to see. Wait…I’ll ask him? Hmmmm…guess I’m learning my role a little early?

We’re going to dinner and dancing Saturday and will have a nice suite to go to for some hottub fun and some good MMF. She’s looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to it, and John is definitely looking forward to it.

I already told Maria that with his big cock she’s going to have to be careful. I showed her a little video of what I want to see and she agreed to do it. She’s going to be on top and 69 him and suck his cock while looking at me. After he’s hard she’s going to mount him cowboy style (on top, her back to him) and rub his very large cock head slowly up and down her pussy, letting it barely enter her pussy, then rub in up and down again. After a few minutes of that, she’s going stand up, reach down and hold his cock and slowly lower her pussy onto his telephone pole, bouncing slowly up and down until she has it all in, that is if she can take it all. Then she’s going to lay back and motion me over, at which point I will have to lick her pussy as his big cock violates her. Then whatever she wants to do she will. He will wear a condom, but after he cums, she’s going to slowly pull off his cock and lay down with her legs spread and show me her stretched and red hole, and beckon me over again to lick her well fucked and used pussy. I’ll then put my cock in, and even though I won’t feel anything, I know I’ll empty my balls right away, feeling how stretched his large cock made her.

I hope we stay all night and wake up in the middle of the night with them fucking. If this night goes right, we’ll play again with John. Probably a couple of times per month. I don’t think he’ll have any trouble sliding into a “soft bull” role and me into a “soft cuck” role. My wife has already talked about going out alone with him and returning home with a pussy full of “milk”, or milk in her hair, and offering her used pussy to me to take care of. WOW! I can’t believe we are finally moving forward. We’ve been approaching this for five months now and if all goes right…

I’ll email again when we set this up. Stay tuned for more.



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