Humiliated Husband Made to Watch Wife – Cuckold

October 31, 2015

I Became a Cuckold that Night – I first met my wife when she was eighteen years old and a virgin. I was five years older and was very lucky to land such an incredible girl. We married after a couple years of dating and I thought we had a perfect marriage. Our sex life, I figured, was always adequate but pretty predictable. So after about five years of marriage I decided to spice up your sex life by introducing videos. My wife seemed to enjoy watching videos and then having hot sex afterwards.

One day she surprised me by saying that it was very interesting how all the men had much larger cocks than me. My wife has always been fairly reserved so I was surprised when she made such a comment. I didn’t think she thought that way. I just said that she was very lucky to have a guy like me and that I was more than average in size. I told her that the average real man was not built like people in videos. She seemed to accept that as fact even though I realized that I was feeding her a load of bunk. One evening while in bed she told me that she had a discussion with their girlfriends on the size of their husband’s tools. She said that she would like to measure mine. I was a little bit reserved but thought what the heck, go ahead.

She pulled out a ruler and the look on her face was one of amusement. So I asked her what she thought. She said that the other wives indicated that their husband’s cocks were at least seven inches long. But then she said, “I’m still happy with your little four and half incher”, punctuating it with a little smirk sound. I was pissed off. I started swearing and told her that the other women were bullshitting her and angrily went to bed mad at myself for allowing her to measure me and expose my inadequacy. Over the next few weeks our love life became more and more stale and my wife was becoming more and more assertive, demanding and aggressive. She also started hanging out with a woman who recently started a job at the place where my wife works. This woman was a few years older then my wife and was a divorcee that looked and acted like a cougar. One night she came home and simply floored me by saying that my little penis simply was not adequate enough for a real woman and that from now on things would have to change. She said if I still wanted to remain married to her, I would have to accept her sleeping with other men. I was shocked and pleaded with her but realized I was powerless to do anything about it. She was willing to leave me and I couldn’t bear for it to happen.

The next weekend she announced that she was going on a blind date with a man that was a friend of this cougar woman. She said that she wanted my opinion on what she would wear that night. I was again floored but decided to just go with the flow. She asked me to pick out “something sexy”. So I went to her closet and picked out her short black skirt and tight pink sweater top. She seemed pleased with my choices and again shocked me when she showed me pair of fishnet stockings that I never knew she owned. She then ordered me to paint her toe nails with a dark black polish that I’ve never seen her wear before either. She also did her hair in a sort of wild just out of bed look. I must admit that she looked incredibly hot but slutty. When I asked her where she was a meeting this guy and where she planned to go, she again floored me when she said that he was coming to our house to spend the evening.

Shortly thereafter the doorbell rang she sent me to answer it. There stood a tall muscular stud named Ryan. He was about 6ft. 3 and in perfect shape. When my wife came in to view I could see that he was impressed. She looked stunning and I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra which allowed her breasts to jiggle as she walked and showed her high beams all lit up. I was shocked when she greeted this stranger with a hot hug and kiss, while I stood there like an idiot. I cannot believe that she was going through with this. She ordered me to go make drinks for them while they became acquainted. Well they became acquainted very quickly. By the time I came back into the living room, they were on the sofa making out. My wife said that Ryan is a bull-stud and I was going to learn become a cuckold tonight.

I didn’t even know exactly what she meant but realized by the look in her eye that it was best not say anything. I was frightened and shocked, but at the same time my little penis was becoming harder and harder as she sat there with her legs in his lap stroking his body with her hands. She ordered me to get on my knees beside the sofa and suck on her toes while she made out with Ryan. I couldn’t believe it, but I was hard as a rock while she pushed and wiggled her toes and feet in my mouth while Ryan expertly used his hands and mouth on her upper body. She then told me to pull her skirt down which exposed her panty-less dripping hot pussy. While Ryan was rubbing her pussy and fingering her, she told me to “lick my juicy pussy, now”. I moved from her feet and toes and proceeded to lick her dripping wet pussy around his hand and fingers. It was so humiliating when he gave me a cuff across the side of my head and ordered me to “get my girl ready for me”. This was my once faithful and loving wife that he was talking about. Well that just made my wife moan even more as she squirmed and grinded her pussy forward onto his fingers and my mouth.

I could not believe it, but she then instructed me to undo his belt and take off his pants and his socks. I’m certainly not gay, so I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this. But at the same time I felt powerless to disobey. So I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants off his legs. I then removed each of his expensive looking silk socks. To further humiliate me she demanded that I also pull his briefs down “so that we can see what a real man has”. My wife stood up and watched and giggled as I lowered them. The first words out of her mouth were “Oh my god that is beautiful”. I must admit his cock was spectacular. It must’ve been about 8 inches long and very thick. I still could not get over the fact that it was my wife who was talking like this. It never occurred to me that she was the type of girl who even thought about the size of a man’s equipment much less lusted over it.

“Take off your clothes little guy and show Ryan what you’re poor wife has had put up with all these years”. I did as I was told and stripped down revealing my 4 and half incher pointing straight up to the ceiling. I was literally about half the size of him both in length and girth. They both laughed hysterically with Ryan saying to my wife “I’m going to make you feel better very soon”. He stripped off his shirt and my wife fell in his arms and started moaning as they continued to make out with her kissing and licking his chest. I sat at the edge of the sofa and watched as my horny wife then lowered her dripping hot pussy onto his enormous cock in one quick drop. And then proceeded to ride up and down on his giant tool, moaning and screaming in ecstasy. I’ve never ever heard my wife talk like she did while making love to him. She was a wild wanton slut like in the movies. Screaming things like “Fuck Me, Fuck Me Hard” and “Oh my god, this feels so fucking good, Ohhhh don’t stop”. I was torn between a feeling of incredible jealousy and my uncontrollable hard and horny little cock. They must have fucked for about half an hour, and when Ryan was just about to come, my wife got off him and stroking his cock with both hands. My wife scooped up some cum off of her face and told me to lick her fingers clean. I was so horny that I licked and sucked like a wild animal. At that point I shot my own load all over their feet and legs. I was then ordered to lick their feet and legs clean while they held each other tight and basked in the glow of their sex. As a final humiliation my wife held his limp but still large cock in her hand and ordered me to “give kisses to her king”. I kissed it while she held it up and pushed my head down between his legs to get the underneath side. She also told me to thank him for giving her the satisfaction of her life and providing her with something that I will never be able to give her. Humbled and humiliated as I was, I did as I was told. I was then ordered to the basement to hand wash his briefs and socks. My wife and her lover then went into our bed to spend the rest of the night. And from the sounds of it, they had another hot round of wild and uninhibited sex. Married life will never be the same.




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