Husband Forced to Watch – Cuckold

December 16, 2015

Wife Fucking Other Men – Hello everyone on the blog. I’ve written about my wife before but not in such detail. I have some pics of her very wet pussy and a story about one of the worst nights of my life.

My wife Beth and I live in a small city in south east Alabama. Of course on New Years there is not a whole lot to do in our small town so my wife and I planned on going out in Montgomery to celebrate. My wife is a beautiful 5’9” with a thick and sexy figure with a full 36c breast and a juicy butt. I told her of my plans for us to go out of town for the holiday and she was somewhat hesitant. She said she didn’t have anything nice and sexy to wear and we didn’t have the money to get a hotel room. I said I would give her money for a new outfit and we could drive home after. She still didn’t like the idea saying it was too dangerous to drive back.

After a few days of convincing she agreed and our plans were set. Our son was staying with her parents and she had gone out and bought an outfit (that I was yet to see) that she said might work. I dropped our son off and returned to the house to shower and get ready and Beth had just gotten out of the shower. She was running around going through her closet and said she didn’t like what she bought and needed something different. I asked her what the problem was and she explained when she bought her outfit she was feeling very brave and now that it was time to wear it she had cold feet. She said it is too revealing and if we saw someone we new she would be very embarrassed. My wife is very conservative and hardly ever shows any skin. She was stating all of the same old reasons, I am fat, my hair looks bad, and I am not tan enough to wear a dress. I told her she was beautiful and sexy and that I am sure men would be starring at her all night. I talked to her enough to where she said she would at least put the outfit on and let me see it. So I went to take my shower and she finished with her hair and makeup.

When I got out of the shower and got dressed I waited on our bed. She was naked and going through her panties drawer looking for a nice pair to wear that wouldn’t show her panty line. I suggested a thong and she snapped back, I am a mother now I shouldn’t wear things like that and they aren’t very comfortable. Then she told me to get out and she would come in the living room when she was dressed. I was watching a bowl game when she said ok I’m coming out and you had better not laugh. I was on the edge of my seat like it was Christmas morning.

She walked out of our room and my jaw hit the floor. My 29 year old wife of five years looked like a woman I had never seen before. She was wearing a black dress that was kind of like topless but tied around the neck and the front was loose fitting like some of the dresses you see celebrities wearing on the red carpet. You know the ones you can’t figure out how the boobs stay in. Once she got around the couch I could see just how short the bottom was, it might have come down two or three inches below her ass cheeks. Then I noticed she had a pair of black strapping heals that were taller than any I have ever see her wear. I was speechless and smiling. I said you look sexier than any woman I have ever seen. She smiled and said you mean it? I said hell yes and started to kiss her. She stopped me saying I would ruin her makeup. When she pushed me away she could tell I was already hard as a rock. She said put that away. I hoped that I actually might get some tonight. As of late our sex life was pretty much gone. If we did have sex it was always very vanilla. Beth was just not into wild or kinky sex.

I said honey you know we never have sex and you looking that hot I am only human. She said, well maybe tonight will be your lucky night and you will get some. She asked me if I wanted a beer for the road and I said yes. When she went to the refrigerator and got my beer she had to get it out of the bottom drawer and I noticed she had on a thong. She turned around and caught me peeking and said, yes honey I am wearing it for you. I thought to myself this was going to be one of the best nights of my life.

After stopping to eat we were back in the car trying to decide where to go and Beth said she didn’t care as long as she could dance a little. Not being from the town we stopped and asked some people where people might be going tonight. We were given several options so we decided to check them all out. The first one we came to was pretty much just a bar. We went in and had a few drinks and it really just had a college feel to it. Beth said she wasn’t feeling it so we went to try the next one.

When we pulled in the parking lot I did not like what I saw. There were a bunch of cars with chrome rims and tinted windows and I told Beth this was not the place for us. She said, well we are here lets at least go in and check it out. When we walked through the door I was found to be right. There were not many white people in their and it seemed like everyone was staring at us. Of course my wife’s slutty little outfit was helping us get a little extra attention. We tried to leave and a young black man that was a bartender stopped us and tried to convince us to stay. He was flirting with my wife and told us we could have a couple of free rounds on the house. I said no thanks but Beth said it would be rude so we decided to take him up on his offer. We sat down at the bar and before I knew it guys were offering to buy her shots, drinks, whatever she wanted. Just like a good wife she turned them all down but would engage in a little conversation with them though. She said honey I think we could stay here tonight it’s not that bad. I knew what all those guys had on there mind and told her I was uncomfortable and we needed to leave. We got up and made it out to our car and one of the guys from inside was coming out behind us.

He was saying excuse me, excuse me and I just floored it out of there. Once back on the highway my wife started laughing saying how funny it was. I told her it wouldn’t have been funny when they were fucking her in the back room. She quit laughing and said she didn’t sleep around. I told her looking like she was tonight any black man wouldn’t have cared. Beth said that’s an awful racist thing to say. I told her she didn’t know how they were and no black man was gonna be all over my wife. She rolled her eyes and said any attention she was getting was flattering and my racist attitude however was not. I told her I just didn’t approve of the black men in that bar hitting on her and she should see it from my point of view. She once again rolled her eyes saying I was just being a jerk and racist. I told her I was sorry she felt that way and I would try and show her a better time. I didn’t want to risk my chance at getting laid that night.

Well we were down to our final spot and Beth said we could just go home and I told her no way we were gonna have some fun and she looked to good to just go home. She smiled and said thanks for the complement. We got out of the car and walked in the place. It was a big building and that had been renovated. At first glance we could tell this was the place for us. A lot of people our age dressed nice, big dance floor and multiple bars. I went to get us some drinks and when I returned a couple of guys were hitting on her. I said can I help you? One of them said yes, your wife is very sexy do you think I could have a dance with her. I said I don’t think so. My wife asked for a minute to talk with me. We walked away from them and she said honey, do you plan on dancing with me tonight? I said yes maybe one or two songs. She huffed and said she really had a lot more dancing in mind. She said that all this attention she was getting tonight was really turning her on and it would help put her in the mood for later on. I said ok but just dancing and that I would be watching.

Well a few dances turned into about an hour before she returned. Beth came running over at the end of a song and sat down. I asked if she was having fun and she said yes. She asked me if I was and I told her not really. She said by us a couple of shots and beers and she would be back after she went to the bathroom. Now this got me concerned. My wife doesn’t do shots but I got her and me couple and a beer. I sat down waiting for her as she returned. Before I knew it she downed both shots and drank about half my beer. Then she got up and came and sat on my lap. She was already pretty drunk. She started to kiss me and said this night had made her feel so good. She said I feel so sexy with all the attention I am getting and for that I am going to screw your brains out when we get home. I was shocked. Beth never said things like that. She got up and said she wanted to get a few more guys to dance with her and we could go home at midnight.

She was standing by me surveying the dance floor when we were approached by a black man. I quickly realized it was the one from the parking lot of the other club. He said his name was Mark and just wanted to apologize for the way people were acting at the other bar and he understood we might have been a little scared. He asked if he could sit with us and bought us all a round of drinks. He said man your wife is one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. We told him thanks. After a while of talking we found out he had relatives that lived near us and he was from Montgomery. I could tell Beth was feeling it a bit cause out of no where she stood up and said honey I am gonna dance a few dances with Mark for being so nice and then we can go home. I grabbed Beth’s hand and told Mark to give us a second. I told her that it was out of the question. I said do you not remember what I said about blacks earlier. She said yes but he seems really nice and she had never really even hung out with a black guy before. She said I would be there to watch to make sure she was safe. I told her that’s how black guys are. They are nice and sweet trying to soften you up to take advantage. She said well I love you and there is nothing any black man can do to change that. Against my wishes I said ok and off they went.

As soon as they were on the floor some rap music came on and they were grinding back and fourth on each other. My wife is not very good at dancing like that and Mark was holding her hips trying to teach her. Then I noticed the group of guys beside me pointing at them. They were saying how she was gonna get black cock tonight. I stood up and said excuse me but I don’t think so. That is my wife. One of the guys pointed out that I should take a closer look. I turned around saw Beth bent over laughing and humping her ass into his crotch. Then I noticed one of her tits was hanging out. When she realized it too she stood up looking into his eyes and put it back in her dress. The guy next to me said, yeah man good luck with her tonight. He said she might be home with you but black cock will be on her mind. I told him to shut the hell up and walked off.

I had about seen enough and was making my way on the dance floor and a slow song came on. Beth saw me and said one more song and we can go. I walked back to my seat and waited for the song to end. I was getting really pist. They were too close for my liking. I don’t know what they were saying but she was looking at me and so was Mark and he had a shit eating grin on his face. When the song was over they walked back to the table. Mark said thanks for the dance and told me I was a lucky man. He then said to have a safe trip home and to watch out on I85. He said he heard that was going to be an ID check close to our town. I thought to myself how would he know that.

When we got back to the car my wife said thanks for the great night and she couldn’t wait to get me in the bed. I went over and opened her door and she said hold on give me a second. She sat in her seat and then took her thong off. I shockingly asked what the hell she was doing. She said just maybe I could play with her pussy on the ride home and winked at me. She threw her panties and hit me in the face with them. It was like a wet rag. I walked around got in the car and we drove off.

Once on the interstate I said Mark must have really turned you on. She kind of got mad and said, why would you say something like that? I said because your panties are soaking wet. She said oh you are over reacting, that is just sweat, and it was hot on the dance floor. I cut her off saying what ever. Beth said here we go again with the racist attitude. We didn’t talk for the next 20 minutes and then she broke the silence. She said have you ever seen a black dick? Shocked I said what the hell are you talking about. She said well don’t get mad but I bumped up against Marks crotch a couple of times and it felt like he had a bat in his pants. She said I have always heard black men are bigger but I just thought that was talk. I said yes I had seen interracial porn and seen some in the locker room and they did have big dicks. I then told her mine was plenty big so she should just get over it. She asked how big it was. Kind of back peddling a bit I said the first number that came to my mind. Eight or nine inches I think. I knew I was lying. Rock hard I would be lucky to hit around the five inch mark. Beth said really? I said yes now just drop it. If it is not good enough for you then find someone else. She apologized and said she didn’t mean to upset me.

We were getting close to home and she said to take the next exit. I asked why and she said she didn’t want to take a risk with the ID check Mark mentioned. Although I was ill she was still thinking of him apparently it did make since. The only problem was we had to pass through ruff small town. The more I thought though the more since it made. We made it through the town and then I saw a lot of blue lights ahead. The closer we got I realized we were hitting just what we were trying to avoid. Beth asked, what is the deal? I said your new boyfriend has steered us directly into an ID check.

There were four cars blocking the road and I got my ID out and rolled down my window. It was small black cop who walked over shining the light right in my eyes. He took my ID and asked where we had been and where we were going. I told him and said we were just trying to get home. He then shinned his light to the passenger seat and Beth’s dress had rode up her leg and he had a perfect shot of her pussy. I grabbed her dress and pulled it down. He asked my wife if everything was alright. I said yes and why the hell would he ask that. He told me I should lose the tone in my voice. Beth said yes officer we are fine and just trying to get home. I said see. May I have my license so we can go? He said you know what, no pull your car off the road. I did as was asked and he opened my door and asked me to step out. He made me take the sobriety test at which he claimed I failed.

He called for the rest of the officers to come over. He said I was under arrest for DUI. He told my wife to step out of the car. Another one of the officers went over to help around the car. There was my wife standing in front of my car with the lights shining on her. I started looking around and noticed they were all black. I could tell they were talking to each other about her. The first officer asked if she had been drinking. She said she might have had one or two. I knew Beth was pretty drunk but I hoped she could pull off a miracle and he would let her drive us home. He told one of the officers to drive our car back to the station. They cuffed me and put me in the back. They put my wife in the front of a different car. When we started to drive off I asked why she wasn’t with us and he just told me to shut my mouth. When we got back to the station they took us both to an interrogation room and cuffed me to the chair. It was like I was being treated like a murderer. My wife was just sitting there. I said I hope you are happy. She said I know you are not blaming me for this. I said well it was your idea to go this way. She said you are such an asshole.

We were in there for about 30 minutes when the door opened. The small black cop came in and sat down. He explained I was being charged with a DUI and that Beth could call someone to come and get her. She said there was no one to call. The cop said well I guess you can wait. She asked is there nothing we can do to get this taken care of tonight. He said Mrs. I am not sure what you mean. Your husband broke the law and could have killed someone. Also someone has just come in to the station and said a vehicle matching your husband’s vehicle tried to run them off the road back near the interstate. I tried to stand up but couldn’t. I yelled that is bullshit. I did not even pass any other cars. My wife looked at me and said what are we gonna do? We can’t afford to pay the fines and things that come with something like this. I told her I didn’t know and to leave me alone so I could think.

After about 10 minutes the short cop came back in and said looks like you are in more trouble than we thought. The victim wrote down your tag number and is gonna press charges. I thought my wife was going to start crying. She said there must be some mistake. She was grabbing on to the officer pleading for anything. He said he didn’t think he could do anything about the DUI but the person making the complaint was actually his cousin and that he would see if they would talk to Beth and give her a chance to smooth things over. Beth came and sat on the table in front of me and said, what should I do we have to get out of this somehow? I told her I had nothing and we were screwed.

The officer came back into the room and told my wife to come with him that his cousin making the complaint had agreed to see her. They left the door open but I couldn’t see what was going. I heard her start laughing and saying how odd it was to see you again. Then the officer closed the door. I thought to myself who is she seeing again out there. Five minutes later Beth came back in and told the officer to give her a minute and she knew just how to take care of this. She came up and hugged me and kissed me. She said I have everything taken care of. I said what do you mean. She said that she knew the person that made the complaint and it was being dropped. I asked who it was. Beth hesitated and then said Mark, the black man we met at the club tonight. Before I could say anything she shushed me and said I have everything taken care of, even the DUI. She then said she just had to agree to some things first. I was irate. I said what have you done? What did you agree to?

At that point the door opened and the short cop and Mark walked in. I said, what in the hell is the deal here. Mark said well you have a list of things my cousin here could charge you with but I came up with an idea to get them all dropped. I looked at Beth and she wouldn’t look directly at me. I said Beth, what did you do? She said its just sex, nothing more, nothing less. Absolutely not I shouted. I will go to jail before I let a black man **** you. Mark chimed in and said it isn’t **** if it’s your wife’s ok with it. Beth said one night honey and this takes care of all our troubles and makes them go away. The small cop said what’s it gonna be? Beth said, I’m in. I was shaking the chair trying to bust loose and started yelling at them and then said the word that made this bad dream turn into a nightmare. Mark said what did you call us? I said you heard me N****r. He turned to his cousin who he called “Smalls” and said go get Ty and some duct tape.

Mark came and grabbed me by my face and put the tape on. Beth pleaded not to hurt me. Mark said oh, we aren’t gonna do anything to him. Then he said but you are gonna watch us fuck the shit out of your wife. He said you see we were gonna take ya’ll home after we got done with Beth in Smalls office. You wouldn’t have to watch a thing. But no, you had to fuck it up and call us a bunch of n****rs. So now you gonna watch me turn her into a black cock craving slut. Another officer they called Ty came in too.

Mark came and grabbed me by my face and put the tape on. Beth pleaded not to hurt me. Mark said oh, we aren’t gonna do anything to him. Then he said but you are gonna watch us fuck the shit out of your wife. He said you see we were gonna take ya’ll home after we got done with Beth in Smalls office. You wouldn’t have to watch a thing. But no, you had to fuck it up and call us a bunch of n****rs. So now you gonna watch me turn her into a black cock craving slut. Another officer they called Ty came in with a mattress and threw it on the floor. They moved the table to the side picked me in the chair up and set me by the door. Mark said ok Beth time to pay for your hubbys mistake. She said what do I do first. He said first take that dress off and go put it on my cousin’s desk. She said what about the other officers? Mark said they understand what is gonna happen here. Beth pulled her tops strap over her head and pushed the dress to the floor. She stood there kind of shy looking and I heard Mark say, see Smalls I told you those nipples were huge. I knew he was referring to when Beth’s tit fell out at the club. Beth bent over to pick up her dress and was unmistakable how wet she was. She walked by me and out the door and gave me a look of, what have I agreed to. I could hear all the hollering and her heels clicking as she walked down the hall. When she came back through the door she let out a deep breath. Mark asked her what the problem was. She said nothing just my nerves. I’ve never done anything like this before. Mark said don’t worry after tonight you will want to do this all the time. Beth looked at me with a worry on her face and I thought to myself there was nothing I could do, it had gone too far. Beth didn’t understand what she was in for.

Beth walked over to Mark and got on her knees. Mark took his shirt shoes and belt off. He told her to slowly take his pants off and get his cock out. When she pulled his boxers down all I could hear was her gasp and say no way! She turned towards me so I could see. She had the biggest dick I had ever seen in my life in her hand. It was like a bat. She started to stroke it and turned to me with an evil grin saying look at this, how am I gonna fit this in me? I was gagged and could not even say anything. Beth said I’m sorry Mark but there is no way this dick will fit in me. He said don’t worry, it will after Ty and Smalls fuck you. She looked at Ty and Smalls who had gotten out of there clothes. They both had pretty good sized dicks as well.

Beth had begun to try and suck Mark’s dick. She looked up at Mark and asked how big he was. He said he didn’t know. Ty said he was about 8” and Smalls said he was 9”. Beth looked over at me with a confused look on her face. She said I am sorry guys I have a 9” cock cuffed to a chair over there and is no where near as big as this. My eyes were probably as big as plates. Mark said, Beth are you trying to say this skinny white boy has a 9” dick. She said that’s what he told me. He said bull shit I haven’t ever seen a white dick that big. My wife looked at me with a grin and said do you want to bet? Mark said yeah just name the terms. She said if he does we get to go home right now everything dropped. Mark said well what is in it for us? She said I don’t care you decide. Three men looked together and smiled. Mark said ok if he has a 9” cock you can go, but if he doesn’t your fucking everyone in this building that’s black and isn’t behind bars. I let out a loud muffled NO! Right now as it stood Beth was going to service just three men. There is no telling how many are outside she would have to fuck. Beth quickly said “Deal”.

Mark told Ty to go get a tape measure. My wife came over and hugged me. She said I told you I would take care of everything. My mouth still being taped I could not tell her the truth. She was undoing my pants and pulled them and my boxers all the way off my legs for some reason. Being as scared for her and me as I was my dick was not even remotely hard. I looked pathetic. My wife looked at me confused. She said get it up, as if I can do it on command. I gave her a helpless look. She said fine I have to do everything myself. Beth took my dick in her mouth and swallowed me whole.

After about 15 seconds I knew my fate was about to be sealed. I was hard as a rock and the three black men stood there laughing. Smalls stuck his head out the door and said yall boys better get ready. Mark handed Beth the tape measure, 5 1/4” she said. This can’t be right. You told me on the ride home you had a 9” dick. She removed the tape from one side of my face and said explain. I told her I was embarrassed about my size and jealous of the fun she was having with Mark on the dance floor tonight and that I wasn’t thinking. She put the tape back over my mouth and said well thanks for making me look stupid; I hope you enjoy seeing me have to fuck to get us out of this. It was not my fault, I didn’t want to take this route home, I didn’t agree to fuck three guys and I sure as hell didn’t make a bet to fuck everyone based on something I didn’t know for sure to be true.

Beth was walking around the room yelling calling me a loser and a pathetic excuse of a man. She looked at me and said you are going to pay for this. I just gave her a look of anger. I had done what any guy in my position would do if his dick was less than adequate. Beth’s pussy was always tight for me; this was not going to be very good for either of us.

Smalls grabbed her and said enough of this wasting time shit we have got stuff to do. Beth sighed and looked over at me and said ok boys, have it your way, I’m all yours. Mark and Ty high fived each other. Beth got back down on her knees on the mattress and held out her hands as if she was waiting on some Halloween candy. Mark walked up first and stuck his cock right in her mouth. Ty and Smalls got on each side of him and she took hold of their cocks and started stroking them. Little by little Beth managed to get more of Marks cock in her mouth. Mark took hold of the back of her head to give her a little extra help. Before long she was beginning to gag but she just kept right on sucking. Every once in a while she would let Marks dick fall out and she would give Ty and Smalls a lick. Finally Mark started to groan and said he was about to cum. I expected Beth to pull off but instead she just dropped the other two dicks and grabbed Mark’s with both hands and was pulling on it for all she was worth.

Mark started cuming and she never took her mouth off. I thought she would start spitting it out but I noticed her gulping. She had never, ever swallowed my cum. A little started to leak from the side of her mouth and she just wiped it off with her finger and then stuck her finger back in her mouth. Mark said damn bitch no one has ever been able to swallow all of my nut before. With his baseball sized nuts I could believe it. Beth pulled her hair back and said I don’t know what came over me; it just tasted so good I couldn’t stop. She remembered I was in the room and started to turn a little red in the face.

Beth got over on all fours and started to shake her ass. She said ok who is next and without hesitation Ty got down behind her and started to shove his dick in her. I yelled and yelled but with the tape over my mouth it wasn’t doing any good. Ty said damn she is tight. My wife on all fours looked up at me and said what do you expect I have never had a real cock before. They all started laughing. Ty pushed and pushed and Beth just stared into my eyes letting out moans and said go slow go slow it’s a little painful. Ty just told her to shut her mouth and it was my fault she was getting fucked. My wife’s pussy was being destroyed right before my eyes. Smalls told Ty he was going to have to hurry up because he was getting tired of watching. Ty said just get her to suck your dick and play with her clit so she would get more wet. Smalls laid on his side with his cock pointing right up in her face. Beth opened her mouth as if on cue and went right to work on it.

Smalls started playing with her clit and she began to shake and moan uncontrollably. I knew she was cumming. After her first orgasm she looked me in my eyes and said Ty baby just shove it all the way in. He did and she let out a little shriek. Then Ty started to pick up the pace once he was all the way in her. She started yelling yes, yes oh yes it feels so good. Mark told him not to cum in her as he was to be the first to get that honor. Ty said ok as he was getting ready to blow his load. Ty got up and moved to her mouth and instructed her that she had better not loose a drop. She laughed and said don’t you worry about that. Smalls quickly moved back behind her and shoved his cock in her with one fluid motion. She quickly looked up at me and said oh honey this feels so good. Thanks for being a racist idiot. If my mouth hadn’t been taped she would have heard all the mean and nasty things I wanted to call her. Ty said he was cumming and Beth went right down on his dick. She sucked up every last drop.

Smalls flipped her over on her back and grabbed her legs and pinned them over her shoulders. He started pile driving the hell out of her and she just begged for more and more. I think she was just cumming over and over at this point. Mark walked over to me and said, I bet you didn’t know she was such a dirty little slut did you. I lowered my head and shook it no with embarrassment. Smalls started grunting and I knew he was going to cum. When he pulled out he sat over Beth and she just started jerking him off. He shot load after load all over her face and tits. When he was finished she started scooping it up with her fingers and sticking them in her mouth.

Mark told Ty and Smalls to put my chair right in front of the mattress. He asked Beth if she was ready and she said probably not but it would be fun trying. He told her to get on all fours once again and she was to hold onto my legs and look me in my eyes at all time. As instructed she crawled over and grabbed hold of my knees. Mark looked at me and said hey just incase you were wondering my dick is 12 ¾ inches long. Beth looked at me with her big green eyes and said this is going to be interesting. I said to myself it won’t be when he has ripped her open and she has to go to the hospital. Mark slowly started to work his dick in her. She just kept right on looking into my eyes saying yes, yes, more, more. Ty said man he even been able to fit the head in yet and she is begging for more. Mark smacked her hard on the ass causing her to jump back into him. When she did it made his head push right in her. She was panting harder and harder and started saying she was going to come again. For whatever reason my dick started to twitch and get hard. I tried to make it stop but this somehow was turning me on now. When Beth finished cumming she looked down and said hey Mark what do we have here. Looks like someone is enjoying the show all of the sudden. I was also turning beet red. He said see Beth I told you he would come around and enjoy this. I was a beaten man and didn’t know what to say.

Mark by now had worked about half his dick into my wife and she was begging for more. I could tell she was getting close to another orgasm when he pulled out of her and said ok Beth if you want me to finish you off you have to tell him the truth. She said she couldn’t and that it would just mess things up. Mark said if she really wanted him back in her she had to so as after tonight I wouldn’t be coming back trying to get them all arrested. She said ok just put your cock back in me and I will tell him everything. Mark said ok. He put all of the cock he had in her before right back in. He said Beth I have about half my dick in you now and you can have the rest after you spill the beans.

Beth huffed and said ok this is what has happened. When you and I left the second bar and you said those things about blacks I was very angry. When Mark approached us at the bar later you once again started acting racist and he picked up on it. When we went dancing on the floor I told him what you had said and he was going to kick your ass. I told him not to hurt you and we should just teach you a lesson. I came up with the plan on my own. He just happened to think his cousin over there Smalls would go along with it. When you decided to lie to me about your dick size in the car I knew I had decided the right move. I have a fucking Masters degree. Did you really think I thought you had a 9” cock? How stupid do you think I am? I have always been happy with your dick but now that I have seen what I have been missing I am glad Mark agreed to help me with this. It was just going to be Mark fucking me but you kept opening your mouth saying stupid shit. She took hold of my dick and started stroking it. She said I am going to finish what I started here tonight, I am going to fuck every black man in this building that is not behind bars and then you can take me home and decide what to do from there.

Beth I guess felt bad for me and took my dick into her mouth. This only lasted for a few seconds and Mark shoved the full length of his dick in her. She started clawing my legs and I knew she was cumming again. He began to pull out almost all the way and then slammed back into her. After four or five strokes she had regained her self and was begging for more. He fucked her at a very fast pace for about ten minutes and then blew his load in her. Her head lay in my lap almost motionless. Finally she looked up at me and smiled. She said this was the best time she had ever had.

Mark stood up and Beth walked over and gave him a kiss. She told him thanks for helping her out. He told her no problem and that he had to leave. He asked her if she was going to go back on their deal. She insisted no saying she fully intended on fucking everyone that was still there. She said however my husband has been through enough could someone take him home. No one volunteered so they called me a cab. They let me up and I put my clothes back on and pleaded with her for her to come with me. She said that she couldn’t but she would be right behind me. She said she should be done in an hour or so. When I made my way to the door the rest of the station was lined up naked and ready to go. There about five of them and all had good sized dicks. Beth walked up and kissed me and said she thought she could take care of them fast.

I got home about the time the sun was coming up and went straight to the shower. When I got out I saw that I had a missed call on my cell phone and there was a message left. What I heard was my wife yelling and moaning with pleasure that she was wrong about how long it would take. She said honey I have made a bit of a mistake and didn’t finish these guys off quick enough. She said the shift change had arrived and she was being forced to give them the same treatment the night shift got. I love you and will e home later in the morning.

I never went to sleep and waited by the front door. Finally about twelve o’clock a car pulled into the driveway. It was Beth and Mark. I saw Beth lean ever and kiss him and then she came inside. I asked her if she was alright and what took her so long. She said that someone had told the boys at the fire department and they all wanted a turn with her as well. She walked back to the bedroom as if nothing had happened. I asked her how many people she had fucked and she said she didn’t keep count after the shift change started but if she had to guess maybe 20. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was a little sore but she would be ok. I said why did Mark bring you home. She said she needed a ride and he had come back because he had left his phone there. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs open. It looked like I could have stuck my whole arm in her pussy. She said to be honest I was glad he came back it gave me another chance to fuck him. Beth said the first time he fucked me it was just to be mean to you, the second time I really got to enjoy it.

I asked her what this meant for us and our family. She said nothing. She said I still love you and you’re my husband. I said are you done sleeping with black men. She said I think so but if I get drunk again like last night you never can tell. Then she laughed and said she was kidding. I said good, I can’t live with you acting like that again. She sternly said, well I had better never hear the words nigger coming out of your mouth again. If I do Mark now knows where we live. Because of the way she said it I have a bad feeling about our future.

Beaten Down



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