Husband Owes Wife Sex with Another Man – Cuckold

November 9, 2015

Hotel Cuckold Sex – I’m one of those men who really get off on your posts about wives who fuck other men and then bring their sweet, recently fucked pussy home to their husbands to clean up orally.

Melissa, my wife and I have recently had an ongoing thing surrounding a man who she had an almost encounter with. When I say an almost encounter, I mean that she didn’t fuck him, or at least that’s what she told me. You see years ago I had a fling, and came home and told her about it, and she didn’t throw me out, or stop loving me, as I was sure she would. So recently when she fell for this older man she’d met at a concert, what could I possible say? I owed her a freebie- that had been the agreement …

Apparently this man had sucked on her luscious tits, and she’d let him pull her jeans down, and kiss her on the pussy, just to tease her. He’d said ‘he wanted to ‘give her a memory she wouldn’t ever forget’, and ‘that would make her want to come back for more’, but she didn’t fuck him that first night even though she wanted to. Ever since then however, she can’t get his kiss, and the thought of his tongue out of her mind, its longer than mine she told me, and she wants it dipping in between her sweet pussy lips, and penetrating her hole, and rubbing her sweet little clit. I can see it in her face whenever we talk about him, that she feels there’s unfinished business. She’s that kind of woman, one who likes to finish what she starts; and that’s what’s driving me crazy. I can’t sleep at night, and I am constantly jerking off to the images of this man eating her pussy and then fucking her silly.

Then the other night, the night she told me about the kiss, and his tongue, she told me that the next time she would see him, she was going to let him eat her pussy, and fuck her all night long, leaving me at home to go absolutely out of my mind. Then when the morning comes she’s going to come home, and bury her come-covered pussy on my face and make me eat out the come that she’s rubbed there for me. This woman is driving me crazy.

Then the night came and she got dressed up the way she always does, like she’s just a good dresser, but that’s subversively slutty, with a tight pair of jeans, that show off her ass, the best I’ve ever seen as you can tell from my attached pics, and a loose top that could easily be pulled off for his exploring tongue. She didn’t even wear a bra and this was very unusual for her, but as I looked at her standing there at the foot of our bed getting dressed to go out to meet this other man, she said- “why slow him down we all know what’s going to happen.” And I asked her unsure, afraid, “Are you?” And she smiled and raised her shoulders, “Who knows, but wouldn’t you like to?”

Then she kissed me on the lips, nothing special, just the regular kiss of a wife who’s going to work, as if there was nothing different about tonight. I tried to pull her to me, caressing her ass. Maybe I could fuck her, and make her stay with me all night, stand this man up!

She smiled, but pulled away and casually said- “I don’t want to be late, that would be rude.” ‘Crazy’, I thought, ‘but fucking another man wouldn’t be?’

Then she walked out the door, waving goodbye, and I heard her heels clicking down the hall as she went. I wanted to yell at her to stop that she couldn’t go, but I didn’t. She stood at the elevator until it opened, turned back and looked at me, waved, and got in.

I couldn’t sleep all night, and brought up this blog, jerking off to various stories of cheating wives, and wife sharing, and threesomes, and then watched some wife videos like fifty times. The clock wore on so slowly, and all I could do was picture her meeting this man, going for dinner, then a hotel. By 2 o’clock I was sure he was standing just inside the doorway of his hotel room, with his pants at his ankles as my wife, with her sensuous lips bobbed up and down on his stiff cock. By 2:30, I was sure she was lying on a bed while he was plowing into her pussy for his first come of the evening. I lay down, and tried to sleep over and over again, but by 3:00 I was going absolutely out of my mind, I was checking my cell phone for text messages, pacing the living room, and punching the pillows on our bed. What had I been thinking I couldn’t share my wife- she was the woman of my dreams, I loved her as much as life itself. Then my cell phone beeped, and I realized I’d left it in the living room and I ran to pick it up. The message simply said- “Having a great time, I’ll be home later”.

This really sent me over the edge, and to calm down I pulled out an old joint I had stashed away, and smoked it all in a hurry, desperate to calm down. The clock on my bedside table moved on, minute by minute, 3:35, 3:48, 4:12, 5:10. Finally I must have dozed off, because the next thing I remember, was waking up to the sight of my wife hovering above me, she was naked, and her eyes had that ‘glazed over- I’ve been out all night/partying look’ to them, not the I’m drunk look, but just the I’m loose and happy look. He pussy was right above my mouth.

“Lick it! she said, demanding it of me, not asking. I looked up at her trying to determine from the look on her face what I should expect; but she barked down at me- “JUST FUCKING LICK IT!” I did as I was told, and she was wet, and her pussy hair was matted and crusty.

“Do you like his taste she asked me?” And I knew.






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