Husband Sleeps in Guest Bedroom – Cuckold

September 29, 2015

I Am a First Time Cuckold – Last Friday my wife Missey came home from work obviously very excited. So I asked her about it and gushing like a school girl Missey explained to me that Donald would be picking her up later for a date. She then took the oppurtunity to fill me in on how the week end would go. Missey told me Donald’s wife and children would be out of town for the week end. And I was to immediately get what ever I needed out of our bedroom as I would be spending the weekend in the guest room.
I was ordered not to go into our bedroom after that with out permission. I was also ordered to be nude when Donald arrived and to offer myself to him for use. Missey went to our bedroom and started to get dressed for her date. I went and moved what ever I felt I needed to the guest bedroom. I then stripped and went down stairs. When Donald arrived I greeted him and told him I was to serve him until Missey was ready for their date. When Missey came down stairs she looked extremely sexy. In a very short black dress that in super thight on her ass. I was then told if I wanted I could go out and watch a movie if I wanted. But that I had to be home before they were.

So I had to come back before two o’clock. when I came home they weren’t there yet and didn’t come home until four o’clock.

They went right to our bedroom and I could hear them giggling and joking and teasing. And then the sounds of them having sex. This was very hard for me. It is the first time since we have been married that Missey was having sex with another man and that I couldn’t even watch. I was both frustrated and excited at the same time. I was listening and masterbating. Eventually they went to sleep and so did I. Early the next morning I woke to the sounds of them fucking.

After what seemed like an eternity, they finally stopped. I could hear the sounds of what I guessed was them getting dressed. So I got up and got dressed to. Missey eventually poked her head into my guest room and told me they were going out. She then came close to me and whispered to me that she was going to fullfill one of Donald’s fantasies and fuck him in the most public place that they could find in which they could get away with it. I was then told that I was to go over to our bedromm and entertain Donald so that he wasn’t bored while Missey fixed her hair and makeup.

I was excited about doing it to. because it made me feel like I was included in some way. So I gladly went right over. When she finished getting ready they went out for the whole day. I was ordered to stay home.

Later that afternoon when they came home they got dressed to go out on another date. Missey had recently ordered lots of items from Fredricks of Hollywood and she wore a brand new very sexy dress. It is blue and shiny and both short and low cut in the front. On the way out she lifted the dress to show donald she was wearing no underwear. And told him that she would fuck him in the mens room of the club where they were going. Donald then said to me “don’t you wish you were man enough to be fucking her”, he then added “don’t worry though I fuck her enough so that you don’t have to worry about it” Wow was that ever humiliating.

They went out to about two in the morning and I heard them come home. They went right to our bedroom and it semed almost immediately started fucking. The sounds continued for hours. With very little breaks. They eventually must have gotten tired and went to sleep.

Early the next morning I was again awakened to the sound of Donald fucking Missey. God I wanted to watch. But I just laid there and played with myself.

About noon time I heard Missey calling me so I went to our room. they were still in bed. cuddling. Missey told me to go to a resturant and get them breakfast. In total humility I did so. When I got back though I was given a reward. Missey told me that while I was gone Donald had just shot a load of cum into her and he wanted to watch me eat his cum out of her. I was so happy I almost dove between her legs. I did my absolute best to make Missey happy with my services. While I was eating her pussy and Donald cum out of her Donald got dressed and left. Missey then told me to lay beside her and she told me all about her weekend with Donald. She even told me I could jerk off while she was telling me. This did make everything some what better.




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