Husband Turned On By Wife’s Cheating – Cuckold

September 18, 2015

She Cucked Me Early On – I am now in my late 40ies, but for many years I have lived the cuckold lifestyle. What was it that brought it on? In my case I mnarried a woman that was only 18. It was hot and heavy. She had a lot of “energy”, and it soon turned out that she was very horny, actually to the point where she strayed. That happened even before we were married. We lived together for about 4 months before we married. One night I came home from work and there was a strange car parked in front of the house. I could see light in the bedroom upstairs at 2 AM. When I entered the house, I was very quiet.

I went up the stairs after taking off my shoes. When I got up there, I found my GF on her back with a guy between her thighs fucking her. They didn’t even see or hear me. I went down again and waited until I heard them both moan loudly. Then I opened the front door a few minutes later and slammed it shut. I waited a few minutes than called out that I was home. I went up the stairs and the guy had covered himself and my wife too. They were both flushed and the wife “P” said that she was sorry. I asked her what the hell was going on and she said that she had been out with her GF’s and when it was time to go home, she was offered a ride by a man she had been dancing with quite a bit.

She asked me to sit by her side and I did. She put her hand on my thigh and looked me in the eye. “Are you mad at me” she asked. I told her yes, and she moved her hand up my thigh to my crotch. Ther she encountered my hard cock. “It seems that your cock disagrees” she said. But I was mad but also at the same time very very excited and horny.

The guy had gotten up and dressed and said he had to go. He left the room and I saw him to the door. I came back up to the bedroom, and again sat on the bed. My wife was still laying there. Now she went for my pants and undid my belt. Take them off she said. I did and she also told me to take my underpants off. She told me to sit by her on the bed. Than she began to fondle my cock, and it was so hard.

“This seems to have excited you” she said. And I had to agree. Next she laid down on her back and spread her legs. “I want you to make love to me, kiss and lick my pussy” she said. I went for it, and the next thing I know, I had a load of hot sperm in my mouth. She grabbed my head and told me to lick her clit. I was totally lost in feelings. I felt bad about the fact that she had fucked another man, but also hot and horny that she had done it. I licked her only a few minutes before I came all over the bed sheets.

She noticed and said: “It looks like this really turns you on”. The next day we had a long talk about it. I admitted that it had turned me on insanely to know that she had fucked this other guy, and also that she had ordered me to lick her pussy. She told me that since it seemed to turn me on so much she wanted to continue this. She said we could talk about it more but that it was what she wanted to do and if I loved her as much as I said I would live with it.

“I am not looking for another man to live with, only someone to fuck me” she said.

Two months later we were married and off to Spain we went on out honeymoon. That turned out to be sex from day one, with me and others. She was constantly horny and we fucked where we could. She would go out in the evening with me but without panties and only wearing a short skirt. She would dance with guys and they would feel her up and soon discover that she was not wearing panties. On the honeymoon she fucked 7-8 different guys in a 3 week period. And I was licking sperm from her well fucked pussy my own and theirs. And so began my cuck life. And all the question came as my life got more involved and I did what she wanted because I wanted it too. There has been so many hot encounters in my life I get hard just thinking about it, but I will get back with more, especially my questions and feelings.




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