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November 8, 2015

Submissive Cuckold – Hi, my name is Paul and I would like to share how I found out that I am a cuckold. I guess it started a few years ago. My wife of 18 years, Mary, started to experiment with being more aggressive in the bedroom. I found that I liked the submissive role and things started to really progress. Mary was totally into the dominant role and our marriage was very stable. Mary had started to insist that I wear women’s underwear and had me doing other feminine things.

Then the economy tanked and Mary lost her job. Mary took a new job that required a lot of travel. Before I knew it Mary was gone for weeks at a time. The Money was very good and when she came home she was happy. When Mary came home she would assume her dominant role and the sex was great. Then one Friday Mary came home with a large strap-on that was modeled off a black porn star’s cock. She made me strap it on and use it on her all week end while she was home.

On the following Monday Mary was schedule to go out of town again. I was at work and was already missing Mary even though I knew she had not left yet, so I sent her a text telling her I loved her and asking what she was up to. She replied and below is the text conversation we had:

Mary: I’m still waiting on a schedule, and dreaming of BBC (big black cock)

Me: What do you know about BBC?

Mary: I know about BBC.

Me: What do you know about them?

Mary: I know how to enjoy them. Lick and suck them.

Me: You know that for a fact?

Mary: I do. I know about thicker dicks than yours too. That’s almost as important as a long one.

Me: How and what do you know? (At the time I thought she was just playing a dominant role having fun).

Mary: Because I’ve met a few. A thin dick is ok if it is long. Medium length but thick is one of my favorites. Short and thin is pathetic like yours. Not my favorite. Big black cock is always the best. I know because I inspect one every time I go out of town.

Me: How do you inspect? (Still thinking she was playing her new assumed role)

Mary: By taking their pants down and then letting guys screw my brains out. Except the pathetic little ones like you I send them packing. (The shock has hit me but I need to know more).

Me: Is that why you come home happy and how many have you inspected?

Mary: That’s why I come home happy and why I don’t mind leaving either. I’ve inspected about 5.

Me: oh.

Mary: My schedule has come in. I will be leaving for South Carolina by lunch and I will call or text later.

Me: ok be careful.

I was in total shock my wife of 20 years who I dearly loved, in fact I worshiped her, had just admitted to fucking five guys while she was away on various business trips. My day dragged by and by the time I got home Mary was almost to her destination. Mary called later in the evening. She told me she had arrived safely and that she would be sharing a hotel suite with another woman from the office. Mary said they were going to dinner, and then they were going to call it a night due to having an early meeting. I asked about the text, and Mary said we will talk this week end. I thought this week end hell I barely made it through today, but I knew that she considered me her submissive and that if I questioned her she would just get upset. I passed the evening working around the house then I got the following text just be for bed.

Mary: I met a very interesting guy at dinner. I am going to meet him after dinner tomorrow at the hotel bar. If things go the way I want I am going to let him fuck me. What do you think?

Me: I do not know. This has been a huge shock. I am very confused and a mess of emotions. (I could not believe my wife had just told me she was going to fuck some strange guy).

Mary; It will be ok besides if I want to fuck him there is nothing you can do to stop me.

I did not sleep at all that night. The next morning I called Mary to tell her good morning and that I did not like the idea of her fucking strangers. Mary was polite and we had a good conversation until I brought up the text from the night before. Mary became cold and she I told you we would talk this week end. I knew I would get nowhere on the phone so I dropped it. I went to work and finally made it through the day. I sent Mary a text when I got home to let her know I was home. Mary responded that she was at dinner with her roommate and would text me later. About 9 p.m. I got the following text.

Mary: Going to the hotel bar to meet the guy from last night.

Me: Please do not do this until we talk.

Mary: Don’t be a whining bitch, I just going to have a good time.

I did not hear from Mary till after mid night. Mary sent me the following text:

Mary: The guy was a bust. He was a Hispanic guy and I thought he would have a nice cock, but it turned out to be almost as small as yours.

Me: good but why did you wait so late to text me.

Mary: Another guy caught my interest He was young mid 20’s Asian black mix Cock at least 9 inches.

Me: How do know his cock was at least 9 inches?

Mary: I gave him a blow job. I could barely get it down my throat.

Me: (devastated) I see why?

Mary: because your cock is just too small and does nothing for me. I love your tongue and you will spend a lot of time with your face between my legs. In fact he just finished screwing my brains out and I am still lying beside him in his bed. I came so hard I think I will be sore tomorrow. I am going to fuck him at least once more before I go back to my room. I text you when I get back to my room.

I had drifted off to sleep at about 2 a.m. when Mary finally texted to say she was back in her room. I had a thousand questions, and I still thought that she might be playing with me so I texted her back asking:

Me: How did you get away from your roommate? (I thought that if she was playing with me she might not have thought about how to explain that and I would know she was just playing her dominant role)

Mary: I waited for her to go to sleep then I snuck out of the room and went to the bar then to his room in the hotel in fact we are on the same floor.

Me: I should not tell you this I know it will encourage you, but I have been hard since you texted that you were going to the bar.

Mary: What a pathetic little dick you have. That’s why you are the panty boy.

Me: Tell me what happened in the bar?

Mary: I met the Hispanic guy from last night we had a drink at a small table. I put my hand on his thigh and worked my way to his cock. He got very excited, but like I said he was small. I told him I was sorry but I was not going to fuck him because I wanted a large cock. He was upset said I was leading him on, but he left without making a scene. I ordered another drink and noticed a young guy setting at the bar. I took my drink and sat beside him at the bar. We made small talk, and then I put my hand on his thigh. I worked my way to his cock and let out a gasp when I got my hand on it. I asked him if he knew how to use it. He just grinned and said do you want to find out. I replied oh yes. He paid for our drinks and we went to his room. When we got to his room I had him drop his pants. I was so impressed I had to drop to my knees and start licking and sucking him. I got so excited I almost came right then. Then I took my pants and panties off and told him I am used to having my pussy eaten daily. His tongue was not as talented as yours. I didn’t come on his face, but once he slid that amazing cock inside me I practically came on the spot. I texted you when we finished.

I had thousands of questions and I did not know how to respond. My world had just crashed. I knew she had fucked this guy and she was not playing with me. Although I was devastated, I was rock hard and sporting a whopping 4 ½ inches. I had to ask a couple of questions.

Me: When you were sucking him did he cum in your mouth? Did you make him use a condom?

Mary: He used a condom when he screwed me. I did not want a disease. He came in my mouth and then he got hard again when he was eating me. Then I came all over him.

Me: What positions did he use?

Mary: Doggy style and missionary. I am so exhausted I have to go to sleep.

Me: What did you say when you guys were finished?

Mary: I told him thanks for a good time, and that I would be in the hotel until Friday. I gave him my number and told him to text me if want some more pussy while he was here.

I did not text Mary back that night. I did not sleep at all. It was Wednesday morning and she would not be home until Friday evening. I texted her and told her good morning and she responded with the same. We talked on Wednesday and Thursday. I tried to bring up her actions, but she said we will talk this week end. On Friday just after noon Mary texted that she was on her way home. I knew that it would be at least 8 p.m. before she got home and I took the afternoon off to clean the house and get my arguments in order. At about 7 p.m. I got the following text:

Mary: I am going to be late.

Me: Why?

Mary: Well I stopped at the mall. It took a little longer because I found a guy. His name is Nik. No C just a k. He has the biggest dick I have ever seen. I will have to show you a picture tonight. I let him screw me in a dressing room at Macy’s. My pussy is so sore I can hardly walk. But it is worth it!

Me: Did you suck him? Is he white or black?

Mary: I had to suck him so I could truly appreciate the size. He was a good 10 inches. He was black. I haven’t met a white dick I could appreciate.

Me: please tell me more details about what happened in the dressing room. (Thinking I could use this in my arguments when she got home).

Mary: I had him sit in a chair. It was a big chair so I could kneel between his legs to give him a blow job. Then I climbed in his lap and rode him without a condom. It felt fantastic. I am full of his cum. You will have to clean me up when I get home. Are you hard?

Me: I don’t know about cleaning you up., but yes I am hard.

Mary: You are hard because that is what you are. Only a pathetic slut gets excited about his wife giving other men blow jobs and fucking them. I am looking forward to your tongue cleaning me up.

Me: I don’t know about cleaning you up. Are you leaving the mall?

Mary: I am leaving, but not from the mall. I am leaving Nik’s apartment.

Me: Nik’s apartment?

Mary: Yes he invited to his place for more fun. Once we got to his place he undressed me minus my panties he already had those in his pocket. When Nik had me undress he spread me out on his bed then inserted vibrators in my pussy to stretch me out because he is so big. Once I got worked up I begged him to play 69. I loved having his face between my legs while I sucked and licked him. I can’t wait to come home and you lick me clean. After Nik fucked me again he asked if I would do a 3 some. I told hell yes and my only requirement was a big dick. So he called a friend Trey. Trey was a mixed guy with a cock at least 9 inches and thick. My fingers didn’t meet when I wrapped my hand around it. I loved sucking on the head. It was so broad. They bent me over the couch. I had one guy in front of me that I was sucking and one behind me that was pounding into me from behind. Then we changed positions. Nik had been behind me. His friend, Trey, was in front. Trey lay down and I climbed on top. Then Nik stood in front of me so I could have a big dick in both ends. Nik came in my mouth and Trey came in my pussy. I came so many times I lost count. After they came in me I cleaned them up I told them they were welcome to have my pussy anytime. What I loved best was I wasn’t in charge. I just got spread out, bent over and fucked. I want to spend a day in bed while I get fucked over and over by all the different cocks I can find and you use your mouth all over me. My pussy is full of cum from two guys. Nik kept my panties and Trey kept my bra they wanted a trophy. I am now on my way home in just my skirt and top. My pussy is a mess and it is obvious I have no bra.

Me: See you when you get home.

Mary arrived home about two hours later. She took me into the bedroom and we had a long talk. She explained that I had no choice about her fucking other guys, because she had pictures of me in women’s underwear that she would show to my friend and family. She told me that she loved me and did not want to lose me but my dick is too small to satisfy her, and that I should not worry about licking her pussy after it had been fucked by other guys because I had been doing it for about two years. Mary said she had been slowly grooming me to be her cuckold and that the time seem right for me to assume my place. Mary then pushed my face into her crotch and I spent the next hour licking cum from her swollen pussy. Mary told me she planned on spending a lot of time with Nik and Trey since the area they live in is an area where she travels a lot. Then she got her phone and show me picture of Nik and Treys cocks and I knew I had to accept my new life.

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