I Couldn’t Handle Her – Cuckold

December 2, 2015

Pathetic Cuckold and His Brazilian Wife РAbout 5 years ago, while living in Rio de Janeiro, I met the most beautiful 21-year old girl I had ever laid eyes on and asked her to marry me. She accepted.

She was every man’s dream and a total nympho in bed. Sometimes she wanted to fuck 5 times a day! She always dressed way too sexy for public and was always a shameless flirt. I knew I had my hands full when she started to ask if she could fuck my friends, our house guests who stayed the night, or guys she saw out at bars. We tried going to a few swinger/sex clubs (which are very common in Brazil), but she would go crazy and suck off or fuck ass many men as she could. Sometimes, I would go to the bar to get her a drink and come back to find her gone from our table. I would end up finding her in some dark corner straddling a stranger with his hard cock deep inside her pussy and a crowd of horny guys standing around with their dicks in their hands waiting for a chance at her.

Anyway, she was very hard to control and we fought excessively and eventually, after a terrible physical fight, she moved out of our apartment and took up residence across the street with a group of young prostitutes she had befriended in the neighborhood. So for about a year, while we were separated but still married, I would run into her on the block with a different guy each night. She loved to email me with the sordid details of her life as a prostitute, or dial my phone number while she was fucking, so all I could hear when I answered were moans and the wet slapping noises of flesh on flesh.

I have to admit that it turned me on more than it angered me, and I looked forward to hearing about her escapades. She caught on quickly and started teasing me about being a total cuckold whose wife was a street-walking whore who by that time had had hundreds of strange penises in her. Sometimes she would come creeping around my apartment at 3 or 4 in the morning after a night of tricks and wake me up by lowering her sopping wet, cum-covered pussy onto my face and making me lick her clean.

The picture I share with this story is one of my favorites: It is of some Swedish tourist fucking her asshole. I still beat off to it today!

Sadly, even after we got back together, her crazy behavior continued and I could not handle her anymore. I am embarrassed to say that toward the end of our relationship, she started dressing me up like a girl in her lingerie and heels. She would do my make-up and even make me wear jewelry and a wig. She then started fucking me with a 9-inch black, strap-on dildo and during sex, as she pounded away at my ass, she would make me announce that I was her little bitch and that I needed her to fuck other men and let them cum inside her so I could raise their children when she got pregnant. Now that is a pathetic cuckold, isn’t it?

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