I Love My Wife’s Dirty Details – Cuckold

September 3, 2015

Loving the Sex Details – First, as a bit of background my wife (I’ll call her Kate) had sex a few times with other guys 2-3 years ago – sometimes with me while swapping or in threesomes with another guy. Although we started out as swingers we had advanced/descended (?) to the idea that Kate could take a lover and we’d have threesomes (perhaps), but I wouldn’t have any other woman. Instead of threesomes, there was more of her meeting her lover on her own. This carried on for awhile, but then her main lover left our area and Kate hadn’t had anyone for over a year and told me that she wasn’t so interested these days.

She even met up with an old lover a few months ago, but didn’t do anything sexual – only a lunch and chat. I was a bit disappointed at this turn of events as I guess other cuckolds out there can imagine and would try quietly to encourage her further adventures, but she’d didn’t like it if I went on about it too much – or tried to bring up her old exploits during sex.

Anyway, she went out a couple of nights after that on a monthly meeting with some of her girlfriends. They have a meal then go off to a club etc. for some more drinks and she usually doesn’t get home to the early hours. Of course I’m often fantasizing about her meeting someone and calling me from a hotel room etc. (this happened once a few years ago). But in any case when she gets home she’s usually in a fairly randy mood owing to the drink and chatting/dancing with other guys and I get to have sex – as long as she’s not too drunk – perhaps along with a story about some guy she danced with and rubbed up against.

That night was following this normal pattern and she arrived home, stumbled into bed, and we were fucking and playing around when Kate suddenly said that she didn’t really like telling me about her sexual adventures in detail as it wasn’t much fun for her. She also thought of it as intruding on her privacy. I was sort of disappointed but excited at the same time on hearing this and my mind was in a bit of a whirl about what she was on about. Obviously for me the great joy is hearing of her past conquests in detail and I tried to explain how much it turned me on.

While admitting I might get a lot out of it, she said she wasn’t necessarily going to tell me anymore in case anything happened and anyway wanted to keep details to her self as it was her private secrets. I immediately wondered if there’d been something she’d done that I didn’t know about and asked if she’d done anything in the past that I didn’t know. She was reluctant to get into this type of conversation, but after some time with me trying to ask her without upsetting her, she eventually came out with, “Well you’ve had two buttered buns.”

Well I knew I’d had sloppy seconds once during a threesome. After her lover had fucked her for an hour or so, she let him come inside her and I had the joy of pushing my cock into her – I can still remember the heat and wetness of getting amongst his sperm – and of coming pretty quickly. But I certainly couldn’t remember it having happened twice – Kate nearly always makes me wear a condom, but is less fussy with her lovers (why does that seem a common thread in cuckolding tales?).

She was reluctant to provide further details, but I was now dying of lust and curiosity. Finally she admitted that it had been with someone I didn’t know about, rather than after one of her sessions with her ex-lovers. Then it suddenly came to me – a few days before she’d gone out for dinner with some of her friends. She got home just as I was going to bed (I’d been doing a bit of work on the computer and probably reading a few things on here!). As I get up early, I headed off to bed, but she came in a bit later on and wanted to have sex – unusually she didn’t want me to go down on her or much foreplay – and she’d said without a condom would be OK as it was the right time of the month. She had been quite wet, but I’d put it down to sexy talk among the girls or the fact I’d mentioned an old lover had rung while she was out (on an unrelated business issue).

So she came clean and admitted I was right – that was my second buttered bun – although I was a bit disappointed I didn’t know about it at the time. Well obviously given the early conversation she wouldn’t give me much detail. Just that it was a new guy she’d met a couple of weeks ago – married about the same age as us. He’d taken her for dinner at an expensive restaurant. As they came out, apparently they noticed a hotel nearby (what a coincidence!), and had ended up there where he’d fucked her and she’d come straight home without washing, etc. She wouldn’t give more details, but sees no reason why she won’t meet up again – he’s already rung her up a couple of times trying to make new appointments.

Then, a couple of months back, Kate rang me at work and said that she was going out with some of her friends that night, but she added she was going to an area of our city that she doesn’t go to, but it is where she met the guy last time.

So I was in an aroused state most of the day wondering what she was really up to. Unfortunately, I had to go out at night for work so couldn’t wait at home. Kate rang me later at night to find out if I was home yet and told me to try and hurry back as she had a “present” for me, but wouldn’t say anything else. It took awhile to extricate myself from the meeting and get home. Sure enough there was a new cream pie for me, although as it was now a couple of hours since she’d been fucked quite a bit of it had leaked out. Kate was still really turned on and we spent most of the night fucking. And the best part was she told me all about it!

Since that time she’s met up with him again a few times – though usually 3-4 weeks between each meeting. She doesn’t tell me outright that she’s meeting, but just says she’s going out. I haven’t always got a “present” on her return (I try to always make sure I’m in the house now when she’s meeting him) – once they’d had a shower after having sex and once he’d fucked her so hard she started bleeding.

She has really got into the idea of rushing back home for sex with me as soon as she’s finished with him and can’t get enough of it for the next couple of days. Unfortunately she doesn’t meet him as much as I’d like – she’s most excited about him just after he’s fucked her and tells me she needs a different cock more regularly and needs to see him at least every week, but then she finds excuses not to meet him (I think he calls her once a week to see if she’s time to meet).

Next week there is an new variation. An old lover of Kate is visiting our city. He had sex with her a couple of years ago on a visit. He also visited last year, but they didn’t have sex. She met him and had lunch, and, as it was near her birthday she asked him if he’d buy her a birthday present. He took her shopping and bought her something quite expensive (a couple of thousand dollars). She said she’d have felt a bit strange having sex with him after that, but now wants to make it up to him on this visit. I’ve been told not to expect to see her much in the two days he’s here, and also she’s wondering if she can fix up a meeting with her new lover while the old one is here – so she can get both their cocks in one day – and maybe, if I’m lucky, mine after that.




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