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October 1, 2015

Asian Wife Cuckold – My wife has had many lovers over the years. I’d like to share a recent trip to Vegas I had invited a very good looking black guy over the night before. We went out for drinks sat in the lobby below our room. I’m quite sure the bartender new it was my wife and I was having this bull over to fuck my beautiful wife. I loved the humiliation of it all. He came to the room and I watched as they fucked.


The next night was much wilder. I had invited another Black Bulll over. I licked her pussy as we waited for him to arive so she would be good and wet for his black cock. I answered the door and the two of them sat on the couch. She told him I could only watch and that if I was good I might get some of her pussy. She then sent me to the Bar to fetch her and her bull a cocktail. When I returned the were both sitting on the couch. I learned months later that she had lifter her dress and let him lick her pussy and suck her nipples while I was gone. I gave them there drinks and she lead him to the bed and undressed as he played with her tits. She told me I could sit on the edge and watch as she stroked his long black cock.


She let him suck her tits then he worked his way to her cleanly shaven Asian pussy. His tongue went deep in her pussy as she moaned and told me how good he was making her feel. She told me I could get undressed and stroke my cock while I watched. My cock was rock hard after watching her fuck first last night and now about to get another BBC in her pussy. I asked if I could suck her nipples and she said “no, sit on the edge and watch”.


His cock was hard as a cock can get. He moved forward and got ready to slide it in my wife’s wet pussy. She spread her legs and got ready to be penetrated. She looked at me with a smile and said get over here so you can see his black cock go in my wet pussy. I put my face inches from her pussy and watched as he shoved that big cock in my wife’s tight little pussy. She moaned as it went in all the way to his balls. “Oh, he’s got a big cock! it feels so good in my pussy”.


He stared slow, plowing her deep. She said “You like watching that big cock fuck me?”. Of course I said yes. “Then get down there and lick my pussy while he fucks me!”. She pushed my face into her pussy and his cock. I started licking like a good boy. I licked both her pussy and his cock as they fucked each other. Her legs were wide open and in the air, her perfect nipples hard, and she was moaning like she was having the time of her life.


He pulled his cock out and went down to eat her pussy. I was back on the edge of the bed at this point. She wanted him to keep his cock hard so he could fuck her some more so she said to me “come over here and suck his cock so it stays hard!” I went to the other side of the bed promptly got on my knees and took his big black cock into my mouth. I grabbed his shaft and stroked it as I sucked it. My wife was now getting her pussy eaten by a guy she meet only an hour ago and I was forced to my knees and sucking his cock so he could keep fucking her! “Do you like sucking cock for me?, you better keep it hard!” she said. I kept sucking, his cock had my wife’s wet pussy juice all over it.


They fucked more while I was forced to watch and occasionally suck her tits or pussy. He fucked her as hard as he could and she took it all. She would say how good he felt as I watched. I could see he was ready to cum. I was poised on the edge of the bed watching as my wife was about to have another bull cum on her. I knew what my next task would be. He pulled out and shoot a huge load on top of her shaved Asian pussy. She keep her legs spread as he pumped cum all over her pussy and stomach. My face was now inches from his throbbing cock and her soaked pussy with his cum dripping down toward her clit. He shoved his cock in my mouth so I could get the last few drops of cum then she pushed my face into her pussy and said “clean that up!” I licked her open pussy as the cum ran down her pussy lips and into my mouth. He left the room as I cleaned her like a good cuck would. I told her thanks for letting me eat her cum covered pussy, I was allowed to fuck her after he had gone.


I would love to hear from other couples and Bulls. My goal is to continue finding her big cocks and making her the happiest wife ever.


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