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December 26, 2015

First Cuckold Encounter – We were in a rut and after many deployments we started talking about threesomes. She is shy as hell and was scared about it but chatted on text with several guys for weeks driving me crazy. I wanted so bad to see her fucked and do some dp as she wanted to feel two cocks in her at the same time in her pussy. She met a couple guys and they didn’t click at all. She was just unable to relax and let go of her inhibitions. I suggested she pick a guy and invite him over and we would drink and talk and sit in the hot tub and I would help her relax. She agreed and I was excited. At this point she would flash me in public and occasionally some guy would see her tits and it would always drive me crazy knowing some guy got a look at her. So the night arrived and I shaved her legs and snatch so it was smooth and sexy. I ate her after I shaved her but did not make her cum telling her the next time a tongue was on her clit it would not be mine. She answered saying she hasn’t agreed to do anything. I help her to relax have a couple beers and I told her I would take care of the rest. She laughed and grabbed a beer.

A little back ground on us at this time we have been married for 15 years her kids are out on their own so we are empty nesters. She is 42 and I am 39, she is sexy and full figured with big natural tits that I love and couldn’t wait to share. She has a big pussy I love to eat and she gets really wet when we would talk about someone else eating her and fucking her. But again had trouble doing anything in person outside flashing at a distance.

She let me text him and I gave him the address and he arrived a half hour later. I was surprised he was only about 21 years old. I joked she likes them young and she was shy to talk and interact. I told him we have to get her unstuck and he needs to talk directly to her. She had a few drinks and started to loosen up so I suggested we move to the hot tub and all agreed so she went to the bedroom to change and brought out some shorts for him. I lingered so I could talk to him a minute and told him after she gets a couple more beers in the tub I would start to undress her and he needs to wait for my ok before he touched her. He agreed and the stage was set. I want to change and asked her what she thought she said he was cute and we will see where it leads but she was not going to be able to get started. I said I would handle that part when I thought the time was right.

We got in the hot tub and I grabbed a few beers to sit on the edge as it was about 30 degrees outside so I knew they would stay cold. We started chatting and I counted the beers she had and decided it was time. He sat to my left and her to my right in the corner with my hand on her neck so I started to untie her top and she resisted but I was determined so she gave in and finally her tits fall free and exposed. I noticed her nipples were hard as ever I had seen them and she tried to cover them. I told her to relax and handed her a drink and told her he’s already seen them so why cover up? She slowly let go and drank her beer and let her tits free to his gaze and I was hard knowing this is the first time a guy has really seen her tits for more than a second and she was ok with it.

I let her finish her beer and get more comfortable being topless as I tossed her top out the hot tub. I put my arm around her and pulled her to my lap to bring her closer to him. He looked steady at her and said she had nice tits that need sucking so I dipped my head and sucked her nipple close to my chest a second and then suggested he suck her other one. She protested but I told her it would be fine and we could stop if she wanted to. When she said nothing I sucked again on her nipple and he reached to touch her the first time I looked as he grabbed her breast and squeezed it a bit and she jumped a little as his mouth touched her nipple and she moaned slightly so we continued for a couple minutes sucking her nipples together and I decided to check to see if she was wet so I moved my hand down her leg letting her know it was me and not him.

I moved her suit aside a bit and slid my finger in her and found even though we were in the water she was as wet as I have ever seen her. So I pulled my hand back and grabbed his looked him in the eye and we were sharing her tits and guided his hand to her soaking pussy as I felt his hand start at her suit I put one hand supporting her head and the other caressing her leg so she knew it was not me pulling her bottoms aside yet again. As she realized it was him trying to gain access to her pussy she jumped yet again and closed her legs with his hand next to her soaking clit and mine by her lower thigh. I look at him as we had her nipples in our mouth and winked at him so he knew it was ok and glanced at her to let her know I had given the ok. I started to pull her legs open again but met with a little resistance so I released her nipple and told her it was ok and kissed her. I could tell when his finger penetrated her by the way she stiffened and then relaxed and let her legs spread giving him better access to play. I looked down and he was pulling her suit off revealing her perfectly shaved bare pussy I had shaved two hours earlier. As he tossed her bottoms aside he reached back still with her nipple in his mouth and buried two finger deep in her wet snatch. I just watched as she moaned and he played with my wife. I am sure she felt my hard on under her as she had her eyes closed and head back as he played.

I decided to give her a break as we were all getting over heated not only due the the 104 degree water but all the action. Truth be told if I had watched him fingering her another minute I would have cum. I got her off my lap and handed them another beer and as I opened mine I noticed his hard on poking out of his shorts and realized at some point she had released it and was rubbing it. It was then I knew she would fuck him soon.

I suggested we get out and cool off from the hot tub and she grabbed her robe putting it on but not tying it leaving one breast exposed as she sat on our patio opposite him and me stroking her legs not crossed but not open so you could see a slight hint of her pussy but no more. She sat back drinkingas we looked at her just chit chatting and it seemed her legs were open slightly showing a little more. She was relaxing more too.

It started to get chilly out side in the 30 degree air so I grabbed her hand and lead her inside asking him if he was coming and he followed close behind her. We were in the living room me beside her on the couch him across from her on a chair and she didn’t try to cover up even though she was fully exposed with her tits out, nipples hard and legs slightly closed. I had my hand on her knee so I opened her legs to see if she was wet and he mentioned how sexy a shaved pussy looks and how she was dripping wet. She told him to hush and said she was not but I could see a drip starting to ooze out and said she is ready to be eaten.

He agreed so I stood holding her hand and stood her up to take her robe off and dropping it to the floor and for the first time seeing my wife naked in front of another man and myself with out the water and bubbles to block any view. I asked if she was ready and she just shrugged so I lead her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed face up and asked him if he wanted to eat her first. He said hell yeah and moved to the foot of the bed as I moved to her tits. I saw him crawl up on the bed she opened her legs as if she would for me, with no hesitation, as I was amazed and I watched as his tongue first touch her wet pussy and she arched her back.

I kissed her and told her I have never seen her more sexy and told her I loved her and kissed her deeply yet again as I heard her moan again through my kiss knowing it was another man giving her this pleasure and not me. At some point he had removed his shorts as not to wet the bed with them and I moved to her left side on the bed to kiss and suck her neck and play with her tits as I watched him eating her and I watched as her belly did its little dance which told me she was enjoying his attention. I pulled her left leg up to give him a better view of her open cunt and deeper access to her inner folds as he put his tongue deeper in her. I reached down and spread her ass cheeks and felt her asshole and found it wet with her juices as he licked and sucked her clit. I pressed my finger slightly in her ass as I felt his finger deep in her pussy trough the tender membrane. I pushed on his fingers, he responded by pushing back and rubbing my fingers through her thin skin. I asked him if she was wet and he said she was very wet and sweet to the taste. I agreed and said give me a lick he moved and I took his place knowing his tongue was just there and his saliva would still be there I dove in knowing it was another man that had made her so wet. As I thought about this I came hard as I ever have looking up finding his hand squeezing her tits as he kissed her deep with his tongue and her stroking his hard cock I knew it was time for him to fuck my wife.

So I said to him are you ready to fuck her and she looked surprised as he moved between her legs. He guided his cock to her cunt as she just laid flat legs spread looking at me. I said its ok baby as I kissed her I felt her tense then relax knowing he was deep in her. I had seen his dick and it was a bit smaller than mine and just as thick as me so I knew he fit well in her as he began to pump in and out of her I asked if she was ok and she shook her head yes as he continued to fuck her. I stopped him saying he needed a condom and told her to get up so she could get on top of him so we could dp her pussy.

I didn’t want to miss out on this opertunity. He laid down putting the rubber on and she strattled his cock as she had done to me many times before. As I looked from behind she reached and grabbed his cock and guided it into her and I almost came again. She bounced up and down fucking him and I thought here is my shy sexy wife fucking a guy in front of me and I love it and am not a bit jealous but more turned on than ever before. I was scared I would cum as soon as I slid my dick in her next to his so I reached around her. Trying to catch her tits as she bounced up and down on him impailing her self with his cock. She turned her head and kissed me as I felt his hands reaching for her breast so I bent her forward so he could suck her nipples as I pushed on the small of her back to give me better access to her filled pussy.

As I lined up she felt me and slowed her pace and I had trouble getting in her tight hole knowing he was already in her. I pushed down with the head of my dick knowing the back of my hand was touching his balls and base of his shaft as it disappeared deep in her slick pussy. I felt her relax her cunt and I pushed in along side him and she moaned. As this was a first for all it took some time to get the rhythm but we managed and she started to rock forward and back fucking us both. It wasn’t long before he came and me right behind him. Now he was wearing a condom so it was only my jiz and hers but she came just slightly as I think she was too nervous to relax and concentrate. She got up and he got dressed and left we said our goodbyes and sat on the couch and talked. As we did I asked her if she was ok with the nights events and she said yes but was so nervous she had only slightly cum and wasn’t satisfied so I laid her down on the floor and said I will take care of that and started eating her even though I know I had just came in her and wasn’t sure if his rubber had held. I licked her deep and hard while fingering her and then moved my two fingers from her very well lubed pussy and slowly pushed them in her ass and she responded by stiffening up like a board and came harder than she ever had. I kept licking her hole and clit and pressed my fingers deeper in her ass as she began to shake. She almost shook me loose before her orgasm calmed she said she could take no more. I laid next to her holding her close and she said she enjoyed it alot but wished she would not have been so nervous. I said I loved her more than ever an we went to bed fucking yet again. The next few days after I couldn’t keep my hands off her every chance I got I would eat her thinking of how I watched her fuck another man.

After that we had one more encounter with another guy if you like this let us know and we will share more of my wife. Lol

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