My Best Friend Stayed Over – Cuckold

July 23, 2015

Looking back things definitely got out of hand but, to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t an entirely unpleasant adventure. I was 35 years old and my wife Zoe was about to turn 30, which may have had some bearing on how things developed. We had been together for nearly 10 years and we were always close, loving and up for fun.

My friend Paul and I had worked together for five years until he moved to another part of the country and we still kept in regular contact. Paul was married but had divorced about a year after he moved away. They had had a very rocky relationship and when they finally split he turned to me for support and, in addition to regular phone calls, he visited once every few months. It was on one of these visits that the fun began.

Paul arrived late one Friday evening for a long bank-holiday weekend. After a few sociable glasses of wine Zoe and I went to bed while Paul retired to the spare room. The next afternoon Paul and I went to the pub for a drink and a chat while Zoe went into town with one of her friends. After a few beers Paul told me that he had heard me and Zoe making love the night before and started to joke about it all being over too quickly and we had a laugh. He also said that he was really jealous and frustrated as he hadn’t had any action since divorcing (not that he was getting much anyway when they were together) and added how lucky I was having such a gorgeous wife.

We had only been in the pub a couple of hours when Zoe and her friend came to meet us and all four of us had a meal and a few more beers. As the evening progressed, Paul spent most of the time trying to chat up Zoe’s friend (without much luck) and while they were playing pool, I told Zoe about the conversation that Paul and I had earlier. She was laughing and saying how sorry she felt for him, when he returned from the bar with more drinks. A little while later, after Zoe’s friend had gone home, I came back to the table to find Paul and Zoe laughing and giggling together. “I can’t believe you told Zoe about our conversation”, Paul chided me gently. Zoe laughed and stroked Paul’s face “poor Paul, don’t worry – you’ll find someone”. There was several other remarks made throughout the evening and eventually the three of us headed home quite merry and, if I’m honest, with Zoe and Paul flirting quite openly.

By the time Zoe and I fell into bed together, we were quite playful and we could hear Paul leaving the bathroom and closing the door of the spare room behind him. “We’ll have to make sure we’re a bit quieter tonight”, I whispered. “Yes, poor Paul will be climbing up the wall” she replied laughing. At that, she slowly got out of bed and went to her underwear drawer. I watched intently as she started to slowly dress in some of our favourite lingerie. She looked fantastic as she slipped into the white silk thong, camisole and stockings. “I am so lucky” I said “having a beautiful wife like you to play with”. “Who said it was for you?” she teased, “I might be doing this to give Paul a cheap thrill”. I knew that she was joking but I said, “I might lend you to him then, to help him get rid of some of his frustration”. We carried on teasing each other like this when she climbed back into bed. “I don’t think Paul would last very long with you Babe – he would be rock hard if he saw you dressed like that”, “I feel sorry for him” she said, “poor guy having to wank himself so much to relieve the frustration”. “I’ll tell him tomorrow that I’m going to lend you to him to do the wanking for a change” I said but the talking ended there as she went down on me and sucked and wanked me to a fantastic orgasm.

I woke the next morning with a bit of a hangover. I could hear Zoe downstairs in the kitchen and could smell breakfast cooking. I jumped in the shower, dressed and went downstairs. Zoe was dressed and cooking breakfast when I entered. I gave her a hug, said good morning and went to kiss her but she didn’t seem herself. I sat down to eat and told her to give Paul a knock, “No, you do it”, she replied curtly but then added, a little more softly “I’m busy here”. I didn’t have to get up however as I could hear Paul coming down the stairs. All three of us sat and ate the breakfast that Zoe had prepared but there was a strange, subdued atmosphere that I put down to our respective hangovers.

We had planned to meet some other friends and colleagues later that day but Paul said he would have a shower, then have coffee his ex-inlaws who he was still friendly with, adding that we should meet later. After he left, Zoe and I started to clear up and that is when I asked her if everything was all right. “Something happened last night,” she said and I listened in stunned silence as she confessed.

“You fell asleep almost instantly last night,” she said but she seemed a little upset and continued without really acknowledging me. “I wasn’t too bothered though, we’d both had lots to drink.” She went on to say that she went to the loo shortly afterwards and when she came out, Paul was coming out of the spare room dressed only in his boxer shorts. “We were shocked to see each other and I felt quite vulnerable just standing there in my undies. Paul was having a long look at me while we were standing there and I looked back at you on our bed, sound asleep and I don’t know why but I closed the door and stayed on the landing with Paul.” Then the bombshell “we started kissing passionately”. “How far did you go?” I asked still in shock. “Well I feel really guilty” she said “but I could feel that he was really turned on and we ended up sort of moving towards the spare room and I ended up rubbing his cock until he came all over my belly and camisole – I feel so bad Honey I’m really sorry”. I was speechless, my wife had just confessed to wanking off my best friend but rather than being angry, I was actually feeling really turned on. “Okay, it’s not the end of the World” I reassured her “a bit of drunken madness really – we can get over it”.

I passed the rest of the day in a bit of a daze. We met Paul later and there was, at first, a very strained atmosphere between the three of us. However, as the beers flowed again, the atmosphere lightened and we managed to have a bit of a laugh. “Listen Paul” I said, while Zoe chatted to a friend at the bar “I know about last night, Zoe told me everything”. He started to apologise profusely but I told him it was cool and we could put it behind us. “Sounds like you needed it anyway mate” I joked and then came the second bombshell of the day. “Did I ever” he said, before adding, “You’re a lucky bastard having her – that was the best blow job I’ve ever had in my life”. This revelation left me rather shocked and confused but I didn’t say anything further to Paul about it or mention anything to Zoe when she came back to join us.

We went up the road for the second night, just as merry but this time with a very definite buzz between my wife and my best friend. They had always been flirty and jokey with each other before but tonight there was a definite increase in intensity between them. Neither seemed particularly remorseful for what had happened the previous evening and to be honest, I revelled in the new and exciting atmosphere that seemed to have developed.

Back home the pair of them sat quite close on the settee while I opened a bottle of wine. They were chatting when I entered and gave them a glass each and we sat and drank with no mention at all of the previous night’s events.Neither seemed particularly remorseful for what had After a while, Paul excused himself and went to the spare room and Zoe and I went to bed. “You didn’t tell me you gave Paul a blow-job,” I said. Zoe looked stunned, “I’m sorry Babe” she said, “I feel really bad not telling you but I didn’t want to upset you. Anything else you haven’t told me”? After a few moments awkward silence, she confessed all. They had chatted briefly then kissed, they did go into the spare room and he had sat on the bed while she stood before him, he lifted her camisole top and felt and kissed her small, firm tits. She told me that she had felt incredibly horny and when he slipped his fingers inside her panties and started to rub her clit she came within seconds. He lay back on the bed and for the second time that night she went down, sucked, and wanked a hard cock until it exploded in her mouth. Did you fuck him?” I asked, “truthfully no” she replied “but I really wanted to – his cock was so big and hard”. We were both feeling horny now, “Why don’t you go through and fuck him now” I offered. “No, I would feel too guilty being alone with him – why don’t you go and ask him to join us in our bed”.

The next few minutes was bizarre, almost dreamlike, I went through to the spare room and found Paul wide-awake. I told him what Zoe had suggested but I think he was too shocked, “I cant” he said, “I already feel terrible about last night”. I returned to tell Zoe this, “I’ll talk to him” she said and walked through wearing nothing but a gorgeous little purple silk thong. Both bedroom doors were open and I could hear them both talking in a loud whisper. “Who is driving this?” I heard him ask her. “I am “, was her reply, then silence. After a few minutes, I crept to the bedroom door and looked through to the spare room to see the incredibly horny sight of my best friend lying back on the bed while my beautiful wife, naked apart from the flimsiest silk thong, slowly but enthusiastically sucked his cock. I got back into bed and waited what seemed like an age before shouting through that I was starting to feel a bit jealous. They both came through grinning, with Paul in his boxers again and his arm around Zoe they got into our bed and we spent the night taking turns fucking Zoe from behind while she sucked the other’s cock. It was so exciting to watch her be so intimate and to come repeatedly while she had another man’s cock inside her. At one point, I came inside her from behind while Paul shot his load in her mouth once again.

This adventure continued for several subsequent visits, until Paul met and fell in love with his new wife. The photos are from his “stag weekend”, which consisted of an evening of pleasure with all three of us spending a Friday evening together in a hotel in Birmingham. The next day I left them both alone to spend the rest of the weekend together to say goodbye. She still hasn’t told me everything that went on between them but his name is never far away when we make love together.






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