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December 17, 2015

College Cuckold – My wife and I have been married for nearly three years now, and have led a near-storybook romance. We were close friends in high school (despite my best efforts to be more), started dating in college (even though we attended colleges halfway across the country from each other), and eventually married while I was in law school. For the most part, neither of us has led extraordinary sex lives. I’ve slept with a handful of other women, but none since we’ve been married, and I was Kim’s first. Although she’s good in bed, Kim is pretty conservative sexually, though on occasion she lets her hair down and does something unusual. This story is about the singularly most unusual aspect to our lovemaking, which is that since our junior year in college, Kim has submitted to torrid threesomes with myself and my best friend from college, about once a year.

Because our colleges were so far apart, and because neither of us was particularly wealthy, we only managed to see each other a couple of times each semester. As a result, during our infrequent visits we spent a good deal of time in bed. Shortly after the beginning of our junior year Kim made it down for a visit, and after a vigorous morning of sex, we lay in bed chatting and cuddling. As I ran my fingers through her long dark hair we somehow got onto the topic of our sexual fantasies. Kim, coy as ever, insisted that I go first, so I told her that there were three things I wanted to do to her. The first was to watch her masturbate, the second was to fuck her ass, and the third was to watch another man make love to her. Nuzzling her nose into my ear, Kim whispered that she’d fantasized about all three. Although I was shocked at her openness, I wasn’t about to let the moment pass, and pursued the issue of bringing another man into our bed, reaching down and gently rubbing her moist clit and open pussy lips. Kim wanted to know if I had anyone in particular in mind, to which I told her Rick, who was my housemate at the time and best friend. Kim admitted that she found him attractive, but refused to actually consider fucking him as a real possibility. Although nothing further occurred that weekend in the realm of group sex, it got my wheels turning and set the stage for the events to come, no pun intended.

A month or two later, Kim came down for another visit. Although the thought of another man, let alone my best friend, fucking her scared me to death, it also turned me on more than anything else, and I’d decided to make it happen if possible. The first time he met Kim, Rick told me he thought she was a great looking woman, so I knew I’d have no problem convincing him.

The morning on the day that Kim was to leave, I finally had the opportunity to put my plan into action. I heard Rick clanking about in the kitchen getting breakfast, and decided that it was now or never. Kim occasionally likes a little light bondage, so she wasn’t surprised when I stripped her nightgown and panties off, blindfolded her, and bound her arms to the bed. Using my mouth and fingers, I brought her close to orgasm three or four times, until she was alternately cursing me and begging me for release. It was at this point that I realized that she was as ready as she’d ever be.

With a final, deep kiss, I told her thank you for being so patient and that I was going to retrieve a surprise for her. I slipped out into the kitchen to find Rick sitting at the kitchen table in his bathrobe, munching away at a bowl of cereal and reading the newspaper. He raised his eyebrows and gave me a knowing smile while I retrieved a container of raspberry sauce from the fridge, and then I completely floored him when I asked whether he’d care to help me eat it off Kim. His initial look of shock quickly transformed into a shit-eating grin when he realized I wasn’t kidding, and he quietly followed me back into the bedroom after retrieving a rubber from his room. He obviously had no intent of missing any chance he might have to fuck her.

Kim was still breathing rapidly from my ministrations, and as I gazed upon her naked, bound form with Rick, it was almost like looking at her naked for the first time all over again. With each breath her breasts rose and fell, accentuating her swollen nipples, which were extremely erect and had taken on a dark pink coloration. Her legs were still mostly spread from when I had been manipulating her pussy, and her pussy lips were glistening wet and parted ever so slightly, almost in anticipation of being ravished. Rick just gawked at her as I moved around to the right hand-side of the bed and kissed my way from her mouth down to her breasts. With one hand I reached between her legs and dug two fingers into her pussy, pulling them out to spreading her cunt lips wide open for Rick to see. I had a burning need to display her, all of her, to my lustful friend, whose swollen cock stood straight out and created a lewd tent under his bathrobe.

With an encouraging nod and wink for me, Rick crouched down at the end of the bed, looking up into Kim’s inviting cunt, and started kissing and sucking her toes. This was the moment of truth. Kim immediately tensed up, but as we both fondled her, she relaxed and let out a sigh, “Good morning Rick!”

“Morning Kim,” he replied almost sheepishly. I took some raspberry sauce on my finger and traced it over Kim’s mouth. She licked her lips and gave me an, “Mmmmm!” Rick and I then both proceeded to smear large amounts of the raspberry over her breasts and stomach, and then slowly licked it off. The contrast of the red sauce against her white skin looked amazing, but it also looked too delicious to ignore for too long. We both ended up sucking hungrily on her erect and raspberry-covered nipples while we spread more sauce over her thighs and pussy lips. Rick moved down between her legs and licked hungrily at her raspberry-coated snatch, alternating between working his tongue as deep inside her as possible and sucking on her clit. I had kissed my way from Kim’s breasts back up to her mouth, and she returned my kisses with surprising ferocity and passion. It was later, as we reflected upon the experience, that it was her helplessness that allowed her to surrender to her desires and just enjoy the moment. By being bound, she wasn’t responsible for what happened, so in a sense she was more free than if she had been unbound.

Her enthusiastic response to Rick’s tonguing inflamed my desire to see her cum at the hands of another man, and I stopped kissing her so I could sit back and enjoy the show. Rick was using his hands to spread Kim’s thighs apart as far as possible, giving him unrestricted access to her hot sex. Kim was now straining at the cord that held her arms down, moaning appreciatively at Rick’s efforts.

“Untie me,” she implored, so I did. She was too far gone to stop this now, and I was curious to see what she’d do. Once her arms were released, Kim reached down and pulled Rick’s mouth hard against her pussy, arching her back and spreading her thighs to get as much of her overstimulated cunt against my friend’s tongue and mouth as possible. Her eyes were closed and her head lolled back against the pillow. Rick was only too happy to oblige her lust, and he dug into her pussy with even greater urgency. Abruptly, Kim’s hips snapped upward, a long moan escaping her mouth as her wide open cunt hung in mid-air, with Rick’s face literally buried in the dark curls of her bush, still sucking furiously on her clit. Her legs quivered, and her hips collapsed as her long-denied orgasm finally hit. Rick extricated his face from her snatch, and she made no effort to close her legs, leaving her open, saliva and juice coated pussy gloriously displayed for us to see.

As Kim recovered from her orgasm, Rick and I moved up on either side of her, gently massaging and caressing her entire body. Rick’s large hands squeezed one of Kim’s full breasts while he pressed his mouth, still covered with her juices, firmly against hers. Kim eagerly opened her mouth to accept the tongue that had minutes before been lodged deep within her pussy, and she rolled towards him and pulled him closer. Rick had shed his bathrobe when he had begun tonguing Kim, leaving him in a pair of purple underwear that strained to contain his raging erection, and were generously stained with precum. I took Kim’s left hand and moved it down over his cock, urging her to take it out and stroke it. As Rick sucked and fondled her breasts, Kim whispered to me that she couldn’t, but I noticed that she didn’t stop caressing his rock-hard shaft through his underwear. I told her could, and that was all she seemed to need to overcome her hesitation, as she promptly pulled the front of his underwear down to release Rick’s throbbing cock. Unlike many of the stories I’ve read, he didn’t have what I’d call a “monster cock”, and even though it was a bit thinner than mine, Rick’s cock was a good 7″ with an enlarged, almost purple, head that that was completely coated in precum. My own cock is just your average 6 incher, but it’s a bit thicker than Rick’s. Kim’s fingers closed around his hard flesh, smearing his precum up and down his shaft and all over her fingers. As she ran her fingers up and down, I was afraid she was going to make him shoot his wad all over her, instead of inside her, and apparently so was Rick as he reached down and gently but firmly holding her hand still.

Sensing that Rick and Kim were about to consummate our threesome, I moved off the bed and sat on the floor with my back against the wall, my own cock twitching eagerly in anticipation of what I was about to witness. Rick pulled out the rubber that he had brought in with him, but Kim was on the pill so she took it out of his hand and told him it wasn’t necessary. She pulled him down on top of her, spreading her legs so that he landed between them. Rick was extremely aroused by now, and he promptly thrust the head of his cock at the portals of her open snatch. From my position on the floor, I was eye-level with the bed, giving me a perfect view of Kim’s glistening pussy lips as they readily yielded to the pressure from Rick’s cock, opening up to eagerly swallow his manhood. Hungry for release, Rick jerked his hips forward, driving his cock deep inside Kim with one impatient thrust. Their mouths locked in a passionate kiss, Rick and Kim started slamming their hips together in fervent harmony, Rick’s cock forcefully plowing its way balls-deep into Kim’s pussy each time. The ardent pace of their coupling was accompanied by the rapid slapping of flesh against flesh, and the wet, smacking sound as Kim’s juicy cunt sucked in the object of its passion. Rick slammed his cock into her again and again, increasingly faster and harder, his balls violently slapping against her ass each time. Kim’s arms were wrapped around his shoulders, and she sucked eagerly at his neck as her body welcomed the insistent invasion of this new, wonderfully hard flesh imbedded deep inside her. She began thrusting her hips up wildly in a frenetic pace that I knew could not be maintained long, her breasts quivering with each new impact as Rick drove his cock into her. With one final thrust, Rick gasped and spasmed on top of her. Grinding his hips into her, he shot his cum deep inside Kim while she clutched him tightly.

My rod was about to burst itself, so when Rick looked over and saw my urgent state, he withdrew his softening shaft from Kim’s cunt, and I climbed onto the bed. Kneeling between her spread legs, I took a moment to gaze down and appreciate her post-fucked condition. A slight sheen from perspiration and saliva glistened off her skin, which made her heaving breasts even more attractive than usual. Her skin all the way from her neck down to her thighs was marked by red splotches from our passionate kisses and bites. But most attractive of all was the treasure between her splayed legs. Her cunt had been well used by Rick’s assault – the dark curls of her bush were matted with saliva and cum, her pussy lips were red and puffy, and remained stretched wide open after the vigorous fucking, giving me a clear view of the insides of her pink cunt, which oozed forth a small river of cum. Unable to deny my lust any longer, I lifted Kim’s legs over my shoulders and slid my cock into her extremely well lubricated pussy with very little effort. Since she’d already been fucked, her cunt had already expanded, and coupled with the copious amounts of Rick’s spunk that oozed out around my cock, she felt much looser than usual. Sliding my shaft into her cum-filled cunt is the most glorious sensation I’ve ever experienced, and I doubt I will ever find anything that can equal it. Even as loose and wet as she was, I was too aroused to last long, so I immediately kicked into high gear, slamming her pussy with the same sort of hard fucking she’d just been getting from Rick.

“Do you like taking two cocks in you pussy, babe?” I asked.

“Yesssss,” she whispered huskily. Her body shook under the impact of each thrust, as the thought of fucking her pussy that only moments before had surrounded Rick’s cock drove me to unprecedented levels of burning desire. I could feel Rick’s semen oozing all around my cock, and each time I withdrew for another thrust it was coated in a mixture of Kim’s juices and Rick’s cum. She was my slut. I had given the most private and precious aspect of her being to my best friend, and now I reclaimed her body with my cock, pummeling her defiled pussy as hard as I could. All too soon I felt my cock swell and spew my pent up cum into her cunt, adding my jism to Rick’s semen that had already doused her insides.

I collapsed on top of Kim, and we gently kissed as my twitching cock softened inside her warm, wet, cum-filled cunt. Rick slipped out, as our interlude had already made him late for some appointment he had on campus. Kim had to return to her college later that afternoon, so we did not have the opportunity to follow up on our sexual breakthrough. It did, however, set the state for numerous other encounters with Rick, which I’m willing to share again.



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