My First Time – Cuckold

October 30, 2015

Early Cuckold Experiences – My first hot girlfriend made me a perverted cuck for life. This was my initiation into the power of female sexuality and the control that a dominant woman can have.

Her name was “M”. She was a beautiful, sexy 18 year old Italian girl with auburn hair and luscious, full breasts. She had a milky white complexion and her whole body would change to red with sexual tension flush whenever she had an orgasm. I loved to get her off. I ate her pussy every chance I could.

She would drive me home and I would kneel on the floor of the car and drop her pants and just lick, slurp, kiss and worship her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I ate her like she was Holy Mary Mother of God herself. She was a horny girl and she came every single time. I could fully feel the pulsing vibrations of her labia, her clitoris and her whole pussy because I always pushed my face and head all the way up in between her legs, as far as I could get. I was also a tuba player so I could hold my breath and lick with pressure for a long time. She loved it. Licking her so much was hot and it was awesome.

We fucked missionary sometime, she also tried to give me head, but she wasn’t very good at it. So we just sort of slacked off with blow jobs and went to about 80% oral sex for her and 20% missionary sex.

This was no problem in my book, but I got the feeling that she was probably jealous of how much I got off on making her come, and so she wanted to try more “giving” herself. She couldn’t seem to get me off and it started causing her to develop “issues”. I think she started slyly looking around for other opportunities to practice. She made several goofy jokes and comments with her favorite new word: “Hoovering.” One time she was overjoyed when she got her birth control pills refilled.

“Why?” I asked.

“Casual Sex,” was her cheerful reply. Of course – I thought she was talking about casual sex with me.

“M’s” best girlfriend hated me because I was moving in on their girl time together. Her friend tried every opportunity to break us up including strongly encouraging “M” to go with other boys.

“M” did go to a party once with her friend, and claimed later that she unwillingly had sex at the party. But the way she she told me sounded strange. In a weird way, she seemed to have actually gotten off on it, and she squirmed around as if trying to rub her clit on the chair when she told me. She said about 4 guys made her suck their dicks at the party and one guy fucked her afterward. She claimed she didn’t want to do it but in retrospect, it didn’t seem to bother her too much. She looked guilty, not like she was hurt, but more like she was admitting to putting her hand in the candy jar. She told me about it once and then never wanted to talk about it after that.

David was one of my classmates. He was the guy who introduced me to “M”. He was on the wrestling team with me and I knew he had a buff body, totally shaved for wrestling, and big meaty cock. I knew this because he wasn’t shy about showing off in the locker room. He liked to just walk around naked and chat guys up and have conversations with his dick bouncing around like nothing was unusual. It was hard for anybody to tell him to get lost – even when he was butt naked with his dick in their face – because he was such a friendly guy with a talkative personality.

I used to dread spending time in the locker room for fear that he’d chat me up and I’d have to watch his schlong hanging out while we talked. It was intimidating because he was obviously bigger than me and not shy at all about his body. In classes, most of the girls loved him because he was so chatty. It was sort of understood that he had already slept with some of the girls in class and the ones who hadn’t would love to get their hands on him.

I know my girlfriend “M” knew about his cock, because one of her older girlfriends was dating David and always talked about his prick like it was the most amazing thing in the world. Sometimes they would have long conversations – even when I was there – about David’s size, technique, style and ability. I got the impression that David was “better” than me. I started to feel all intimidated about my sexuality and self-esteem. But rather than get mad, I secretly fantasized about “M” fucking him.

In order to try for “M” to be able to get me off while sucking my dick, I made her tell me stories about how she would fuck other guys. I made her tell me who she wanted to fuck and how she would go about getting in their pants, where they would go, how did she feel, what she thought and what she did.

One day she told me this story, while I was gently licking her pussy:

She said she went to David’s house one night with her girlfriends for some drinks. But then, because she accidentally left her purse over at his house, the next day she went back to get the purse. He was alone in the house. He was lifting weights with his shirt off and he was working out. She rang the bell and he got her purse for her and then he kissed her. She didn’t resist and then he fucked her on his bed for a long time. Sometimes missionary, sometimes doggy, and sometimes she rode him. She said she liked it. She said he was sexy. She especially liked his thick cock. She liked the way he felt inside her. She liked how it tasted in her mouth. He was strong. He fucked really well and for a long time. And he came a lot, too. She loved that he came in her pussy – so much that some of it spilled out and ran down her leg. She liked his body smell and all the things he told her to do. He put her in different positions. She liked how he “forced” her to do things – like deep throat his cock and swallow his come. After that day, he would sometimes drive over to her house when nobody was home and fuck her in her own four poster canopy bed, rocking it back and forth and making her scream.

This was a hot story and thinking about it actually made me come in her mouth that night for the first time. She was overjoyed to finally be able to do this.

“M” did have one fling while we were dating. David introduced her to his friend Zach and they ‘got along’ well.

I didn’t know at the time, but I found out that “M” started going over to his house every day directly after school. “To study,” her girlfriends said. Even though “M” and Zach weren’t going to the same school.

One time, when I couldn’t find “M”, I actually went over to his house and knocked on the door and she came out, pissed off at me. She wouldn’t speak to me. A couple of days later we “broke up.”

That weekend I was so crazy with jealousy, I drove to her house, parked down the street and snuck into her back yard. I could see through the big sliding glass door into her downstairs family room where she and Zach were cuddling under the covers. I almost died with jealousy, shame and embarrassment. I went home an emotional wreck.

A couple of weeks later, Zach found another girl and “M” asked me to get back together. I forgave her and we were a couple once again.

A few months later David came up to me in the locker room. He was stark naked, as usual. His dick was bobbing about and it was a little stiff. He was getting a hard on. It was so annoying, but after “M”‘s story all I could think about was him putting that dick inside “M”. Eventually we started talking about “M”. He told me how hot she was, how beautiful she was, and how he sometimes fantasized about ‘making love’ with her.

I took it as a compliment, but later I found out that she did make love with him. In fact, she asked him for sex but he rejected her once. As it turned out, one time at a party, on her knees with her hands on his crotch, and in front of her girlfriend, she literally begged him to fuck her. And so he did. Right there during the party in an empty room. Bareback.

He came inside her and she loved it. She had been fantasizing about him for years. Her girlfriend told me later “M” said that it was the hottest sex she ever had. Much better than with me. That he was so big and so buff and so boss that she kind of gave herself to him totally and she got off completely. She came with him more than any other guy she ever had sex with.

The girlfriend went on to tell me that “M” and David got high and fucked a few more times after the party. In her apartment, in his bed, in a coffee shop bathroom, in a classroom and in different places around campus. David had another girlfriend during this time, so “M” never really dated him, but she actually got to taste his cock, just like she had told me she wanted to.

I always wondered what it would be like to have your friend’s hot girlfriend – who you really wanted fuck, come up and ask you for sex, then finally beg you for it…and then you would get to fuck her sexy brains out again and again, suck and squeeze her gorgeous tits, grab her ass and cum bareback over and over in her tight, wet vagina as her whole body turned red. And then – as David did – talk with me later like nothing unusual had happened.

When I finally heard this story, I was humiliated, shamed, and felt like crawling around on the floor like a dog. Did “M” tell him about our fantasies? I never knew the truth, but I was sure she did. In the end, it seemed so “right” and natural for her to fuck him. My balls spent about 2 straight months overflowing with sperm after I found out. I must have come 150 times straight without a stop.

“M” was 1 year older than me, and she went to college ahead of me. Lucky, it turns out that her roommate was a severely repressed lesbian from a conservative family who tried to forget the fact that she was gay by bringing different guys back to their room every night and letting them bang the fuck out of her – just to prove that she wasn’t queer.

“M” told me stories of how she tried to fall asleep on the top bunk while the bed was shaking from her roommate getting pounded on the bottom bunk.

The roommate literally slept with over 60 different guys over in few months period. Eventually M broke down and started to join in both hunting for guys and fucking. That’s when M started to get a real sex education. I’m not sure of all the details, but she obviously got a lot more serious practice sucking dick and getting laid.

Slowly she put me on the outs again, but she never dumped me totally and strung me along. She pretended like nothing was happening and she was a good girl and we were just a long distance couple. Like a cat playing with a mouse.

I never got together with any other girls or got any action at all. I stayed true to M and she never let me know about her sexual awakening and erotic experiences. She was trying to ‘save’ my feelings by lying her ass off, but I always suspected something was going on. Because she wouldn’t tell me the whole truth, she was sending me through an emotional meat grinder.

One time when I went to visit, I couldn’t find “M”. Her friends told me that “M” was “busy.” I got drunk and asked some of her friends in a kind of dramatic way if “M” had slept with any guys besides me. They looked at each other with a knowing smirk – like who is this clueless chump? One of the girls said “yes,” and I was crestfallen, but played it cool. The girls kept me around, got me high, said I was so cute and made fun of me with inside jokes for entertainment. Eventually M showed up and I think that was the first time she ever gave me sloppy seconds.

Finally we did break up. “M” transferred to another university and had a kid, but she never got married.

After this I never wanted another boring girlfriend again. I became addicted to hot girls who would cheat on me, lie to me, betray me, torture my feelings and give me the intense emotional pain I longed for and deserved. My new girlfriend ‘B’ knows about my past and says she could ‘never’ do that to me but every time I tell her about it I can see her cheeks flush a little. I know she likes it and will eventually go that route too. I believe we will be married one day and so does she. In a few years I may have more to write but here are a few pics of ‘B’ for now.




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