My Girlfriend Was Hit On – Cuckold

December 18, 2015

Cuckolded While Camping – My girlfriend Kelly and I and a large group of friends went camping together during the summer. We got to the camping area late and there was a small bonfire going and lots of people around it throwing whatever wood there was on it. This wasn’t one of those campsites you pay for. It was way out in the boonies on private property. One of our friends knew the owner and they let us stay there as long as we cleaned up any mess before we left. There were lots of vehicles around with the stereo cranked up. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. Plenty of beer and booze was going around as well as some other things of which I don’t partake of. My girlfriend was really taking a liking to the scene and I was making her feel more comfortable as we drank a few beers.

She had never been to one of these camp overs with me before. I was catching a good buzz from the beer too. One of my friends, his name is Greg came over to us and started chatting. He sat on the other side of my girlfriend so that she was sitting in the middle of us. It was pretty late but the party kept going and there was singing and people making funny jokes and wisecracks as well as some pranks like moving one guy’s tent to a very remote area.

Kelly asked me to go to the keg and get a refill for her beer cup. I immediately got up and said sure babe. I started to walk away but my friend Greg, asked me to get him a refill too. I looked back and took the cup he was holding out to me. He was sitting close to Kelly. This made me feel a bit uncomfortable but there was this familiar twinge that shot through my stomach. I walked over to the keg in a hurry looking back every so often to see my girlfriend. They were sitting closer now. I got to the keg but there were a few people ahead of me half pouring the beer, stopping to make some silly comments and then laughing.

Waiting and waiting I finally got to fill the beer cups, one for myself too. So I walked slowly back to where they were sitting with the three beers trying not to spill them. “Thanks honey” she said. Greg then took his beer too. We were sitting there drinking, the loud music playing. It was getting a little chilly but the fire kept things warm. I put my arm around Kelly and she leaned over to say something to me. “your friend likes me “ she said. I didn’t know what to say. I was a bit angry but at the same time I resisted the urge to do anything. My girlfriend loves sex. She is younger than I and “loves to feel it” so I was a bit concerned but I said nothing, took a sip of my beer looked straight ahead.

I then leaned over kissed her. I had my arm around her back but when I moved it down I then felt my friends hand touching her ass. She then asked me to get her another refill. I got up and walked over to the keg again. I went for a few more beer runs and they were getting well acquainted. The last beer run there was no one there because most of the partygoers were going to their tents to sleep. It was real late now. I took my time getting back to them. I sort of gave up on being confrontational.

I had been gone a while and was just spying from a distance. I saw Greg lean towards my girlfriend and Kiss her. I got back with the beer and she just put it down. By this time there was only us three and one other drunk guy looking like his night was about over. I sat down next to her and she leaned over to me again and said. “Your friend is hitting on your woman.” again I didn’t know what to say. I looked at the campfire slowly burning out, there was no one else but us there. She was leaning towards me again. She was going to kiss me. I stood up and looked down at Her and Greg.

He had his arm around her waist again as they sat there. She looked up at me and leaned her head into my stomach. I don’t know why but I gently pushed her towards Greg. She then turned her face away from me and just fell into my friend’s arms. They embraced each other with the most passionate kiss I had ever seen. I was so nervous. What was I doing? I took a step back and watched them grab each other and hug and kiss. I didn’t know what else to do but watch. I was nervous. Out came a cigarette and I lit it up in a hurry as they stood up and hugged and kissed each other.

Greg is a lot taller than me and much taller than Kelly. I watched as my girlfriend removed her shirt and threw it on the ground. Greg took off his shirt. They were close to the dimming fire and I looked around and didn’t see anyone else. Kelly took off her bra, threw it to me and said “here’s a souvenir” It was a nice bra I had bought for her as a gift. I held on to it. Greg then put his hands all over my girlfriend’s chest. I didn’t stop him. My heart was racing. I was getting turned on now but kept smoking more. Kelly got down on her knees on the hard rocky dirt and unbuckled Greg’s pants. She sucked his cock right in front of me but I couldn’t see it because it was dark and he was facing at an angle.

All I could see was her face moving in and out of his pants. After a couple of minutes he pulled away then got on his knees. They kissed some more then Kelly took off her pants and laid back on the hard ground, no blanket or anything. Greg pulled his pants down more and I could see his ass in the dim light. Kelly spread her legs apart and he moved up to kiss her again. I could see Greg trying to put his cock into my girlfriend. He moved here and there Kelly spread her legs a little wider. Finally I saw Greg’s back sink down into her slowly. He didn’t move for a bit, just stayed in that position. I knew he was inside my girlfriend. I then watched him slowly start to pump in and out of Kelly. Greg was tall and thin but still a big guy.

I don’t know how my girlfriend could stand being on the hard rocky ground without a blanket and all that weight on her. They were both feeling the passion of the moment. I just watched as my girlfriend laid there taking his manhood. After about ten minutes they got up and put their clothes back on except for my girlfriend’s bra, which I still had in my hands. They started talking loud about nothing and laughing and just making conversation in front of me as if nothing had happened. Greg invited Kelly back to his tent but she and I were holding hands and I said no thanks and we walked back to our tent. We got naked and I kissed her. Then I don’t know why but I moved my face down in between her legs. She spread her legs for me and I licked her pussy clean. I didn’t care if she just fucked my friend. It took a long time for me to get it up but we fucked each other till we were tired.

It was one of the best cuckolding experiences I have ever had. That experience almost cost me losing my girlfriend though because for months after he kept texting her and telling her he would be a better boyfriend than I. She must have eventually told him to stop. I’m still with my girlfriend and we still see him now and then but there’s no sex with him. One night while lying in bed with Kelly, She told me that “Greg is blessed”.

A guy must be careful around his friends if he has a beautiful woman, unless your into that, then with enough persuasion and the right (or wrong friends) your wife or girlfriend WILL cuckold you.




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