My Wife Captures Her Cuckold

August 16, 2015

My Wife’s Anniversary Present to Me – Watching my wife, Robin, getting ready to go out I could not help but think about where she was going and what she was going to do. My questions were quickly dismissed. It had been my idea, and she had agreed. I knew better than to push it. I went on with my evening, stopping long enough to acknowledge that she was leaving and hear that she was going out to get “our” anniversary gift. I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant by “our” present, but I knew I’d find out soon enough. It was the day before our 10 year anniversary. We had talked in the pat before about how I would love to see her with another man, but she had always said no.

I was just falling asleep when I heard her come in and she jumped in in the shower. She quietly slipped into bed never mentioning where she had gone.

The next morning she called me at from her office and suggested that we go out for the evening and spend the night at a hotel, she said that she would make all the arrangements. Dinner was great, but I must admit I was anxious to find out what we had gotten into.

We finished dinner and headed for the room. She handed me a gift wrapped present that turned out to be a camcorder and started to change into the nude, and she told me to press play. By the time I had the camcorder playing she was in bed leaning against the head board enjoying a drink. The recording began with her in frame looking just as she did now. I glanced at her and she just told me to just watch and enjoy.

The image of her asked someone else in the room if the camera was taping. A man voice replied yes as he walked into the recording. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or how unbelievably excited I was becoming.

It was now obvious that my wife was with this man the night before in this very bed. She had been with only 4 other men before we were married, and I had begged her for this moment, but I had not imagined what it would be like if I never witnessed it. I was going to enjoy this. She slid down on the bed and her friend, still wearing pants, knelt between her legs.

He slid his hands up her legs, and moved to her big breasts. Her entire body was now exposed to him. He bent over and began sucking her nipples moving from one to another. He pushed her legs open further and kissed her pussy. He forced her to her knees and she reached to release his cock and guided it between her lips. She sucked him that way until he made her beg for his cock in her married cunt. He slowly slid it in. Her back arched and she groaned letting both of us know it was in and she seemed to cum almost at once. She told him she wanted it from behind and they switched positions. SHe then flipped her back over and started to pound her as hiss pace quickened and with one last thrust he pulled himself tight against her, all thw while she moaned “I love your cock, I love your cock”.

At the last moment, he pulled out and emptied all over her. The video ended with him walking back to turn the camera off. I hit the power button and just looked at her. “I got you what I knew you wanted” she said with a smile. She then slid down on the bed and I knew exactly what she wanted. Here is a still of her used pussy (and his dick) covered with his cum.

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