My Wife Fucked a Stranger – Cuckold

November 8, 2015

In His Car – I wanted to share my story with you all on the blog after reading some amazing ones here.

I am 35 years old, white, professional male and my wife is also 35.

When we started dating 10 years ago, I thought she was a very nice girl that maybe had a handful of boyfriends up until me. I also thought that she was pretty inexperienced sexually as I was (I lost my virginity at 22) and had only been with about 6 girls before I met my wife.

Things got started pretty quickly. Always hanging around together (we worked in the same office), eating lunch together, going out for drinks after work, etc.. Soon we went out on our first date and although we didn’t have sex, we did kiss passionately for a long time.

On our second date, we were laying on her bed and while making out, I started to play with her tits and started putting my hand down her panties. Now, I have to admit, that I thought she was less experienced than I was, so I was attempting to come off as the “Experienced Guy”.

I soon had her panties off and decided to start things off by eating her pussy. But again, because I didn’t know what I was doing, after about 5 minutes of me down there, she said “Why don’t we just have sex?”

I said okay and took my pants off and got in between her spread legs. I was very hopped up by this point and I started rubbing my cock up and down her wet slit. She started moaning and told me to put it in. I thought I would tease her further by inserting it in her a little and then pulling out, but as soon as I put it in her, I started to cum. Not wearing a condom, I quickly pulled out and shot a streaming load over her face, tits and tummy.

I had premature ejaculated all over my new girlfriend. She took it well (she was very supportive) and that ended our first sexual encounter.

Amazingly, she did not dump me. Instead we got closer and I moved in with her. Within 3 months, we were engaged.

While engaged she bought me some books on premature ejaculation and how to cure it. I tried everything, but nothing worked. I was a minute man. We began talking about my sexual history and it seems that I had always been premature – I just never knew it.

I also learned about her sexual history – and it changed me forever. You see, my wife lost her virginity at age 18 to a black boyfriend. Throughout high school she dated and had sex with 4-5 black guys, even having a no-strings attached sexual relationship with a black guy she worked at Burger King with.

Her first year in college, she had a very serious relationship with another black guy that she admitted to me was the best sex of her life. I’ve seen a picture of this guy and he is good looking with a bodybuilders body. She said his dick was about 9 inches long and thick – about 4 inches longer than mine and most definitely thicker. She said that giving him a blow job hurt her jaw because she could only manage to get about an inch past his head into her mouth. They had sex for hours on end and did it in every position imaginable. The only thing they didn’t do was anal – not because they didn’t try, but because his cock was too big to fit in her ass. He only got the tip in!

Needless to say, this played with my head and turned me on simultaneously.

For the next three years, we managed okay with me lasting only a few strokes during intercourse, but I did manage to get her off either with my hand or by licking her. However, she was becomming less and less interested in sex. And so was I. I felt that I couldn’t fulfill her sexually – and she agreed. For the next few years, we barely had sex at all – maybe 4 times a year if that. I stopped receiving blow jobs a long time ago.

Then last last year, she asked me if we should be a stepford wife. I assume that meant that she should take a lover. We talked about it for a while and it scares me as much as it turns me on. The thought of seeing her with another man. I told her I’d have to think about it.

Last night, I told her that if she wanted another man, I would have to be involved. I wanted to be there and watch and maybe even take part if I wanted to.

She suggested a male co-worker that has the hots for her, but I said no – he is mexican. I want to see her with a black guy with a huge dick. I suggested she contact her old boyfriend from college and she has agreed to try to contact him.

I’m scared as hell about all of this. Am I doing the right thing I asked myself? What if I freak out? What if it turns me on watching or what if she is sucking me while he is fucking her and then I come too fast and its over for me and then they keep fucking for hours? What do I do? Make a sandwich for them?

All those thoughts went through my head over and over.

Well, she did contact her old boyfriend. She explained the situation to him and he wasn’t interested in having sex with me in the room.

Then, last weekend, a young black kid came to our door selling magazine subscriptions to raise money for his college tuition. He was a pretty big guy, over six feet tall with big hands. I thought he was fairly attractive. Since I answered the door, I thought it might be best if my wife talked to him.

I told him to hold on and that he should talk to my wife. I left him standing on the porch and went into the house to find my wife. I told her there was a good looking black kid outside selling something and that she should see if she was interested.

She went out and talked to him for about 20 minutes. She was wearing a tank-top t-shirt that you could see her nipples through. Apparantly, this kid noticed because he got really flirty with her and she thinks she saw a bulge in his pants.

She told him to stop back next weekend for the magazine subscriptions because she would like to buy some from him – “because he’s so cute” – but that she’d rather not buy anything with her husband home. He said okay and would. I wasn’t supposed to be home.

I asked her if she’d like to fuck him. She said hell yes that it looked like his dick looked very big based on the size of the bulge. She also said he reminded her of one of her high school boyfriends.

The black kid never showed that day. So we kind of dropped the subject for a while. My wife kinda felt bad that the kid didn’t want her.

So I did a bit of reading on how to find a guy and found several online at swinger and adult sites. Most were available and we were planning a chat with them.

We also decided to go to a bar and see if we could maybe pick up a guy and bring him home with us.

While at the bar (I was at one end, she was at the other) she began talking to a bunch of different guys, but they were all white. She talked to this one guy for a long time and then came over to me.

Although he was white, she was really turned on by him. She wanted to know if we could just use him. He wasn’t bad looking and had a good body, so I said okay. My heart was racing and I felt sick to my stomach.

But when she proposed the idea to him (letting him know I’d be there) but he said he wansn’t sure. He said they could talk it over in his car – but alone. She told me she was going to talk to him in his car and that she would be alright – I shouldn’t worry.

So they left the bar, and I was there by myself. After about 30 minutes, I started to get scared, so I walked into the parking lot to see if I could find them.

I couldn’t find them so I returned to the bar and called her cell phone. No answer.

I kept calling and still no answer. About another half hour later, they both came in to the bar. She came over to me and I asked her if she went to fuck him. I was sick and scared at this point.

She said they did drive down the street and planned on just making out but her lust got the better of her and she ended up naked on top of him while they were parked in an empty parking lot. She said she was sorry but that once his hand was inside her pants that there was no going back. She couldn’t help it. She said he had an average dick but that he lasted almost 45 minutes while she rode him as hard as she could to 4 orgasms and was surprised I couldn’t hear her.

Before I could even register my shock she grabbed me and told me to get in the car that we had to go to the bedroom and keep it going. Once inside she pulled on my dick and made me cum instantly. Then I was hard again and this time she mounted me while showing me exactly what she did with him and how hot it made her and she told me all sorts of nasty things he did to her body while she was riding them and believe it or not I lasted the whole way through! The shock was what kept me going I think. She came twice in me and then collapsed on the bed and smiled at me.

We had sex again the next morning and she wants to do it again sometime so we’ll be in chat with several men soon.




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