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August 11, 2015

Erotic Massage – A few weeks ago I watched my extremely s
exy and thoroughly desirable wifey receive an erotic massage. His name was Mike and he had given her three massages before and each time he played with her pussy with his fingers—bringing her to an intense orgasm. I wasn’t in the room during these three encounters but I had rigged up an intercom system so that I could listen while Mike got her hot and then made her cum. For those husbands who have never had the privilege of doing this believe me, it is incredibly erotic to hear your wife having intimate relations with another man. All I kept thinking was here’s my wife of almost twenty years moaning and panting and wantonly letting a practical stranger into her pussy, a pussy that’s supposed to be reserved for me. It made me so aroused I practically came in my pants from listening. Then after he left I felt her pussy and it was so wet and she was so sexed up she had no trouble cuming again…and again.

This time she wanted me in the room to watch as Mike played with her. I was a little ambivalent about this so we talked about it a lot.

“You really like when Mike touches you?” I asked her as she lightly touched my cock.

“Uh huh” she said as I returned the favor and began to caress her pussy.

“And you want me to watch as he does this?” I said as I pushed a now very wet finger inside of her.

“MMM…yes.” She replied with a moan.

“Are you ok if I receive the same from another woman?”

She thought for a moment and then stated: “No. I don’t want you to do that. You like that I want to let other men do this to me and so do I. But, in truth, I don’t want other women to do this to you. I guess I want your cock just for me.”

“But you want to share your pussy with other men?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said while looking me straight in the eyes.

Now this had me very hot. For some reason, the idea that my wife wants me to keep my cock exclusively for her but she also wants to be able to share her hot pussy with other men makes me incredibly aroused. Somehow I like that she’s one up on me in this way. It’s not that I’m into the sissy/cuckold lifestyle. I have no desire or inclination to be demeaned or humiliated and she has no desire to demean me. It’s just the thought of my sexy wife receiving pleasure from other men (and giving them pleasure) turns me on greatly. It makes me even hotter for that pussy of hers.

But I didn’t really have to tell her. My very hard cock was doing all the talking.

“You want that don’t you? You want me to let other men have my pussy? You want a hot wife?” She asked knowing the answer.

I kissed her deeply and said: “I love that idea. I love that this (Squeezing her hand that was wrapped around my hard dick) is exclusively for you but that this (moving two fingers in her very wet pussy) isn’t exclusively mine. And I can tell it appeals to you too. I can’t wait to see your face as Mike makes you cum.”

This did the trick as she began moaning and undulating on my fingers faster and faster.

“Is this what he does to you?” I said while finger fucking her.

“Oh yeah” she moaned.

“And you like it don’t you?” I whispered hoarsely.

“Oh God yes!” she screamed as she had an intense orgasm.

So I guess we had our answers!

The night of the massage we decided we would have Mike, in addition to playing with her pussy, also use a dildo on her. She had told me she would like this because it would feel more like he was fucking her. She wasn’t yet ready to actually have his dick in her but I knew we’d get there. We decided that the first part of the massage would just be the two of them and that I would come in once he started to play with her pussy. I could tell that Gina was very excited about this and so was I.

I waited in the living room while Mike worked on her. I had the intercom on so that I would know when things started to move forward. Both Gina and I were sexed up. We normally have sex 3-4 times a week but this past week we had abstained so that her pussy would be ready and she would be extra horny, which she told me she was. So was I, the thought that by abstaining from sex I was actually priming my wife’s pussy for another man’s touch had me way beyond aroused.

For the first forty-five minutes or so everything seemed to be normal. Just an ordinary massage. As the clock neared 11pm I heard Gina let out a low, barely perceptible moan and say: “MMM…that feels good.” Followed by a chuckle by Mike. My dick instantly sprang to attention and so did I going to the back room and asking if I could sit in for the rest.

Mike said “Sure, have a seat on the chair.” Which I did.

Gina was lying on the massage table face up. A sheet covered her from the waist down but her top was exposed. Her breasts were glistening with massage oil and her nipples were hard and sticking out like they do when she’s aroused, just like pencil erasers. It was incredibly erotic to see my wife aroused, lying topless on a table, seemingly at ease while another man hovered over her.

Mike began to lightly stroke her breasts and play with her nipples. I stared transfixed while my wife smiled and began to lightly moan “MMMM” All that was registering was how hot it was to watch my wife lying back, thoroughly enjoying while another man was teasing her hard nipples. No sense of self-consciousness, no embarrassment. Just a sexy woman enjoying the very erotic touch of another man…while her husband watched!

Soon Mike’s other hand began to lightly creep down her belly and under the sheet. She began to sigh and breathe deeply as I saw his hand moving where I knew her pussy was. Her breathing began to quicken and I began to hear the familiar sloshing sound her wet pussy makes when I’m rubbing it.

Gina began to moan louder as Mike, his fingers now deep inside her pussy, pulled the sheet all the way down. She kicked the sheet completely off and pulled her left leg up as I’m sure she had before, giving him better access to her pussy while she arched her back bore down on him, moaning louder and louder.

“Oh, use the dildo on me.” She half commanded, half pleaded to Mike.

He smiled and picked up the dildo that had apparently been resting on the table next to her. He began to slowly rub it up and down my wife’s labia, while she moved her hips up and down moaning and panting as if she were in extreme heat. It was enthralling! In one motion Mike pushed it in all the way, causing Gina to moan louder and begin to thrust her hips up and down as the surrogate dick plowed into her.

“Oh yes!” She cried out as she continued to undulate on the dildo that Mike was thrusting into her. She looked over to me with that dreamy excited look she gets when she’s in ecstasy. Mike began to pinch her nipples and thrust the dildo into her faster as I could see and hear my wife’s orgasm building.

All I could think of was there was my wife, her pussy in the hands of another while I watched her having hot sex with a man we hardly knew. It was so exciting I thought I was going to explode. Mike began to thrust the dildo faster inside of her as she started to almost uncontrollably hump against him.

“Oh my God” she began to scream as my wife, in our back room, in the hands of another man and in front of her faithful husband, had an incredibly intense orgasm. Gentlemen, you should all try to experience this at least once.

Afterward, as we lay together in our bed, we relived the experience. Needless to say we’ve already booked another massage. I wonder what my very hot wife has in store for me next!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our experience and please do try this for yourself.

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