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September 10, 2015

Dominant Wife – For 14 years of marriage I had begged, pleaded, cajoled, been patient etc…

Eventuly my wife agreed to go with me to some hotel bars where she could experience chatting and flirting with other men. It all started pretty innocent with her dressed to kill in form fitting leather pants and some type of halter top. After the first night out, when she had been approached by a number of men and chatted we went home to have exeptional sex. She was clearly extremly turned on and woke me at 4 in the morning for more sex.

We did this a few times with the same results. She always said that she was afraid of my reaction if she ever went through with it. I suggested that she could lock me in a CB cchastity cage so that I would have to be nice to her no matter what. She was a little intimidated locking me up but it was fun for an hour or two.

One night at her suggestion we rented a room in a swanky hotel where she had met some appealing men on previous occasions. On entering the room I was really hot for her. After a pretty quick fuck she commented that it was good that my cock was now soft because she wanted to lock it up, laying back on the bed I could feel her lubing my cock so that it slid into the tube and heard the lock click.

She then went and took a really long shower to in her words “clean myself up”.

She came out of the bathroom with her face made up in what could only be described as a very slutty look.

She then pulled out a super sexy red lace gstring, asked me if I liked it, and then said good, but it is not for you. I sat there watching her slowly get dressed into her sexy outfit, everytime she saw me staring at her she commented that I shouldn’t get too excited because it was not for me.

In the elevator on the way up to the bar on the top floor of the hotel she became a cold bitch to me more or less telling me to stay away from her. When I asked why she told me that she was meeting someone and I was not to interfere or my cock would stay locked forerever.

She exited the elevator before me and went to meet a man at the bar, it seemd not for the first time, he kissing her on greeting. Sitting behind them at a table I could see their hands were all over each other and within less than 10 minutes they left.

I waited at the bar for about 2 hours and then she called me on my cellphone invitng me down to the room. Upon entering the room I saw her dressed in a very tight very short leather miniskirt with zippers down the side. She knew that this outfit always drove me crazy. Her hair was messed, the makeup was mostly gone and the bed had clearly been used.

Looking me in the eyes with a michevious and sheepish look she gently led me by the hand to the chair. Sitting in the chair she ordered me to strip. I knew what to do next as we had spoken of it often in fantasy. Geting on my knees I started kissing her feet slowly working my way up her leggs which she parted as I went up. As I got near her pussy I could smell cum and sticky parts of her thighs had a salty taste. I must admit that I was feeling a little reluctant, but she told me that I had to prove my love and devotion to her if I wanted to get laid.

After eating and cleaning her extensively we moved to the bed, with me begging her to release my cock. Before she would do this she made me tell her how happy I was for her and how pleased I was to be able to support her. She also told me that when I came I would be locked up again until such time as I had learned to behave properly.

The sex that night was amazing and pretty endless. The next day we said little to each other about it. But two days later it was time to talk. She told me that she loved me, but that after all my begging she had gooten used to the idea of fucking someone else. She said that at this point the barrier had been broken and that I had better get used to it. That enjoying her pussy was a priveledge not a right and that I would need to be gracious about sharing. That if I was good about it she would still fuck me, and if not I would just have to wait until she was over it.

Since then she has fucked him 2-3 times per month and me a similar amount although I would like much more. She has never let me meet her lover, she says it would be too wierd. She also told me that after that first night it was wierd having two men cum in her, and that her lover does not want me to cum in what her considders his slut’s pussy, so I now have to use a condom. She says that I should be glad that he still alows her to fuck me. She loves to make me eat her cum filled pussy though, saying that as I thought it was ok for her to have another dick in her pussy it should be fine for me to eat it.

More recently she has shaved her pussy and changed in other ways too. She loves flirting with him on the cellphone while holding my balls in her hand. Although she is more dominant with me, she has told her lover that in their relationship he should think of her as his personal slut and that there is nothing she will not do if he wants her to. In bed she asks me to teach her how to be a good whore for him, and when I complain she says that is what you wanted isn’t it. She also says that the only way I will get my cock sucked is so that she can practice to be better for him.

I am hornier than an 18 year old, I think she is hotter than ever, and whenever I feel remotly down about it, she makes me tell her how happy I am to serve her, failure to do so she assures me will lead to prolonged periods of sexual denial. Although this was my idea, she is now more agressive about it, and I feel I am being trained to love it more and think of nothing other than pleasing her.

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