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July 28, 2015

My Wife Dated Another Guy

My girlfriend Sabrina and I have been going out for the past three years. We first go together during our last year of college and we are now in our mid twenties. Sabrina has always been more outgoing than me. She always wants to go out to bars or parties or clubs, often dragging me along with her. However, after our first year together, she stopped insisting that I go out everywhere with her. Instead, she got together with her girlfriends or her coworkers whenever she wanted to go somewhere while I stayed at home.

This change in our relationship afforded me a great deal more of alone time. It would often be three or four times a week when I had the whole apartment to myself. I was glad our relationship had progressed to the point where we both realized that we enjoyed doing different things and that was ok. However, with all this time to myself, I quickly became bored. I tried to pick some hobbies but nothing ever really stuck in my routine. Soon, I began spending large amounts of time on the internet, often looking at porn and jerking off. After a few months, generic porn stopped doing it for me and I began to explore more kinky fetishes. Cuckoldry, in particular, fascinated me. It soon became the only type of porn I would look at.

I’m a decent looking guy but not necessarily the biggest of buffest on the block. I’m pretty tall (over 6 feet) but very skinny (less than 160 lbs). Visually, I would compare myself to the bulls in in the porn I saw and I didn’t quite stack up, especially when it came to their massive cocks. Sabrina and I had a pretty normal sex life, but after becoming acquainted with cuckold porn, I started to feel inadequate. I’m not sure if Sabrina noticed or not, but the frequency and versacity of our sex slowly dimished. Soon, we were having sex just once a month. To keep Sabrina satisfied, I gave her oral once a week or so. At first, she tried to reciprocate, but since I always decline, she stopped trying. Eventually everything we did sexually became about her satisfaction. She sometimes became very dominant about it. Once while I was sitting in from of the TV on the carpet, she walked over, dropped her pants, and just said “lick me!”.

Sabrina also started to go out places without me more often. She was now out of the apartment five days a week. This only furthered my cuckoldry obsession, giving me more time to watch wives get hammered by giant black cocks and read stories of sissy husbands being humiliated. One night I went to bed before Sabrina got home. When I woke up around 2am, Sabrina was lying in the bed next to me masturbating. When she saw me awake, she quickly stopped. I told her she could keep going but she said it would be better if someone was actually fucking her. I said I was too tired for sex which prompted her to vent her sexual frustrations. She said that she was masturbating several times a week because we weren’t ever having sex anymore. She said she wanted real sex and couldn’t masturbate forever.

Realizing my chance to finally live out my obsession and with surprising boldness, I told Sabrina that it would not bother me if she hooked up with other guys to satisfy herself if that’s what she needed. It would be like masturbating but with a guy’s cock. The guys would just be giving her pleasure and I would still be her love. At first she was surprised but she quickly agreed in principle to the idea. I told her everything would be fine as long as she was honest and told me about everything. She agreed and said she would start trying to find a guy to it with.

A couple weeks later, Sabrina met a guy at a bar and got his number. She said he was really athletic and cute. His name was Mike and he was a lawyer of some sort. After triple checking with me that it was ok, she set up a date with Mike for Friday night. Early Friday evening, I sat on the bed as Sabrina got ready for her date. She was slipping on a tight black cocktail dress over a strapless red bra and panties. She looked hot. While putting on her eye makeup, she glanced over at me through the mirror and caught me staring.

“You’re liking this, aren’t you?”

“You look beautiful” was all I could say in response.

She slipped into her heals, gave me a kiss, told me she loved me, and then took off. Their date would begin at the same bar where they first met. Sabrina sent me a text when she got there saying that Mike was already there and that everything was alright.

A couple hours passed and I began to get anxious thinking about all the things that Mike could be doing to Sabrina. Another hour later, I heard the door open. Sabrina was home. We both looked at each other. She had a slight grin and her hair was a mess.

“So?” I asked not knowing what else to say.

“I need a shower,” She said.

I followed her into the bathroom, watched her strip, turn on the water, and jump in. As she washed herself, I sat on the toilet and asked her questions about her night. She responded with sparse but exhilarating details.

Where did they do it? – His place, not too far from the bar

What positions? – Mostly doggy style but they tried a few others

Did she suck him? – A little at the beginning

Did she cum? – Twice with a slight aftershock third one afterwards while laying in bed

Was his cock big? – Maybe 8 inches

As she was stepping out of the shower and drying off with a towel, I asked, “Where did he cum?” She hesitated for a second and then responded.

“Look for yourself” she said as she picked her panties up off the floor and held them in front of my face.

I could see they were soiled while wet spots and some white globs. I put my head forward to sniff. It smelled like sex and sweat and cum. I was just wearing boxers and a t-shit, still sitting on toilet. She looked down and noticed my cock poking through my boxers.

“You’re enjoying this!” she exclaimed.

She dropped her towel, got on her knees in front of me, reached into my boxers, pulled my cock out and started jerking it. With her other hand, she took her panties and pressed them into my mouth. I could taste her juices and his cum, mixed together. I almost immediately came, after only about 10 second of her jerking me off. I sprayed a huge load across her chests and boobs.

“Well… It looks like I need another shower,” Sabrina said while standing up.

“Wait” I said,

Her chest was right in front of my face and her boobs were covered with my cum. I slowly leaned forward and pulled her closer to me. I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out, and began to lick my cum off her chest. I think Sabrina was half amazed, half turned on by my actions. When I was finished and had swallowed everything, she gave me a deep kiss, said thank you, and then walked out to the bedroom. I remained seated on the toilet. Once out a view, I took another taste of her soiled panties as my cock began to stiffen again.

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