My Wife Teasing Me While Getting Ready

July 24, 2015



Teasing Me While Getting Ready – About five years ago during a sex session with my wife I asked about one of her x’s that I knew from high school. At first she refused to say anything but after I persuaded her with some oral teasing she started to talk. She started by saying that Brian always loved having his cock sucked, any and everywhere. That she really enjoyed sucking him in public especially while they drove down the highway.
She said that it was always a challenge for her because she was never able to get the hole thing in her mouth. When she said that I thought I was going to cum all over the sheets. I knew the thought of my wife fucking others excited me I guess I just never knew how much. At this point I asked why she never really ever tried to suck me in public, she hesitated and said she wasn’t sure, I continued to press her that I didn’t think that was it, I mean who doesn’t want there cock sucked!


She layed back and let out a deep sigh and said that she really isn’t in to sucking my cock. I looked up from her sweet pussy and saw that she had tears forming in her eyes. I asked her why she was so upset and she just sat there, my heart was racing, I felt I knew why, and for several years always had a feeling in the back of my mind but the topic was never discussed, then she said, its just that your cock is so small I don’t like it in my mouth, its too small to really enjoy and it is certainly not a challenge.


I always knew my cock was small, boys showers, pornos etc, but never had I felt that it was too small to suck! She began to cry and starting going on and on about how much she loved me and that she wasn’t trying to hurt me, but she didn’t want to lie anymore either. This of course led me to the next question, what about fucking me?? Was that bad too? She again didn’t answer, I leaned in, gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her that I would never leave no matter what she said.

At this point I was praying silently that she would say that making love to me was the best thing ever, every nerve I had was on edge, and I was just trying to fool myself knowing that I was about to hear something that I never wanted to be said out loud. Then with another heavy sigh, she says, I know its not your fault but your cock is so small I just don’t feel much when you enter me, I love you and always will but it is just difficult to fuck you. I spend most of my time concentrating on not moving so you can stay in, then you expect me to cum from you fucking me and I can’t even feel it.


Why do you think I always ask you to go down on me before we start? I am not sure how many minutes passed before we spoke again, but it felt like a lifetime, she was sobbing, I was looking for the whiskey, it was as if my whole life was made up of lies by every woman I had sleep with. Since that night we have talked several times, some ending in fights, some in very hot sex. She has now told me that every person she has sucked or fucked over the years was much larger than me. We have now started to discuss how to proceed into a full cuckold relationship. She appears to be very excited, will give you an update soon.

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