My Wife Was Fingered by a Stranger – Cuckold

September 20, 2015

Fingered on Vacation – Last year my wife and I were on a ski vacation in the Austrian Alps. This was the first time we had gone skiing in a couple of years so we decided to go before the main season started and book a place in a quiet chalet where we could have the slopes for ourselves. The kids stayed with their grandparents for the whole week and we looked forward to a proper man and wife time for the first time in years.

The chalet had five rooms which were occupied by two other couples (one in their twenties and the other about our age in their 30’s) and two guys; a ski guide (a former pro, now in his fifties) and the chef (a local guy in his mid thirties). Already the first day we got perfect weather and hit the slopes early in the morning. We were surprised how quickly we remembered the basic stuff and soon we forgot time and before we knew it we had been skiing for five hours straight. Extremely tired we went back to the chalet and took a nap and when we woke up we knew straight away that we had done the wrong thing because our legs were getting very sore. Especially my wife was very tense in her thighs and butt. We limped down to the common area for dinner, a bottle of wine and chat with the other residents.

After dinner the guys sat down in the lounge but the girls went to the sauna. About an hour later the girls came back and I saw straight away my wife (Lily) was very relaxed. She’s very controlled and tame in everything she does and that also goes for our sex live. She can get very horny though and that is when we’ve had the best sex episodes. There had been a few years since I’d seen her in that horny mode. I didn’t expect to see it that night I must admit.

The girls had bathrobes on and came and sat down with us and Lily started complaining about how sore her legs and butt were after the skiing. One of the other girls said that she should get Andreas (the chef) to give her a massage. She had got one last night and it was “simply amazing”. I didn’t understand the grin on her and her husband’s face and thought it was some bad joke but they convinced us that Lily had to try it. Lily was all for it and Andreas looked at me waiting for an approval to rub my wife’s legs. I said, “sure, if it releases some of this tension”. The other couple said they were sure it would. Andreas went to get oil and soon after the two other couples retired to bed. I sat with Frans (the guide) and Andreas started working on the toes of Lily with the massage oil.

Andreas sat on a chair besides Lily and she lay with her face down on the couch opposite the couch Frans and I were sitting in. I wasn’t paying much attention to what Andreas was doing but after about 10 minutes I saw that he was working her upper thighs. The robe was covering her butt but he seemed to be getting quite high up the thighs. All of a sudden Andreas swept the robe from her butt and squirted some more oil on it and started working her lower back and butt, like it was the most normal thing in the world. I was in a middle of a story and just started stuttering but decided it was Lily’s responsibility to stop him if she felt this was inappropriate. I saw she had opened her eyes and looked a bit surprised but not panicky so I just gave her a look showing that I didn’t mind. Actually I found it quite arousing seeing a stranger rubbing oil on my wifes butt. I could see Frans was also trying not to stare too much on the sight in front of him.

Now Andreas asked Lily to turn over so he could get to the front of the thighs. I could see Lily was a bit flustered but stood up and I could see from her flushed face that she was getting aroused by this and that gave me an instant hard on. She lay on her back and tried to keep the robe closed to cover her breasts and pubic area. I knew that from where Andreas was sitting that he would now be looking directly at her pussy. He went straight to work on her right thigh and Frans and I tried to keep some conversation going but in a few minutes we just gave up and watched as more and more of Lily’s legs got uncovered. Her robe was now fully open, pubic hair visible to all of us and between her generously proportiond breasts. And she just lay there with red cheeks and eyes closed and I could see her hips rocking ever so slightly. She was getting fucking horny by this stranger rubbing her thighs! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! The strange part was that I was getting at least as horny!

The whole massage had now taken about 30-40 minutes and Andreas was now so far up her thighs that I wasn’t sure if he was actually brushing against her pussy. Lily was now rocking more visibly and he must have taken that as a hint because just as casually as ever he started brushing her mound. The surprise made the robe fall down from her right breast and it was as if she suddenly realized what was happening and tried to sit up. Andreas gently pushed her back down and told her to relax. Lily looked at me, as if for an approval, and I was just frozen and didn’t know what to do. Then she just lay back down and he spread her legs more open so both Frans and I could see her pussy. It was absolutly soaking and I could see that liquids had leaked down to her ass from the long intro. He carefully inserted a finger inside her and started to rub her clit with the thumb. She began to breath heavily and after a minute she started to rub her nipples to enhance the feeling even more. I hadn’t noticed that Frans was now masturbating in the seat next to me and I had to take my cock out as well so I wouldn’t cum in my pants.

Andreas now had two fingers inside her vagina rubbing her g-spot while the thumb worked the clit. I could see that Lily was getting very close to cumming and Andreas obviously could too because just before she was getting to the peak he stopped and I could see Lily desperately try to grind herself to his hand. He took out his fingers which were soaked in her juices and started to rub them on her tits while waiting for her to cool down a bit. I could clearly smell her heavy aroma filling the room. Then he went back to work on her pussy, building her up towards a climax but again he stopped just before she came. He did this three or four times and each time she got more and more out of control. I had never seen her so horny before. She was moaning and panting loudly and she has never been vocal when we have sex but now she was simply begging him to let her come. “Please, rub my clit”, “I have to come now” and she even said “I’ll suck your cock if you let me come”. I didn’t know her for the woman I had married but I this was simply the sexiest sight I had ever seen.

Once again Andreas started building her up again and now it only took seconds to get her on the brink of an orgasm. Then he asked her “do you want to come now?”. She answered “Yes, please. I’ll do anything”. I couldn’t believe his cruelty when he again looked as if he was going to stop but to my surprise he took her right hand, which was busy stimulating her nipples placed it on her pussy and said “you can come whenever you want to”. It’s worth mentioning that my wife has never been willing to masturbate in front of me and now this guy had gotten her in a position where she was masturbating in front of three guys! Although obviously surprised she hardly hesitated and started rubbing her clit like crazy and within five seconds she started cumming and what a sight it was! I have never seen her cum so intensely. Almost primal grunts and uncontrollable spasms for what seemed like ages. The couch had a wet stain below her pussy so she must have squirted which I have never experienced before. When she started cumming I couldn’t take any more, stood up and blew my load all over her tits. Frans did the same a few seconds later probably thinking that she was some slut who did this all the time but I didn’t care. And neither did she as she rubbed the cum on her nipples.

When she had come down from the orgasm (although she had small cramps for many minutes afterwards) and I had sat down again to re group I realized that Andreas hadn’t blown his load yet. He said with a grin to Lily “If I remember correctly you said you would do anything if I’d let you come, am I right?” and he stood up in front of the couch where she lay and he had a massive boner. She didn’t say a word. Simply sat up with her lovely tits all covered in cum and started stroking his cock. Soon he began squirting his load and she pointed it to her mouth (shows that a fullfilled woman does anything for a guy!). What a sight! My innocent and tame wife covered in cum from three guys!

I was already hard again.




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