My Wife with a Younger Man – Cuckold

August 15, 2015

My Wife Fucked a Younger Man – My cuckold experiences are many, now that I know what is/was going on. But several stand out. One time we were in Toronto on vacation. We had gone out to eat and were strolling around when we came to a place that offered strip and lap dances. My wife suggested that we go in to see what they had to offer. We sat by ourselves and watched the dancing. She was the second of two women in the joint. Several men in the bar were looking at my wife and one sent over a dancer for a lap dance. After awhile we were discussing if we should go back to the hotel. I wanted to go she wanted to stay. I found it odd but we were on vacation and she did miss partying and staying out late the way she used to. Besides, she was talking with the other woman and they seemed to be having a great time. So I left and told her I’d see her back in the room.

On the way back, I got pulled over by the police. They asked me if I had been drinking and I told them only a few beers. They suggested that I take a Taxi back to the hotel. A block up the street I saw a taxi station and went there. I spoke to a driver and asked him if he would drive my car to the hotel and I would pay him. We went and I paid him well. When I got to the lobby I had to wait for the desk person, who turned out to be a young college kid that we had met when we checked in.

He took a little while to get to the front. When I got to the room the wife was not there. I did notice that she had left a pair of panties on the door knob to the bathroom. I thought nothing of it. I decided to go to a small convenience store a block from the hotel to get some beers. When I got back to the hotel the wife was still not there, so I sat down and had a beer. About 25 minutes later she came in. She looked a little flustered, but said nothing. She grabbed a beer and undressed while drinking it.

I noticed that her nipples were very hard, but thought that it was because of the show she had been at. When I got into bed she turned and kissed me. Than she took my hand and placed it on her pussy. Her pussy was naked and very wet to the touch, her pussy hair matted. She than told me that she wanted to have oral sex, and for me to go down on her. I peeled her panties off and there it was. Her pussy lips were a purple color, and swollen. There was sperm leaking out of her and when I began to suck on her pussy lips I could taste it.

I was rock hard and kept on licking and sucking her until she came, and I kept at it until she came again. I asked her how this came about, thinking that someone at the bar was responsible, after all she had been admired by several there.

She told me that shortly after I left, she had left, not wanting to be alone in the city. But when she came back to the hotel I was not there. She did not know that I had been on my way to trouble. She went to the front to get the key, and there was this young guy flirting with her. When she got up to the room she decided that he would be a good choice for a quicky.

She took her panties off and wiped herself with a wash cloth, and left her panties hanging on the doorknob. Then she went down pretending to want cigarettes. The guy was there and continued flirting with her telling her that she looked very hot. He asked her to come to the back with him. She went and as soon as they were behind the desk where they could not be seen, he began to kiss her, and play with her ample tits. He pulled her to him and she felt his hard cock. That did it for her.

He lifted her skirt and saw that she was pantyless. He understood the invitation, and led her to a desk and bent her over it. Than he lifted her skirt, pulled out his cock and entered her in one movement. She told me that after a short while they heard someone at the front, that turned out to be me. He went to tend to me and told her that it was her husband that had come in. That turned her on to no end and she started literally dripping down her own legs.

They continued fucking for awhile with her thinking about how close I came to her neing fucked by another man. Then he wanted her to suck him, which she did and then back to fucking. Twice during their fucking did he have to go out front. I licked and sucked her clean before we went to sleep.

He did fuck her in our room one more time while we were there. She had told him that I was OK with her fucking other guys, that I was a cuck and as such really did not have much say so in the matter. So he came to the room and fucked her while I watched from a chair by the bedside. He even had me guide his cock into her pussy, and watched as I cleaned her after.

That was just one of our experiences from a few years back. I’ll share more as I write them down.



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