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October 10, 2015

Wife Likes Reading Hot Cuckold Stories – My wife & I married young & so there were a lot of things we learned about sex together. We used to lay in bed naked & read stories online & fuck while we read. The stories that always made us hot were when the guy would share his wife.

We had been together for several years & had discussed sharing her with others. She was quite a flirt & told me that she would consider fucking our neighbor as he always seemed to come around more when I was out of town. I was out one week & on Wednesday night I called & she said that she had something to tell me when I came home. I ask her what but she said that she wanted to wait & talk in person.

I came home on Friday night & she was dressed in a long t-shirt & as I would find out later, nothing else. We sat down & ate dinner & then I noticed she was not wearing panties & I got hard just looking at her as she knew I loved it when she went pantyless. After dinner we sat down & I ask her what she had to tell me. She ask me not to get mad at her about what she was going to tell & I said i wouldn’t just tell me what going on.

She then told me that on Wednesday, the day I called home , she had a salesman come by & tried to sell her a furnace home heating plan. I ask was that all? She said no that he was quite attractive & that he kept hitting on her, asking when I would be home, etc. She said the more they talked the more she wanted to do something with this guy so she told him That she would talk to me & let him know the next day if she would buy. She said that as soon as he left she took off her clothes & fingered herself till she came & had done so several times since & had done so about an hour before I came home.

I ask her if she wanted to go further & she said she wasn’t sure how I would feel. I took her hand & placed in on my now hard cock & ask her if this answered her question? Needless to say we fucked the whole weekend & talked about what might happen & told her to go for it but I wanted to know everything!

I left on Monday & she said the salesman came by Tuesday morning. She said that she was in a long T-shirt & panties & let him in. They sat down & she said he seemed all business until she told him that I would not let her buy the plan at this time. He told her that he felt that he deserved something for his time & ask if she would take off her t-shirt & show him what she looked like. They went back & forth for a while & she finally agreed & took off her t-shirt & was just in her panties. Now my wife is quite beautiful as you can see in her photo & it wasn’t long before he was kissing & feeling her up but she told him she would not fuck him.

The salesman got up to leave shortly but turned around & told her that he at least needed a blowjob as he couldn’t walk out with his hard on showing. My wife said she thought of me & our weekend & how much I liked the idea of her with another man so she said yes. She said he didn’t wait for her to change her mind & dropped his pants & walked over to where she sat. She said that he was about 7″ long but not as fat as me & was easy to take in her mouth. She said she licked & stroked him & then she proceded to swallow him all. She said she loved the look on his face when she hit bottom! She kept sucking on him until he was ready to cum & she normally would have let him cum on her tits, but she decided that she wanted to suck him dry so she let him cum in her mouth. She then said she licked him clean & opened her mouth to him showing him his cum then swallowed his load & smiled.

She said he told her that he had never had someone swallow him before & ask if he could come back again. She stood up & told him that this was a one time thing & that she had enjoyed it but no.

I came home on Friday & as we were in bed that night she told me everything. I don’t think I have ever come so much in my life that weekend & she even swallowed 2 loads of mine by Sunday!

I know this was long but hope you enjoy this adventure of ours.



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