Please Fuck My Wife – Cuckold

August 31, 2015

She Almost Got Fucked – Ok we’ve been together about 6 yrs now. When we first got together, the sex was amazing. She would try anything. After about a yr together, she got pregnant and things haven’t been the same. Until one night, she decided to dress up for me and play with a nice size dildo, which she never does and hasn’t since.

All the while she was toying herself with it, I could tell she was thinking about someone. She would suck it as if it were a real cock. I think she was disappointed when it didn’t cum down her throat. You could tell she was into it. when she finally inserted it into herself she gave out a low moan as if she hadn’t felt anything that good in years.

She probably fucked herself for about an hour coming several times before she ever let me have a taste of her sopping pussy. I’ve never seen a wetter vagina than hers that night. It didn’t take long for me to come, but when I did it was a huge load. She made me get a towel and clean her up saying that it was rude for me to do that.

After that we both went to bed. I was hesitant to ask what had gotten into her and I didn’t, cuz I was enjoying it too much. Then finally a couple weeks later I get up the nerve to ask her but she doesn’t really wanna talk about it and it never comes up again.

Later that year she starts going on and on about a guy in chat. Turns out she really wants to fuck him. That’s what that night was all about. I convince her to tell him about this and she does. They talk several nights in a row with each night getting hotter and hotter and when she finally drops the question about if he would fuck her, he says ‘yes’

Now he is a younger guy about 22-24 and he is very conceited about it saying, ‘oh well you will leave your husband for me.’

She says she won’t and it’s just a sexual attraction but she really wants to feel him inside her. I didn’t read everything she said to him but I do remember she said she wanted him to fill her with his semen. He said he would give her the biggest orgasm of her life, which he might cause I have seen pics of his cock. But he kept flaking out every time he said he was going to come over so she finally just quit talking to him. I know she won’t leave me because we are very much in love but I would love to see her with another man, any advice or any takers? It would have to be set up perfectly for her to go for it.

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