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August 21, 2015

My Wife Fucking a Younger Guy – My wife’s first fuck was one year after we got married, we were drinking a few beers one night and for some reason ( not sure why now) I wanted to tell her about an older woman at work that was so hot. I did and she was understanding. Then for some reason I asked her if there was anyone she had thoughts about. She was hesitant to tell me but finaly said that when she was at work at a local garden store, her friend and co worker told her that while she was working the cash register the boy who was sacking for her was looking at her kept looking at her ass. My wife has an incredible nice round curved ass.

Anyway this young man was 18 and just graduated high school, my wife was 23 and is now 29. She went on to say that her and her friend/co worker were working side by side one day and the co worker noticed my wife starring at the ass of the young man as her walked away. She told her ” Leslie what are you doing your a married woman” with a bit of a laugh in there.

I told her that was cool and asked her if she had the chance would she fuck him, being a bit drunk she opened up and did not say yes but did not say no.

I for some reason found myself rock hard and kept after her to admit to me she would like to fuck him. I found myself talking her into it. She told me he did not work there anymore but could try to find out his last name and phone number.

She went to work and told me later how she had the guts to go into the office and find the number. I waited outside our house on the picnic table while she went in and called him. She came out about 15 min later and told me “she had made a decission”, I said what, she said “to go out”.

I was instantly horny and was unsure why it turned me on so damn much but I did not care. I bet the young man was so fucking horny having the woman whos ass he apparently loved call him. She had told him she was married and that he could hang up if he did not want to talk, he said no thats okay.

She asked him what he liked to do for fun and excitement, he said some lame things and then said “and various other things” my wife said ” what other things?” He was to shy to say so my wife said ” well how would you like to get together for some fun and excitment” he of course said yes and they made a date. The date was set for a Saturday night, she told him I was in Chicago and would not be back untill Sunday so she would pick him up and they could come back to our house.

My wife and I decided that I would go drive around and when they were done she would turn the porch light on and it would be okay to come home.

I was surprised that she was wearing a dress that night she ussualy wore jeans, I asked her and she said she tought that the dress would be easier for him. Wow I thought, lucky fucker.

As I was saying she had on a hot dress to “make it easier for him” it was short to mid thighs.

I got into my car and my wife got into hers, she had to pick him up because he did not have a car. We both drove off in differant directions. As I drove I noticed the time, she would be at his house in 5 minutes from ours. So as I drove I could think about what might be happening with my wife. After an hour I was so fucking horny, I knew that they must be getting horny together by then, I was thinking of that short hot dress and if he had his hands under it. I thought of the nice pink and white panties she had on and how much he would enjoy seeing them. I thought of her laying on top of him she like to be on top. How horny he must be getting suduced by a 29 year old married woman at her house with her husband out of town.

I drove around in the country thinking of all sorts of senerios then about 3 hours later I decided to drive by and see if the porch light was on, the signal that he was gone and I could come back. It was so exciting to see the light on, finally I could find out what happend.

When I came in she was in the bathroom wearing a teddy and brushing her hair. I asked her if they did it she looked at me with a great big grin but was shy to answer, I knew by the grin she had fucked him, I asked again and grinning she shook her head yes, I was so fucking horny my 29 year old wife had fucked some younger guy and I dug it.

We went into the bedroom and I told her I had to fuck her because I wanted to be the last person who fucked her, we did and then I wanted her to jack me off and tell me all the details. I layed on my back and she sat on the side of the bed, put lotion on her hands and began stroking me off while telling me just what happend.

She said she pulled in his driveway and he came running out. When he got in the car my wife thought sensed he was nervous so she squeezed his leg and told him to to be relaxed. I thought how her dress looked when she was in a car, it would have been up above mid thigh and I bet he was so damn horny to see what she was wearing. She said he tried to act like he had been with many woman before but she could tell he had probably only been with his girlfriend ( he had told her on the phone he had a girlfriend).

When they got to our house my wife got them a beer and they sat on the couch, she said he was to shy to make any moves so they sat and sat, finaly after about 20 minutes my wife put her leg over his ( oh yeah and i bet he started to throb with that) she said with that he started to kiss her and get his hand on her legs and up her dress. I was so horny getting jacked off while she was telling me this, she was grinning at me, she knew I was loving it and she was digging it to. I would tell her to stop because i did not want to cum before I knew everything. Anyway he was all over her on the couch, making out rubbing her thighs and crotch and then finger banging her.

She then told him lets go in the bedroom, they went in and she said they pulled her dress off then her bra, I thought how fucking hot she would have looked in just her panties with that round ass and nice waist line. The panties had a cute little pink bow in the front. He undressed to his short boxers and they layed down on the bed and began making out and rubbing each other. She said she got his underwear off and he got hers off and he mounted her. She said he started fucking her very fast and hard, she liked it but then told him to slow down and relax, she did not want him to cum yet, lets enjoy it. He slowed down but would speed back up she said and again she would tell him to go slow and easy, she told him to try grinding into her. It worked for a while she said but again he would get going fast again.

She then told him she wanted to get on top, so they rolled over and she got on top, she said even from the bottom he was trying to go fast, she told him to lay still and let her do all the work, she has hip joints that alow her to hump from on top very nicely. She said he layed there still but she said he was squeezing her ass so hard although she loved it, she could tell he had not been fucked like this before and she loved that, she had told me before that she fucked a boy in high school that was a virgin and that she, “loved teaching him”……

When I came from her telling me every detail while jacking me off I squirted about 2 feet, it was the horniest I had every been when I came. She jacked me off again the next morning and I made her tell me the details again, I also jacked off myself many times thinking about it. The next time she jacked me off telling me of her fucking him I told her that I wish I could watch, she said he would be to scared that he was afraid enough even though he thought you were out of town. I said I could hide in the closet and make a hole in the wall … She agreed but we’ll see if she gets him back. I don’t think there will be a problem.




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