She Brought Home a Guy from Work – Cuckold

July 23, 2015

My Wife Brought Home Another Man for Sex – My wife is a long-legged brown haired beauty. I never had much luck getting her to show her body off but I had a feeling there was something different about her lately. About a month ago I noticed she was dressing a little more provocative. She was leaving her blouse open so someone could catch a peek at her perk tits. She was also more passonate in bed. She came home one day very horny. I was at the computer desk. She started udressing and came over and put her tits in my face. When I asked her what had her so horny she said that a new fellow at work had been showing a lot of interest in her and it was making her hot and horny.

I asked her what was so special about this fellow, as she always gets attention at work, and she said he had a very large cock. Now this got my attention. When I asked her to tell me more, she eased out of her skirt and she didn’t have any panties on. She came over and put her hand on my now hard cock and said I thought this would excite you. Then she asked if I was certain I wanted to hear the story. My cock was throbbing. She said the new fellow at work was a six foot well built man that she thought was just to much to resist.

It seems they had been going out to lunch together and about two weeks ago he told her that he wanted to get to know her better. Today after work she and her friend stopped by for a drink a a bar not far from our house. She said as they were talking he confided in her that he could hardly contain his lust for her. With that he took her hand and put it on his thigh. She said she couldn’t believe what she was feeling, that his cock must have been at least ten inches long and thick as a bottle. I asked her what she did then. She told me to undress and watch and listen.

She told me she got so excited after feeling his cock that her pussy got really wet. She excused herself to the bathroom where she removed her soaked panties. When she returned to the bar she gave her friend her panties. All of this was giving me the case of the blue balls and I was wanting to fuck her but she said I would have to wait. She asked me if I would let her fuck her friend. I didn’t know what to say. With that she came over and took my cock and starting sucking it and in between licks asked me if I had ever thought about seeing her fucking a stud with a long cock. With that my cock erupted. She looked at me and said, I thought so.

She picked up her cell phone and dailed a number. My head was still swimming as I heard her say, I think he wants to watch you fuck me with your big cock. She looked over at me and told me my secret fantasy was about to come true. When I started to object she told me she had found my hidden porno depicting women getting fucked by studs. I was shocked when she said she had enjoyed it too and that it had excited her. So much for little secrets. The doorbell rang and my wife didn’t even bother to dress as she went down to open the door.

Imagine my surprise when she walked in with her friend. I watched her undress him and couldn’t believe the size of his cock when she pulled down his underwear. She kneeled down and started sucking it immediately. He started groaning and feeling her nipples. He then lifted her up and got down on his knees and started eating her pussy. She had her head back and was rubbing her tits. She started to come as he laid back on the flood and pulled her over on him. She spread her legs and his thick cock was pointing straight up in the air between her legs.

I heard him ask her if she was ready for his hot cock. She just moaned as she positioned herself over his cock and reached back to grab his thick cock. She raised her self over this throbbing cock and I could see her pussy was swollen and dripping wet. As she lowered her hot pussy on the head of his cock I heard them both let out a low moan of pleasure. She started moving up and down on his cock but never got more than half way down his shaft when she had her first cum. She looked over at me and just licked her lips before bending down and kissing her new lover. He eased her off his cock and told her to lie back on the bed. She walked by me and smiled and spread herself back on our bed. Her friend walked by me and told me that he was going to fuck my wife like she had never been fucked before.

I started stroking my cock as I watched him fist his cock and rub up and down my wife’s wet slit. He asked her then if she was ready for more of his cock. My wife just wimpered and kept thrusting her hips up to impale herself on his cock. He told her she was going to have to ask for it if she wanted him to fuck her. She said, fuck yes, I want your cock in my hot pussy, fuck me! He then asked her if she was enjoying letting her husband watch her get fucked by a stud. She said oh yes, he wants you to fuck me with your big cock, he wants his wife to fuck a stud. He wants to watch you fill my pussy with your hot cum. My wife’s stud got very still and took my wife’s legs and pushed them back over his shoulders and looked back at me and said, watch me fuck your hot wife and fill her pussy up with my cum ! With that the jacked his cock in my wife’s pussy up to his balls. My wife screamed with pleasure as he drove his big cock to the hilt. She just lay there impaled on his cock. He didn’t move or say anything for a couple of minutes but then he started kissing her. She was kissing him back and moaning at the same time. Suddenly he asked if she was ready and she looked up at him and said, fuck me good. I have never seen anyone get fucked any harder or longer than my wife did.

I could not believe how hard and how fast he was fucking my wife. He would pull his cock almost all the way out and then slam it back home as my wife continued to yelp and shout how much she love being fucked by his cock. By this time I had cum at least twice and my cock was still hard as I was trying to stroke it in time with his thrusting. I sensed a change in his strokes, as did my wife because I heard her say again, I’m ready baby, fill my hot pussy with your hot cum. He grunted like a bull and I watched his ass tighten up as he thrust one last time into my wife’s open hot womb. She wrapped her legs around him and moaned and whimpered as he continued to spurt his seed in her hot cunt. As they lay there, I got up and left. Later that evening I came back in and watched her riding her stud with his cock all the way in her belly this time. Be careful what you fantasize about, it might come true.



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