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July 29, 2015

She Came Alive

My wife was a virgin when we met and I had been the only person she had ever slept with. I began looking into her being with other men a few years ago and until recently had no idea why. When my wife and I met and began dating I was somewhat insecure about her being away from me and could more likely say I was a bit jealous of her. I think my insecurities were well founded at the time not that she would even consider cheating on me but because she was a bit naive and I knew someone could possibly seduce her I treasure her and at that time felt there was a risk of losing her to another man if she went somewhere else.

She is now 35 and smokin hot and I’m pushing forty and look as if I went through the ringer. I was in a car wreck 3 years ago and had some work on my face done. I have had alot of reconstructive surgery but still know that I am very scary looking. My wife is absolutely stunningly beautiful and I believe that I am the luckiest man alive that she is still with me. I can’t get enough of her. The problem is that I have always been readily available to her so she is somewhat bored of me. I have always been very rambunctious and very horny for her but for some reason even before my car accident while I was still an attractive man she really wanted very little to do with me. I understand that she was dealing with nursing and breast feeding and lots of financial stress but I could never understand why she wanted nothing to do with me until the last several months..

Looking back on my life I have had many girlfriends. I was a good looking young man and had lots of women. I will expound on some of my more memorable experiences..

When I was 18 years old I was signed up to go into the Navy and was to leave in a month. I lived in Clearwater Florida and one afternoon my car broke down on the beach. I was hitch hiking back to my home when this stunning blond picked me up in her convertible. She was a bombshell. We talked for a little while and she dropped me off at my home. She was a little depressed from a recent breakup so I gave her my number and told her that if she needed someone to talk to then give me a call. I was scheduled to go on a date that evening with another woman and then the she called. She wanted to see me that night. I canceled my other date and showed up at her home that night to pick her up. She invited me in and a little while later her and I were going at it and had sex on her living room floor. We went out that evening. She was very flirtatious when we were out and I noticed a couple of guys slip their number to her and vice-versa. I was a bit jealous but she told me not to worry because if we are together she would always come home to me no matter who or what she did that evening. I didn’t quite grasp what she was saying at the time but it would be clear to me very soon.

The next evening her and I went out again and ended up a some guy’s house that she knew. We had a few drinks and the next thing I knew her, the guy and one of his friends had her in his bed. I walked in the room and the 2 guys were in the bathroom talking and there she was laying naked on the bed. She looked incredible in a way that I would never forget with her blonde hair draped over the pillow. She made me leave the room and told me to sleep on the couch. I was pissed but she reassured me that she had to do this because he had been taking care of her and they had an agreement. He was a pretty big guy and so was his friend so it would have been a bad idea to raise hell in his apartment. She insisted that I wait for her on the couch and as I laid on the couch you can imagine all I could think of was to leave but I couldn’t get myself to go. I was transfixed on listening to her in that room. I was also totally into her since she was so beautiful. I also couldn’t figure out why I was so turned on. I didn’t understand why she did that with those guys but I was determined to find out. A few hours later she walked into the living room and said lets go. We got into my car and I was drilling her as to what went on in that room. And why she had sex with them I couldn’t believe how bad I wanted her and how aroused I was considering what just happened, and she refused to talk much about it. I still had to have her. When we arrived at her house we stripped and she immediately took charge and sat on my face and made me go down on her until she reached completion. I knew the other 2 guys had been in her all night and I could taste and smell them but I still couldn’t stop. I was furious at her but at the same time totally turned on. I don’t recall ever being more turned on in my life until that point but really didn’t give the events of the evening much thought.

A week or so later I had met another woman who was in her early 30’s. She was a single massage therapist who made house calls. I ended up getting a call to go out with her. On our second date her and I ended up at her house after dinner we started making out and ended up in her room. She then asked me if I trust her. That was a loaded question because we just met. If I said no she might turn me out. If I say yes what could she possibly do right? I opted for yes and the next thing I know I’m handcuffed to her bed. She kissed me from toe to forehead then dragged her long hair from top to bottom all over my body. She then went down on me for a couple of seconds and then stopped. She repeated this torture for no less than an hour. She then lowered herself on me and began riding me in gentle slow motions. Then she stopped for a few minutes and continued stoking me with her hands. Then she climbed up on me and lowered her self on my face and all I could do was savor the musky flavor of her womanhood. As soon as I began to pleasure her she began to tell me about some client that she saw that night right before we got together. She then began to go down on me again and drove me crazy. She then climbed back on my face and told me that he was black and she let him release inside of her. I was shaking trying to get out from under her but she had me so turned on that I was shivering and couldn’t help but keep going. She did this to me off and on the entire night but never allowed me release. When I finally dozed off I was erect and completely spent . She used me to satisfy herself at least 10 times orally and on my dick before she left the house to go to work and left me tied to her bed. She came home a few hours later and unhooked me from the bed and let me use the restroom but left the cuffs on me. She forced me back to to bed and kept me tied and for the next several hours did the same routine. She told me about the client she saw while I was tied to her bed and explained that she allowed him to to release inside her all the while she was sitting on my face in a sixty nine position orally pleasuring me but not to completion. I thought I would die from the shakes I had from being on the edge for what was now 16 hours straight… At around midnight the second day she finally untied me and allowed me my release. I got done, got up, told her she was a crazy bitch and walked out the door thinking I’m never seeing that crazy woman again.

I slept the entire night and when I woke up my phone rang. I thought “no friggin way, I’m not seeing her again.” Nevertheless I ended up driving her to her massage sessions. She continued keeping me on the hook for the next 2 weeks or so by bringing me back to her office after her sessions and using me as a toy all the while telling me about the clients she had been with in the previous hours. This went on until she moved away a few weeks later.

I soon forgot about her after spending the last night before I left for the navy in a hotel room with the blond from the original story above.

After I got out of the Navy I began a career in sales and over the next several years I was with many women. I didn’t seem to want to be in a committal relationship with any one. One evening after a very profitable day I met a beautiful blond on my way home from work. Her and I began to see each other regularly and after a few weeks of dating I asked her to move into my new condo with me which was an hour from her place. She was a nymphomaniac and would orgasm from me simply sucking her breasts. We had a ball. After she moved in she had to go to her old boyfriends one Friday to pick up the rest of her belongings. She was also to stay at her moms house for the weekend for a visit. Her ex boyfriend would drive her back on Sunday. I told her she better be good and that I would check on her when she got back on Sunday. She said fine and she would let me go down on her when she got back to let me know that she had been good.

When her boyfriend dropped her back off at my place that Sunday he had 3 of his buddies in the car two of which were black. Little did I know. She walked in and practically raped me and immediately climbed on me and had me lick her to completion. She was pretty musky but passed it off as having been in the car for most of the morning.

A week or so went by and we were at her mom’s third story apartment one evening while her mom was at work with her and her younger 19 year old sister. One of my girlfriend’s ex’s called and asked her to come downstairs to talk. I was pissed and told her no but she insisted and told me to wait upstairs with her sister. While she was downstairs after about fifteen minutes her sister and I got into a tickle fight and ended up on the floor with her on top and kissing me when my girlfriend walked in. My girlfriend joined in the tickle fight with her and her sister ganging up on me. Then my girlfriend ended up sitting on my face in her mini-skirt with no panties and her sister was wearing a skirt with panties but was sitting on my cock. My girlfriend pushed her sister off and dragged me into the bedroom and made me lick her womanhood to completion. She told me I wasn’t allowed to be with her sister or any other woman for that matter. After a few more weeks I broke it off with her and moved on. It was one of those relationships that we were either fighting or having sex and I got sick of the fighting part.

At a local convenient store one day I ran into the guy that met her downstairs that evening and he laughed at me. I asked him what was so funny and he began telling me how much of a slut she was. I was shocked to learn that she spent the entire weekend that she claimed was to pick up her belongings getting railed by her ex boyfriend and all of his friends. To top that off they were taking turns having her in the backseat bareback during the entire car ride back to my house that Sunday morning. Then he began to tell me about that evening I waited with her sister that she was doing him in the front seat of his car while I waited upstairs. Boy was I pissed. She showed up a week or so later at my apartment in the middle of the night walking around the building yelling at the house when my landlord let her into my apartment to shut her up while I was sleeping. I woke up with her riding on top of me. I was pissed that she was there after learning what I knew. I confronted her about it and she admitted to what she had done but said she loved me. I played around with her for another week when she would show up in the middle of the night wanting to play. I couldn’t refuse her and would really hammer her when I found out that she had just been with someone else.

I told her I didn’t want to see her any more after I met another woman that I thought would be more faithful.

That turned out to not be the case. My best friend and I ended up getting drunk together one night and my new girlfriend ended up sleeping with us both together. The 3 of us played together for the next few months but broke up for other reasons.

I have been wondering why I want my wife to sleep with other guys for the past several years and now I have come to grips that I had already been in some cuckold relationships where I was getting seconds and loved it, but I was never fully in love with the other women.

After 11 years of marriage and having been with her immediately after some experiences she had with someone else I came to realize I very much enjoy being in that position. I am not into being denied sex for a long period, only being the clean up player. I do like the humiliation of being told that I am inadequate compared to someone else she is playing with. I like being dominated by a strong woman who knows what pleases her due to that fact that in my business world I have to be the strong dominant player.

On one of our anniversaries I went out with a buddy of mine and when my wife called I told her to be in bed and ready when I got home because him and I were going to get her when we got back. When I walked into the bedroom that evening my wife was naked in bed which was extremely unusual, She always wore PJ’s to bed. I told my buddy to climb into bed behind her and I got into bed in front of her with her on her side facing him. She had been pregnant and nursing our 3 children for the past several years so she was almost never aroused. When I reached down to touch her and try to have foreplay with her I found her to be soaked already. It was the most turned on I had seen her she’d been since we were married. We began to make love to her but after about 15 minutes my buddy let his seed into her then got freaked out by the situation and left the room. I finished making love to her and fell asleep shortly after. I woke up in the morning to her sitting on my face making me eat her well used womanhood which was one of only 3 times I could remember her jumping right on and making me do that. I was horny for a solid week afterward and she was also.

Over the past several years our pillow talk has turned to me watching he being taken by some other guy with me being relegated to watching and cleaning her up afterward. I have made it clear to her that she can be with who she wants when she wants while I’m only allowed to be with her. She is to be treated like a queen and if she meets a guy I’m to help make the arrangements for themto be together.. I am amazed at how comfortably she has moved into this role as a queen that can do what she wants. I like the fact that she insists that she gets to be with whom she pleases but I can only have her. I’m shocked at myself for feeling this way.

I can’t believe I would like her to do these things but I know I do. I care for her now more than ever so her pleasure that she has never known is what I wish to pursue with her. The idea that she was just with another and is completely satisfied then comes to me to make me know that I am insignificant compared to the other lover she just had is a major turn on for me. Having her demand that I help prepare her for lovemaking with another by selecting her clothes, helping her shave and maybe pleasuring her orally before she has someone else then be required to pleasure her and lick her clean afterward is a pleasure to me I cannot describe.

She has been with 2 men recently on consecutive nights and I still cannot get the images out of my mind watching her get pounded by better endowed men and getting to have her immediately afterward while she is still spread open from their larger cocks. What do I do? I guess I’m a cuck married to a very hot wife.




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