She Finally Makes me a Cuckold

September 11, 2015

He had a Large Cock – EMAIL 1 – I’ve finally gotten her to do it. I posted on here a few weeks back trying to get my wife fucked by another man. Well thanks to your site, we found a fuck buddy. She hasn’t met him in person yet, but they have a date tomorrow. I’m not sure yet if I will be allowed to go, but i’ll have some pics of before and after at least. The guy’s name is Craig. He is handsome and most importantly, Well Hung. His cock is huge. At least 9 ” and he showed us a pic of it next to a beer can and I have to say it was about the same size around. Can’t wait till tomorrow. You will be hearing from me.

EMAIL 2 – She made it in about 4am this morning. Her hair was a mess and she was holding her things in her hands. All she had on was a large mens t-shirt it had a small wet spot right under the neckline. she looked like she had been used up so I asked if she had a good time she just smiled and nodded “yes”.

She walks over to me and gives me a deep kiss, she asked if I like the taste of another man’s cum in her mouth. I was kinda thrown off by that until she told be that he drove her home and her car is still at the casino. He unloaded in her mouth right here in the driveway before letting her come in. we talked about the night but she didn’t go into much detail until she got to the point where he started fingering her in the club.

He asked if she really wanted this, she said yes, so he told her to remove her panties. She was hesitant but she agreed saying she would be right back. He told her no. take them off here. I thnk it was getting her wet being told what to do like that. She bent over removing her panties letting him and whoever else get a good view of her nice and dripping wet pussy. She sat down with him at the table and he easily slipped 2 fingers into her.

This sent her almost ravage wanting nothing more than to fuck not caring about anything else but being filled with this guy’s cock. She finally got up and lead him out the door towards the hotel. She told him she wanted him so bad her clit was throbbing. He took her to his room and they were almost both completly naked before the door even shut.

She knealt down to remove his boxers and said his cock was almost completely engourged and when she removed the boxers it almost hit her in the forehead. It was the largest cock she had ever seen in person, she couldn’t believe she was about to fuck that monster. She started slowly licking and sucking on the tip trying to work her lips around it to fit it in without hurting. Just about then he grabs the back of her head and pushes it down on his dick, she almost gagged and her eyes got watery but he continued to face fuck her telling her that this is what she wanted so he was going to use her like a slut.

She said he face fucked her for about 10 minutes before coming down her throat. She said that the load was so big she couldn’t swallow it all as some ran out the sides of her mouth. He got her up placed her on the bed in the doggy-style position and started to ease his cock inside her sopping pussy. He went easily at first. She had never been so full in her life and he was only halfway in. He finally pushed his whole length into her and started slowly fucking her. She said she came 3 time in less than 5 min. He asked her if she liked this big cock stretching out her tight pussy and what her husband will think about it being stretched.

Finally he started thrusting harder and blew another load into my wife’s belly. She had told him not to because she’s not on the pill but he didn’t follow the rules. Don’t guess she really minded anyway. She said they fucked 2 more times and she would tell me about that later. They showered and as she was getting ready, he grabbed all her things and threw her 1 of his t-shirts. He said he wasn’t done with her yet and he would drive her home. Once they got in the car he had her remove the shirt and told her to put her ass up in the window and suck his cock. She said he took the busiest most lit streets there were.

But it turned her on she could tell because her juices and his come were running down her thighs. He waited till right when he pulled in the driveway to blow his load in my wife’s mouth. He told her not to swallow and be a good girl, go share that with your husband. They plan on meeting again soon. This time i’m going because he is going to show me how my wife likes to be treated. These pics are from the day before she went out ill have to upload some of the ones I got from yesterday.

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