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September 24, 2015

Slave to My Cuckold Wife – Hello this is my first post and I nervously admit to being a cuck husband. I am “d” and married to “m”. We are from Ireland and I am 36 and “m” is 26. I met her when she was 18 and was a pure nympho which I enjoyed.

I knew I wasn’t the only guy she was having sex with and often she reminded me of this and told me that’s the way it is and I have to accept it or finish with her.

At the start I had mixed feelings but gradually got on with it and often talked to her about her other guys while we had sex. I found myself getting more aroused as she opened up and told me more eventually admitting it turned me on.

I asked her could I watch sometime and she readily said yes but only when she said and the guy wasn’t to see me. She was having a guy around next day and told me to be around the back of her house at a fixed time and I could watch through a partly opened curtain and see her with him.

I watched her with him for over 2 hours and I masturbated and came twice and I watched him undress her as she played with his cock. I could see that he was easily longer and thicker than my cock was and it dawned on me that I probably don’t give the same pleasure he does being smaller. Watching her suck him made me hornier and wanting to join them but I had agreed to watch so I took my cock out and slowly wanked and watched as she had him come in her mouth (something she always enjoys doing with men )

He went soft but when she straddled him in a 69 he soon got erect again and she got on top of him riding him facing towards the window where I was watching them. She was enjoying him and every few minutes would look to the window and speed up and moan loudly and occasionally tell him how good his cock was and that his cock was the biggest that had ever fucked her (she had left a small window open deliberatley for me to hear exactly what she said).

They fucked in different positions and she came at least 3 or 4 times before he came again this time inside her cunny. Soon after he got dressed and left while “m” stayed naked and kissed him goodbye telling him that anytime he wanted her to let her know.

A few minutes later she opened the door at the back where I was and stood there still naked and told me to come inside. I went in and went to the bathroom and watched her shower and clean herself still feeling horny and she asked me did I enjoy watching him satisfy her?

I admitted to her that it was a really hot turn on and I wanted to do it again to which she replied you will get to watch lots me with more guys than him if you are a good boy and do what you are told from now on and agree to not question who or when I fuck other men.

I then became her cuck and have been a dedicated cuckold ever since. Enclosed is a pic of “m” enjoying some fun at night I have many stories etc to share and my e mail can be included so others can get in touch and share experiences.

bibottom4any @ ovi.com



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