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November 2, 2015

Infidelity Leads Her to Cuckolding – Hello to the blog webmaster and all the cuckold readers. This true story happened a few years ago and I did post it in a few places online but never really somewhere like this where it can get the attention it deserves. Here’s my story and hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Me and my girlfriend Catalina, at the time she was 19 and I was 20, had been arguing about a lot of things lately. Mostly about my infidelity with a friend of hers. I promised my girlfriend I would never cheat again, and that I never did again, but at the time I didnt know it. It was just something to say to make her happy again. Catalina said she wanted to have a break, that she didnt know if she really loved me, she certainly didn’t trust me. I was very mad and started to ask her if she had been seeing someone else, if she would start to date other guys during our break, and so on. She just smiled at me and said, ” I might, but dont worry I would still like us to be friends. That is if you can be friends with me and not get carried away and try to touch me or kiss me”. “Can you do that, ha, could you keep your hands to your own little dick instead of trying to touch me? It was true, I tried touching her, kissing her, anything, but she wouldn’t have none of it. Her mind was set up, she wanted to have a break. I was terrified that she would leave me. She laughed and smiled at me when I went out the door, furious. All I could see was her soft face, with her brown hair, and her gorgeous lips. Then I imagined her with another guy, and I didn’t get as mad or jealous as I would have thought.

The week went by like always before but with one big difference. I wasn’t allowed to touch or even kiss Catalina. I spent most of my time at her place, she let me sleep there as usual, but there was no touching allowed. Once I tried kissing her, right before I would serve her dinner. She slapped me hard on my face and yelled at me. She talked on the phone and would tell me to leave her alone. Then she told me that she would be having a date on saturday evening. I was shocked but also very exited and I think it started to show.

“If you can behave properly and know your place I let you be here when I get ready for my date, but you have to leave when I tell you to”, she told me.

A week had passed since Catalina officialy broke up with me. Along with her wanting to be friends with me she also had another demand. That I would not jerk myself off until she said I could. It was hard for me because I was used to fucking or jerking off every day. I didn’t dare to disobey her. She would check my balls from time to time, squeezing them and saying that if I jerked off she wouldn’t hesitate to leave me at once. On saturday I was as horny as I had never been before. I got to Catalina’s place early. She greeted me with a squeeze on the balls, getting her lips closer to mine, teasing me. “Are you ready to help me get ready for my date?”, she asked me. “Yes, my princess”, I replied. “Good then go and pour up some water to give me a footbath” she told me. I eagerly did so. She was sitting on the sofa doing her nails when I started bathing her feet. It gave full access to watch her beutiful legs, and her pussy. I craved it so much, but I knew then that her pussy was for her date. I massaged her feet while at it. I give good massages and foot massage was one of my specialties. Then she told me to follow her to the bathroom. There she said she needed her pussy shaved, and handed me a razor. “But, but, are you really letting him feel your pussy on your first date?” I asked her. “Shut up and shave my pussy for Mike”, she told me. “And by the way it isn’t my first date with him. I have already fucked with him anyway! she told me WHAT? I shouted. “Yes last weekend before I told you we needed a break I had just fucked with him. Now shave my pussy, I want to be fresh for Mike. Don’t you think I am worth having a nice and sexy guy over to fuck me? Yes, I suppose so, I answered. I finished shaving her cunt, and then she told me to get out of the bathroom and make her some drinks.

She got out of the shower and started getting dressed. She put on make up. She looked absolutely stunning, when I heard the doorbell ring. “Go and se who it is hun”, she told me. I opened the door. “Hi Im Mike, is Catalina here? Uhmm well yes. She greeted him with a big long kiss the lips and got felt up right in front of me.

“Thanks for helping me get ready, now you’d better go home” she told me and smiled mysteriously as she looked down at my croch and nodded at me to look at my raging hard on.

She called me later that evening when I was asleep, that didn’t keep me from running back to her place when she told me I could come over.

When I got to her place she told me that she couldn’t fall asleep without me by her side. I took off all my clothes and climbed in her bed. She was naked as well. I fondled her and she made sounds, telling me she liked it. Then I felt that the whole side of the bed I was lying in was wet. He must had fucked her really hard, I tought to myself.

The worst part was that I could feel his sticky cum on my back. I was so happy to be in her bed that I didn’t mind that. I started kissing her back, and her neck, her shoulders. Then she leaned over to rest on her stomach. Her long brown hair brushed her back, and I was kissing her all over. Before I knew what happened I was licking her ass. I had done that before with her and she always liked it. This time was no exception. Now she got off telling me to keep licking her asshole, and what a good asslicker I am. “That is the right place for you, to be licking my asshole after I had a date with another guy!” she kept shouting. I got a bit worried if the neighbours would hear her screaming that way. I spread her asscheeks with my hands and make my tounge go inside her ass, and licking away. At that point I had a raging hard on, but my only concern was to give pleasure to Catalina. Maybe I hoped that she would prefer me if I showed to be good in bed. Then she just grew completely wild. She jumped up in the bed, and pushed me down on my back. Then she climbed on top of me, quite violently, putting her knees on my arms, and just shoving her pussy on my face.

She was humping my face straight away, and I was licking her the best I could. But the truth was that she was fucking my face. Using my nose like small cock, and my lips and mouth as a massage instrument. She started screaming again, “YES, YES, LICK MY PUSSY CLEAN. ALL OF IT, TASTE MY LOVER’S CUM IN MY PUSSY. It hadn’t occured to me before that I was licking her pussy full of another man’s cum. I was so horny with everything that I hadn’t thought of it before, but I loved it. It was so exiting to be humiliated in that way by my girlfriend.

I made her cum with my tounge. She told me she had let me give her her third orgasm that evening. I tried to fuck her after that, but she wouldn’t have none of it. She told me that we were still on a break, and that she only wanted me to sleep with her, and maybe she would allow certain touching, and added “you are free to lick my pussy clean anytime honey”. She told me to jerk myself off in the bathroom, and that I should be happy she let me do that. I jerked off, the whole time thinking about her getting fucked by her lover.

The next day I tried to act as if everything was back to normal. I kissed my Catalina on her lips. She had the most beutiful lips you could imagine. Kind of like Angelina Jolie. With that she gave me a slap and told me that we weren’t back together, that I would just have to be her friend before she made a decision to go back with me or to leave me. THen she grabbed my cock and nuts and squeezed it as she told me, “Maybe if you could go a whole week without trying to fuck me or jerk off this prick, I could consider taking you back”. “You are not touching me or yourself until next saturday,” she told me.




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