She Said “I Love You” – Cuckold

December 7, 2015

My Girlfriend and Cuckolding – Recently I just figured out the pass to my ex-girlfriend’s old email … wow. We broke up about a year ago but I still try finding out little things about her just for fun.

This story was sent by her to herself, I found it in her email box. She never sent this story to me although I did know this happened. This is 100% true and copied and pasted from her email. She told me pretty much the exact same story but missing a few key details which drove me wild even today:

1. She told me she squirted a little bit, not all over the place uncontrollably. I knew she could squirt but this sounds like she squirted even more with him than she did with me.

2. That it was the best sex she’s ever had. She did say it was great though but not best ever.

3. That they barebacked! I really suspected this but she wouldn’t admit to it. She said he brought a condom but I didn’t find any evidence of this in the garbage so I kind of knew. She lied though.

It’s really hot for me to read this, I hope you like it:

Story of ms. X

He came over last night and we fucked. I knew I shouldn’t but it was crazy it was so good, it was mindblowing.

I looked into his eyes and shuddered.

We were touching each other’s bodies and I asked if we could go into my room and touch ourselves in front of each other. I was wearing my blue Jacob dress with nothing on underneath. In between my legs I was shaved and soft. He was wearing green shorts and a blue tshirt. He told me many things:

That I have never looked so beautiful, that he is proud of me, that I am so hot and that I turn him on. I tell him I feel the same.

We go into my bedroom and I slip out of my dress. My body exposed turns me on. It turns him on. My tits are round and nipples standing up and I look like a woman who needs to be taken. I was naked and put his hands on me, on my pussy, he touched me just how I like, soft then hard, he knew what to do, he fingered me, I started coming and couldn’t stop. I came all over, I was squirting all over, my bed was soaked and he just kept fucking me with his fingers and watching me like I was the hottest little amazing thing ever. I took off his clothes after I had come so much I couldn’t even think and then he started oiling up his dick and his body and my tits and I touched his dick and it was nice it was such a nice dick it was thick and hard and big and I touched it and his balls and lay my body down and put it in my mouth then I lay down and rubbed it on my tits and then he was so aroused I made him cum this way and he shot his cum all over my body he came so hard.

We stopped only to start later.

Later was soooo unbelievable. We had the best sex ever. I can’t believe how much I loved it. We actually kind of made love and he pushed himself inside me barebacking me and pulled out after we had basically screamed out how happy it was and I think I whispered I love you and then he pulled out and came all over my cunt.

I made this boy cum twice and he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend and I am chemically drawn to him and I would do it all over again.

End of Email.

Still friggin hot to read this all this time later!

EPT in Montana




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