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August 24, 2015

She Wasn’t Satisfied – My name is Kevin. I have been a reader of this blog for a few months now, but have never posted. I got some news the other day and I would like to share it with you guys.

I’m 26 years old and have been married for 3 years to my beautiful wife Candice. She is the love of my life. I’m the luckiest man in the world to have a girl as great as her and she reminds me everyday. Sadly though, I am not very well endowed and this has caused some substantial toll on our relationship. I am about 1 inch long when flaccid and about 3-4 when hard. Compared to my pinky, I am the same length and about twice its girth. Not very big at all. My penis has never given her an orgasm. Despite my skills in giving her pleasure in other ways, she still needs a man who can satisfy her. A year ago, we came close to breaking up and I knew I had to make a decision.

After visiting this blog and reading through stories and looking at pictures of wives, cucks, and bulls, I became very aroused by the thought of my Candice being fucked by another man. I approached her with this information and was surprised by her willingness to try it without needing to be convinced. My ego took a blow, but it only made it more exciting.

Our first idea was to go to a bar to meet a guy for her. Two weeks later she had cheated on me for the first time. She came home right after and told me all about it. We made love and it was the only I have ever not felt guilty for not making her cum because I knew she had already been satisfied.

For the next two months, she went out every friday and saturday night, always coming home to tell me what happened. Then one night she didn’t come home. When I woke up, she was still gone. I called, but it went to her voicemail. I became worried but at round noon she stumbled in.

She had been at the bar the night before when she ran into an old friend from her former work place. They ended up talking and she told him all about me and my problem. They laughed the night away at my expense. She told me all this and it hurt, but we both knew I was enjoying it too.

Well, after plenty of drinks, they went back to his place. In her words, “He had me in every room…he used me like I belonged to him and I believed I did.” My heart jumped into my throat when she said this with a big grin.

Oh, I should probably tell you about this guy. His name is Paul, he is 31 years old, 6’3″, 200 LBS, muscular, just over 8″ in length and 6″ in girth. He is half black, half hispanic. She worked with him at her last job before we got married. At the time, they were on the same level, but since she left he has become the head of their division.

In the weeks that followed, she stopped going to the bars and spent her time exclusively with her new boyfriend. The stories became sexier and increasingly romantic. It worried me, but she said I was “being a silly little cuck”. Then, her company began laying off people and she was one of the first cut. She told me that Paul had offered her a job at her old office and that she wanted to take it. I didn’t fight her over it, and she took the job.

She began coming home at all hours of the night. She even began lying and saying that she was working late. I know because I went to her office round 5 pm one day and saw her leave right on the dot at 5 pm, yet she didn’t come home that night until 12 am. I confronted her and she admitted that Paul thought it sexier if it was an affair. She told me she wanted it to continue, but that she still loved me. Eventually I convinced her to tell me the stories of her and Paul. This went on for a while and it replaced sex for us. She was always “too sore” or “too tired” so I was forced to just masturbate while she talked.

One day I came home and Paul was sitting in our kitchen with this look on his face like he owned the place. He had his arm around her and she was in his lap and they were being very cutsie with each other, kissing and nipping at one another. They practically ignored me when I walked in and didn’t change their behavior at all. Candice finally got up and said she had big news. I sat down and was sure she was going to tell me she was leaving me. Instead, she said she was pregnant and that it was Paul’s. I asked if she was leaving me and she said ‘No, someone needs to provide for this baby.” She said this as he held her around the waist.

Their baby was born one week ago. Her name is Isabella, after Paul’s grandmother. She is clearly a mixed child. People now all know that I am a cuck. They talk about me and laugh behind my back. I love it. My wife no longer has sex with me at all, not even dirty stories. Paul has officially moved into our apartment. He and Candice get the master bedroom while I get the spare room with the baby. It’s my responsibility to watch her while they sleep/fuck. I can’t even masturbate unless I am in the bathroom because the baby is in the room and they keep their room locked so I “don’t get into her panties or something”.

Kevin –


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